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  1. I would take one captain like Shearer, Greig or Gough. Once upon a time I would have mentioned Butcher and Weir as well.
  2. That's a damning indictment of the modern day police force if true. The old City of Glasgow force or even Strathclyde of a few years ago wouldn't have been scared to wade in and pull a few of them out of the crowd.
  3. Did I read it right that West Brom played Crystal Palace somewhere in the Far East? FFS nobody gives a fuck about those two nonentities here never mind abroad.
  4. Erza Rob Kiernan half-and-half scarves...
  5. He seemed to send Kevin Thomson off in most of our games he refereed.
  6. Watched that in Santa Ponsa. Behind enemy lines
  7. Here's hoping.
  8. Aye because nobody outwith the Groin Brigade sings rebel songs, Tom.
  9. Looks like they're trying the old "separate entity" excuse again, making out the Celtic support and the people singing rebel songs and displaying pro IRA banners aren't one and the same.
  10. You can add "Jesuit educated"to that.It gets mentioned in profiles of him like it's a good thing.
  11. I often wonder what kind of skewed version of history future generations of Scottish schoolchildren will be taught, with regard to events in Northern Ireland in particular, and how the United Kingdom will be portrayed in general.
  12. I hope UEFA take into account that these banners were deeply personal and offensive to many Linfield fans who were present as the terrorists being glorified actually waged a war of ethnic cleansing on their community for 30 years. This isn't just "normal" offensive behaviour, it goes way beyond that in this instance.
  13. Nah, the tarriers have reluctantly accepted the Neymar money plus Messi in exchange for Dembele, the Scottish mhedia are running with this tomorrow.
  14. We believe in nuzzing, we're all nihilists this season.
  15. So you're not pissing on my rug after all.
  16. The very sight of that team's name gives me the heebie-jeebies.
  17. Speak for yourself mate, the only time one of my golf balls has traveled 350 yards is in my car on the way to the course
  18. Exactly
  19. Most of them?
  20. Eh....mercenaries are journeyman players of unproven ability who pitch up in incongruous locations if the money's right?
  21. FFS reading stuff like that makes me feel like throwing my clubs in the bin.
  22. The fact he's still in the job suggests that result in Luxembourg has been deemed acceptable. We're stuck with him for the immediate future at least, but I just can't see him turn this bunch of mercenaries he's shipped in do any better than the hapless shower the last manager conjured up. The next guy might have to try to get rid of both lots as they sit there on long contracts.
  23. There's a good chance Raith Rovers or Alloa could get by the fourth best team in Luxembourg over two legs.
  24. Aren't the police supposed to inspect banners before they are allowed into a stadium?
  25. No security concerns if that's who they play, it will be one big Provofest.