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  1. I enjoyed the shadow of mordor games and their cut scenes and looking at the boses weaknesses so hopefully I'll enjoy this
  2. Still not played Witcher 3 but bought it few weeks back. Is it final fantasy type rpg because I hated those games
  3. The Holly Holm fight was horrible, just 3 rounds of stand up clinching.
  4. It's all opinion mate, I remember I was slating Connor pre Aldo and laugh g in the face of my younger brother when he bet on him. I couldn't grasp how he would defeat a world class Aldo and thought it was all hype. Ever since then I've just been blown away with what he has done. The Mayweather stuff took away 2 years worth of his best years, I understand the money made sence but it was a slap in the face of MMA and what it done for him. Bar him the only guys fights I used to stay up for was Naseem Hamed back on the day. Another love him or hate him kind of personality
  5. I love/hate seeing games from that season. Got arse fucked by the SFA
  6. Diaz has been in far too many brutal wars, he's not the same guy he was in 2016. To take the beatings he has even in victory doesn't see many continue well i to their 30s
  7. He won't be popular on here because of the taig thing and I understand that but purely from a MMA standpoint the guy is going to be known as one of the best that ever fought. To go from 145 all the way to 170 fighting elite level guys and winning most of them is unheard of in the history of MMA. I'd agree with that, Khabib is a master on the mat and Connor is a master on his feet, Khabib is the better fighter from what we have seen but he doesnt carry the same hype, media or confidence due to his style. I don't buy the he was drinking ect during camp I think that's saving face but I do think if he fought him pre Mayweather it would have been more interesting.
  8. We will see but I'd put my money on Connor If he prepares and trains like he did prior to the Mayweather farcas. I don't underestimate Masvidal at all, Connor is simply a better athlete/fighter IMO. You don't go up three weight classes taking out multiple top 10 fighters and winning the two belts if your not one of the best. Masvidal has a ridiculous pretend title.... Look at what Connor has won
  9. Connor would smash Masvidal if he stays focused. The only one I don't think he'd win is Khabib.
  10. Yeah it's like Last of Us for me, I tried to like it and sunk a good 20 plus hours into it but thought it was average (obviously wasn't but it didn't do it for me at all) Sometimes I think I might be getting too old for it now, rarely do I sit down and sink hours into any given game, it's an hour here or there and then I get bored and just turn the console off.
  11. Got a few games during the deals. UFC 3 - 7.99 Witcher 3 GOTYE - 12.99 Not touched the Witcher yet, not sure I'll enjoy it if it's like Final Fantasy type game but bought it anyway. UFC was decent, much better than the last one in terms of career mode and other modes. Decent for less than a tenner
  12. The Godfather

    FIFA 20

    They have all been utter shite since 15, the engine is stale as fuck and they can't do anything new with it and haven't done for a few years now.
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