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  1. Mansion

    Rangers VHS/Documentaries

    Videos been handed down to me over years.
  2. Mansion

    SLO on Twitter - tickets for Saturday

    I seen some jungle with 2 gers end tickets. Candeias name printed at bottom. Must be wind up though through candeias as ma mate gets of a player and says it never says their name. Still but why would you want to sit in the opposite end? 🤨
  3. Mansion

    SLO on Twitter - tickets for Saturday

    Who is his Da? Always see him getting slated
  4. Mansion

    Anyone remember this?

    Zurab khsnkfibsllntiicjfnd
  5. Mansion

    Anyone remember this?

    Was stunned to see it when i was clearing out old stuff.
  6. Mansion

    Anyone remember this?

    Think it was tokens in paper and you collected each player every week from Morrisons or safeway at the time.
  7. Mansion

    Missed ST payments

    I have requested an extension. Thanks for replies.
  8. Mansion

    Missed ST payments

    Thanks for reply.
  9. Mansion

    Missed ST payments

    That is why i asked mate. Everyone then just jumped on my case and then others saying im at it. Thanks for your replies though mate, greatly appreciated! ?
  10. Mansion

    Missed ST payments

    02/08/2018. Top half of email i posted before.
  11. Mansion

    Missed ST payments

    in Red
  12. Mansion

    Missed ST payments

    previous emails for all yous who think im at it. please delete thread admin question was answered and now all im getting is grief
  13. Mansion

    Missed ST payments

    Game i attened was shkupi at home was mixed up. this is email i got for july payment
  14. Mansion

    Missed ST payments

    I never. Rangers sent me emails on tuesday.
  15. Mansion

    Missed ST payments

    Checked emails there. July and and August. Think first was May then June mate. More i think of it i never even got chance to go to 1 game with it being inactive. Always remember email saying pay 3rd installment on certain date ( which was friday before st mirren at home ) to attend this match.