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  1. "You're right, Hugh".
  2. You can switch that programme on any night or Saturday afternoon and there's a 99% chance they'll be talking about the tarriers, no matter who is actually playing, or not, at the time.
  3. Richard Park was a bluenose, but that seems such a long, long time ago.
  4. "in anticipation of revised projected attendances next season due to today's result, we are relocating from Tannadice and will now play all our home games at 10 Glebe Street".
  5. You just know Daphne Broon is a Dundee United fan.
  6. I suppose the papers will be full of this Henriks Hasbeens v Lubo's Layabouts shite as well.
  7. So Walter rates Ally as a manager and Ally rates Bain as a CEO. Where do you begin with that?
  8. Just noticed there a player can be taking a throw in and there punters right beside him queuing up for a pie
  9. As much as I want Dundee United to die a slow and lingering death, I feel a club with half a stadium and a plastic pitch should be nowhere near the top division, in any country.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if most Rangers footballers felt they have more in common with a Celtic footballer than they have with a Rangers supporter who works in a factory for example. For most of them it's just where they happen to play for a few years, for the rest of their life Rangers means nothing or very little to them. For us the fans it's different, we are born into the fabric of this club and what it stands for, and what it's been through, and that is with us until we take our last breath. Mercenary footballers don't get that.
  11. Arsenal do play some nice tippy tappy football at times, almost Warburtonesque.
  12. Looking forward to a good old all-London, jellied eels, pie and mash Final.
  13. Fucking knew it.
  14. Only one team going to score and they don't wear red.
  15. That's the sheep blown it.
  16. Looked to me like the ginger made a meal of it. Maybe there was contact but the way he threw himself to the deck was embarrassing.
  17. 2-0 Arsenal, Zelalem and Toral.
  18. Heard it years ago mate, the bus ran from Neptune Street, a street so full of tarriers my old mans generation knew it as "the Irish Channel". The Fergusons lived round in Govan Road and my old dears family were round the corner in Orkney Street. My aunt remembers Alex from Broomloan Road Primary, she says "nobody liked him even then"
  19. I wonder if he mentioned that his old man ran a Celtic supporters bus from Govan?
  20. Real Madrid make a lot less fuss about winning the European Cup / Champions League eleven times than these attention seeking cunts do about fluking it once.
  21. Beats me how any Protestant can support them and really feel comfortable around the place.
  22. I think this one can be filed under "wishful thinking".
  23. As long as he doesn't do that wee touching the grass and crossing himself thing. There's always a danger a Mexican or Portuguese might do that.
  24. I know, would have loved to have seen yer men taking on the tarriers in the final.