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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    That’ll be the tarriers thinking they’re going to win this Cup now. “Eh, wherr’z ra Final, by ra way, Finbar?”.
  2. Big Eck gets the Scotland gig

    Smacks of desperation to me. Will watch with interest to see if he ends Strachans policy of awarding caps to anyone who plays, has played for, or supports the tarriers.
  3. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Saw one of the most bitter, pathetic examples of tarrierism on the Clydeside Expressway today, Audi A3 in a nauseating shade of what can only be described as Sellik Green, which I’ve never seen before so I’m assuming it was a custom spray job - even worse was the registration number, PR03 OVO. I thought there was a ban on offensive combinations of letters and/or numbers for registration plates?
  4. ****UEFA Champions League Thread 17/18****

    Three life threatening injuries in the first half. Thankfully all victims are up and running about like three year olds shortly afterwards. Does my tits in about modern football, the over-reaction to a bit of contact.
  5. Rangers related picture thread

    McGrain over Jardine ?
  6. Rangers related picture thread

    Now That’s What I Call Rangers.
  7. *****Official Hamilton Vs Rangers*****

    Thats the love child of Jim Spence and Simon Murray.
  8. Scumdee HIVs hospitality

    Thought it would be peh and chips.
  9. ****UEFA Champions League Thread 17/18****

    Always enjoy watching Basel but they regularly get found out at this stage.
  10. Windass on Rangers Mind

    He can’t be as thick as Jason McAteer, who when asked if he wanted his pizza cut into into six slices or eight, replied “ better make it six, I couldn’t eat eight”.
  11. Fan base in Scotland.

    Sounds like similar situation to Newcastle, there’s a terrace of Georgian houses next to St James Park that stops the club from expanding the stadium in that direction.
  12. Fan base in Scotland.

    Stupid place to build houses then
  13. 2018 World Cup

    Not really up to speed with who’s hot and who’s not in international football. Would expect the Germans to be there or thereabouts as they usually are, the hosts to get so far before finding that simply being the hosts isn’t enough, some dark horse team from somewhere to go a reasonable distance, England to fall at the second or third hurdle then sack their manager, Argentina to prove that having Messi isn’t enough on its own, and a bit of argybargy between the fans at some point. To be honest I don’t even know when it is, who plays who or whether it’s on Council telly or Sky. Bit of a non event for me and that has nothing at all to do with Scotland not being there.
  14. Fan base in Scotland.

    What a fucking abortion of a stadium that place is. Is there one one end of it that has about three rows of seats because of a railway behind it?
  15. Ian durrant. Michael mols. Lesdey king jack Wilshire

    We only got Gazza because he fucked his knee in the FA Cup Final against Forest and no big English clubs wanted to know him after that.
  16. Liam Miller

    Sad to hear this. RIP.
  17. Fan base in Scotland.

    I think RCs feel morally obliged to support them, given the supposed charitable origins of their club. On the other hand non-RCs are not subjected to emotional blackmail and are free to support any club we choose. Although I’ll never understand any Protestant who claims to feel comfortable among the celtic support and feels he is much a part of it as the RCs are.
  18. Windass

    Not saying he did, I just meant that McLean always had his critics regardless of how well he played, and it looks like Windass will be the same. And he’s just alienated a chunk of the support even more with his immaturity.
  19. Windass

    Takes me back to the sixties a bit, and when we signed a guy called George McLean from St Mirren who never won over the fans no matter how many goals he scored.
  20. Rangers related picture thread

    Even the shorts ?
  21. Potential New Top

    Of course not but they do have flagship clubs who get bespoke designs.
  22. Potential New Top

    That was a blatant ripoff of the France top at the time.adidas had three attempts at a Rangers home strip and they were all pish. 1. The “Adidas equipment “ gimmick with those stupid shoulder logos and a big red V neck.. There were some horrendous Adidas strips around at that time, Liverpool springs to mind in particular. 2. The “Gazza” era thing with the stripes round the sleeves, the manufacturer logo at the throat and that jumble of RFC crests all over the place. 3. See above, the France rip-off. All they had to do was give us the classic Adidas plain top with three contrasting stripes down the outside of the sleeve, as worn by West Germany, Holland, Nottingham Forest, Ipswich Town etc and it would have been an iconic Rangers strip.
  23. ***Official English Football Thread***

    I think he would be sensational at either Real or Barca.
  24. ***Official English Football Thread***

    Isn’t Hazard set for Real Madrid?
  25. ***Official English Football Thread***

    Was thinking they had been made to play it behind closed doors for some reason.