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  1. Guessing itll be u20s. Good wee trip nonetheless.
  2. Random selection of teams and euro qualifers no about then? Dont know if i believe it.
  3. I put my first name as Mansion and second as RM or vice versa like a kno*. @govanblue
  4. I donated £10 during week and mailed govanblue about it is this same raffle bit confused cheers.
  5. Haha just want moneys worth of course. Rangers ones the best. Hampdens package is £350 not prepared to pay that. Thats with a 1hr free bar prior and 3hrs afterwards.
  6. If anyone knows of ones with complimentary bars give me a shout please.
  7. Cheers lads al have a look. Gutted ibrox ones sold out. Was a cracking day out am devastated ive missed out.
  8. Missed out in both ballots now only paid for 6/7 games if im honest. Went hospitality for last semi against them and tried to do so again with my mate but it is sold out. So anyone hears of 2x hospitality tickets let me know. Cheers.
  9. Wilson apparently struggling. Young Aidan Wilson could start. He had a phone call off Mullholland last night.
  10. Whats the TO email address?
  11. 2nd semi in a row ive missed out on. Gutted.
  12. Davis 1-0 at Ibrox. Loved his celebration that day too.
  13. Cwoodloyal saying Brian Kidd was up having a look around.