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  1. Stood in every part of the old terracing and the Enclosure when you could walk the full length of it, even had a season ticket for the Stand when it was the only stand. Since reconstruction I’ve sat everywhere except the two Enclosures and the two corners.
  2. Not impressed by any of the Adidas or Nike efforts. Hope Castore come up with something better for us.
  3. I like it on the first, not so much on the second.
  4. Boni Ginsburg is still alive, it was Avi Cohen who died. Two memories of Maxwell - him and big Sadie McPherson costing us a double Treble, and Bomber coming to Maxwell’s rescue when a tarrier attacked him at the Piggery, like yer da sorting out someone who was bullying you when you were a wean.
  5. Beginning to think it’s a Dutch World Cup squad we have. If only.
  6. How we laughed when they appointed him last summer, we thought he would crumble with the pressure. What pressure?
  7. I think there’s still clubs down south who would take him on his name and background and give him a chance, while giving him enough money to buy better players than we can afford to see if his ideas work with better players.
  8. They’ll sign any cunt called Patrick or any variation thereof.
  9. He’s had business interests up here for years.
  10. Looks like one of his daughters was on board.
  11. Adidas made us some horrible strips during our time with them. Not one classic plain blue with a white V neck or round neck and three white stripes down the sleeve, it wouldn’t have been difficult.
  12. A true Rangers and Scotland legend and by all accounts a proper gentleman. RIP Bobby Brown.
  13. It must be noted in London that they are missing out on interviews etc with our high profile manager.
  14. Absent friends. Always in our hearts.
  15. The Rhecord has put the boot into us for 40 years, a couple of positive stories now they can see we’re back makes no difference. Fuck them.
  16. So defending Morelos is “embarrassing”. Gerrard’ s celebrations were “ embarrassing “ as well according to Sutton. Naw Chris, being a millionaire and ending up bankrupt is embarrassing.
  17. That’s not poor refereeing, that’s cheating. No other word for it.
  18. This is when the appointment of Lennon will bite them on the arse. They need to improve to stop us and he’s not the man who can improve them. They’ll buy over the winter break, and keep beating the dross, we need to make sure we do as well. But we’ll do them at Ibrox and finish them on their own mhidden at the end. We’ve got their measure now and they know it.
  19. Calls for Morelos to be deported on his release from Barlinnie for attempted murder, once him and Kent have served their full tariff of 15 years.
  20. Poofs leading the pensioners in the massive South Coast Derby.
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