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  1. Davis 1-0 at Ibrox. Loved his celebration that day too.
  2. Cwoodloyal saying Brian Kidd was up having a look around.
  3. @govanblue i have no bank card till next week mate. Pay then.
  4. @govanblue pmd you
  5. Is he due a suspension soon if he picks up another yellow?
  6. I pm'd you last week mate. Would be able to meet at Ibrox on Christmas Eve with cash.
  7. Put me down for 2 tickets mate.
  8. Can anyone buy tickets for this? Think £10 a tickets fair too.
  9. I pm'd you too. Looking for 2 Barca medals also.
  10. Just saying what i heard.
  11. Ive heard that hes had 2 job applications whilst bejng at Rangers. One was for the Derby job. Apparently chasing the money...
  12. He was row behind me on Sunday. Got pics with everyone and went down to disabled section too for pics. Brilliant guy.
  13. Dug out no south?
  14. The guy a go with has a ticket and hes only paid for 3 out of 4 games. Dont know how its worked.