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  1. This exactly. The scum do far far worse than us and nothing ever happens to them. We are being targeted yet so many of us are failing to see it.
  2. The scums best signing of the summer...Hollicom. Signed a couple of weeks before the St Joseph’s game.
  3. A paedophile ring is in operation across the city, fuck all done. They openly use the word “ H**”, fuck all done. They display banners with the word “ H**” , fuck all done. They use the word “ fenian” , fuck all done. They attack opposition players on the pitch, fuck all done. They constantly mock the “ 66”, fuck all done. The list goes on. We use the word” fenian”, we get hammered. Make no mistakes, they are in bed with “ fare”. The only bigoted club in the land is them, but they have friends in high places. We shouldn’t expect any help from uefa as I would suspect that a lot of them are involved with paedopilia, also. This could well be a tipping point for our support, which is sick to death of the constant attacks on our club, whilst the scum get away with everything. It’s probably due to the rise of the far left, and the desperate attempt to appease them at every turn. It seems that Europe and it’s peoples are waking up to it though, and there will be some serious unrest to come soon. There is only so much people will take before real, concrete action is taken. The Scottish media and the SNP will also be heavily involved in this action against us, make no mistake. I’m not a violent person per se, but sometimes it is the only action.
  4. That Belgian defender they have is absolutely rotten. Looked terrible.
  5. Utterly flabbergasted that people can’t see what a good player he is.
  6. Guy is a class player, and he seems to be the latest whipping boy. His confidence might be down because of it. We as a support are our own worst enemies.
  7. Barisic getting it tight again. He must regret the day he decided to come and play for us, and who can blame him.
  8. The groin brigade are pretty much known for being cowards are they not. They just seem to do their " fighting" when there are lots of police around, and know that they will be protected, and , of course, blameless. Whenever trouble breaks out away from grounds they always get battered. The only way they know how to fight is by attacking innocent fans at the ground. It seems.
  9. Welcome home, big man. Ignore the pricks!
  10. Clear to see we are getting better with every game. I love the fight in this team .
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