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  1. Chineseboy

    Crouch on Gerrard

    Top man is our big Pete . That virgin answer pretty much endeared him to every football fan in the country.
  2. Chineseboy

    Daniel Candeias Appreciation Thread

    Great work ethic, and fully deserves his place in the team.
  3. Chineseboy

    Rangers from a US Sports fan's perspective..

    Why the hell refer to him as slippy g
  4. Chineseboy

    Joe Worrall

    So, I see the Worrall thread, and decide just to go to the last page, and have no idea what the hell is gong on.
  5. Chineseboy

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Have to say, I do not like that team.
  6. Chineseboy

    Anyone not quite seeing it with barasic

    Yet again we start slagging off players who have only had a few games. Absolutely amazing that people are slagging him off. We really are our own worst enemy at times. Said it many times before, but if I had a son who could play football, I wouldn't want him anywhere near Ibrox: his confidence would take such a beating from the so called experts ( many of who are probably shit at football) that his career would suffer as a result.
  7. Chineseboy

    Rule Britannia.....

    And written by a Scotsman. SNP must hate that.
  8. Chineseboy

    Did anybody else see this?

    Candeias played very well against hearts.
  9. Chineseboy

    Pitch invader

    We have all done stupid things in life. God knows I have. I won't slag the guy off too much, it's easy to get caught up in the moment, and probably regrets it big time now. Move on.
  10. Chineseboy

    Spartak v rapid on espn now

    That rapid goal is a kick in the balls, as a draw would have meant we only needed to draw in Austria ( assuming Villarreal beat Spartak)
  11. Chineseboy

    What are your memories

    Remember it like it was yesterday. What a night . Really surprised many cant remember this game.
  12. Chineseboy

    I think we need to cash in on Tav and Or Morelos

    More hate towards our players on here than taig forums.
  13. Chineseboy

    Steven Gerrard - We`re on our way................ to 55

    Hearts will not be our challenge, like it or not , the scum will be. Also, it's only 5 points as hearts have played a game more. As has been said, hearts have tough games coming up and I can't see them being top by the end of November.
  14. Chineseboy

    Steven Gerrard - We`re on our way................ to 55

    Good post, mate. We are joint top of our Europa league and sitting two points off the taigs in the league. At the start of the season how many of us would have laughed if this was suggested. Gerrard is doing extremely well. Of course he will make some errors, show me a manger who doesn't, but he has done exceptionally well thus far. Aberdeen result was a tough one to take, but it happens. Just look back at games where we have lost in cup competition: Dunfermline and Hamilton immediately spring to mind from days gone by. Unfortunately , social media can be a seething pool of acid where everyone gets to spout nonsense. The best and most logical conversations you tend to get are face to face down the pub when it comes to Rangers. For someone to suggest that he shouldn't keep his job if we don't get 55 this year is just beyond ridiculous, and would probably result in a well deserved slap down the pub.