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  1. Let's face it no big team is coming in for a manager who can't win a cup in a 2 horse league. Bristol is about his current pull It's been a big gift giving him another year given the past 2 woeful domestic ones we have had to put up with so he will be gone regardless if its another repeat. I just hope his transfer dealing and tactics are more schrewed this year because this is make or break for not just him but us all.
  2. For that card the fights were pretty pish imo.
  3. It's the site where the original pre orders were from.
  4. Be plenty of EPL players who might want the playing time for a loan. Not ideal though
  5. Not good news, need to spunk money at it now
  6. I just want my new tap. Might need a crash diet though if it's the fitted variety
  7. Always a pointless exercise after a woeful domestic season.
  8. Long.. Short Give me some inspiration
  9. Long sleeve or short sleeve.... That is the question
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