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  1. The Godfather

    FIFA 20

    They just want to change something so they can say it's different. Cunts are not arsed with 2020 on xone/ps4, time and resources will be getting spent on the next gen version. Best bet is to skip this years as it will be a lick of paint and nothing more.
  2. Nah sorry but can’t agree. He was bang average at Aberdeen and didn’t stand out for them. Love to be proved wrong but I don’t think I will be. A poor signing for me
  3. Not based on his form in our league he wont. Squad filler and nothing more.
  4. The Godfather


    PS5 is due out end of 2020 too reportedly.
  5. The Godfather


    Shite name, sounds like a Mission Impossible title, PS5 or nothing
  6. The Godfather

    FIFA 20

    The fact most of it was the street footage tells me everything I need to know. I knew it would happen but you have that faint hope it will get better but it’s the same every year. Next gen is round the corner so that will be used no doubt as to why they haven’t done anything big
  7. The Godfather

    FIFA 20

    So realistically it will be FIFA 19 with FIFA street added Pathetic fuckers
  8. The Godfather

    FIFA 20

    Career mode will be the same as usual with little actual innovation
  9. You were broken after Barkley. I still remember the song....
  10. The Godfather

    FIFA 20

    Games dead tbh, sales are at an all time low and with both EA and Konami set to be hit by the embargo that’s in the US for micro transaction/loot boxes that makes the whole myclub and UT on a shakey peg. EA can survive it but Konami won’t.
  11. The Godfather

    FIFA 20

    PES 2020 is due out this year and they are working on the next gen version too for the new consoles when launched. The rumour was mobile game and purely online mode for next gen as in myclub and scrapping offline play.
  12. The Godfather

    FIFA 20

    Fuck aff Dean
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