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  1. Chineseboy

    Message from the club

    Nothing wrong with putting" is". Some nouns can be used in the singular or plural form. For example : staff and government, although strangely enough " police" has to be used as a plural noun. It all depends on your taste , so " is" and "are" are both correct here. English teacher loyal!
  2. Chineseboy

    To baku we are on our way

    Baku is a great city. You can smell the money in the air.
  3. Chineseboy

    Welcome to Rangers Kyle Lafferty

    Welcome home, big man. Ignore the pricks!
  4. Chineseboy


    If Gerrard rates him, then that's good enough for me.
  5. Chineseboy


    Ya bunch of sarcastic bastards yeh, I know it's called Myanmar now, but I am old school. Was actually there ten years ago for a month, so curious to see how it's changed. For the guy that asked, I teach English, but I also like to do a bit of photo journalism on the side, so the comment about the Rohingya is pretty close to what I am interested in at the moment. @Rosco69 I will send you a pm , mate. Cheers.
  6. Chineseboy


    Moving out there for work. Any bears on here currently in Burma?
  7. Chineseboy

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Osijek thread***

    Clear to see we are getting better with every game. I love the fight in this team .
  8. Chineseboy

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Osijek thread***

    Kill the fuckers
  9. Chineseboy

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    Tav was great tonight. Top player, and glad Gerrard can see that too.
  10. Chineseboy

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    Summed it up perfectly.
  11. Chineseboy

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    If we get the Slovaks, I would point out that the team is on the Hugarian border and Hungarian is the lingua Franca there. Their fans actually take Hungarian flags to the game , sing Hungarian songs and many Hungarians actually cross the border to support them. The town and the team are Slovak in name only. Many trains go there from Bratislava daily.
  12. Chineseboy

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    The daily record really is a sorry excuse of a newspaper. They never get anything right.
  13. Chineseboy

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    Pubs in the centre ( old town) charge between 1.80 and 2.50 a pint. Old town here is nice but outside of it there is fuck all to do, been here four years now. New British pub here now ..the Red Lion and its 1.80 for the local beer. Rangers scarf is on the wall. If you catch the happy hour then it's 1 euro a beer for a few hours. I know the owner and he told me some taigs were in last weekend complaining that there was a Rangers scarf on the wall but no green and grey one. Pub is right in the middle of the old town. Never say thank you when you pay the bill btw, as it basically means keep the change to the bars and restaurants in the old city ( red lion excluded) Few bears about here, but never met an ex-pat taig.. Theres a proper Irish bar nearby, the owner is a top bloke from Ireland and he takes the piss out of the plastics. It's a good place for cheap beer, too.
  14. Chineseboy

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    Dirt cheap beers here, mate. And stunning women.