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  1. We can't compete with them though. We get around £1.5 million for winning our league. A relegated team in England get's £80 million. TV money means teams int he bottom half are getting more than we would get qualifying for the CL groups 3/4 times on the bounce. We will never be able to match any side in the EPL now, that's the harsh reality.
  2. Our season is not done. There is a cup to win and to finish as high up as we can. Why do you even bother posting or watching us if you say it's done? Of course it's not done.
  3. Every player can be sold that's a fact. Why would someone buy a player who has been in terrible form and on decent wages? That's not realistic, far too easy to say they will just be sold when they have been dire for an entire season. IF they did go we would get buttons for them
  4. Why would he come though? Let's look it at from the point he knows there will be several clubs in the cash rich EPL looking for a new manager in the summer and he'd be one of the top choices. What can we offer him that they can't? We have a squad that needs a complete revamp and no money to do so. We have a support who will turn on a manager if we don't challenge a team who are miles ahead of us in terms of squad, structure and finance. Why would a talented manager take that risk?
  5. Yeah, they have £20 odd million to play with maybe more if they get past the CL games next season. That's on top of a squad that strolled to the title. Then you look at us...It's going to either take years or someone who will put in a hefty sum of money. I know what I think it will be and this club and fans won't accept something taking longer than a few seasons.
  6. I honestly don't care about DoF or whatever. Just confirm a fucking manager and sort this mess out.
  7. Realistically we can't get rid of them all because who in there right mind is going to take them off our hands? They have failed badly in a diddy league, no club will touch these players now.
  8. They are not meaningless though...11 games can see us move up the table and end the season on some sort of form. You are basically saying we just give up because we will sort it in the summer....that's not good enough. We clearly have an opportunity to get someone in now and sort this mess out. Every week that passes we become a bigger joke in Scottish football, that is damaging us remember. You have it set in your head we are stalling because we are trying to bring in FDB... I would counter that by saying we we are stalling because we don't have a plan in place and have made a fucking arse of it.
  9. To mount a serious challenge we require upward of £10 million and we only have about 5/6 at the most who are good enough to stay. We all know there is not a hope in hell of the above being stumped up from the board. The money they do make available is money WE put in...they are rooked.
  10. It wouldn't matter if we couldn't finish any higher or there was no cup on the table either, we are a club that has standards and laying down and letting shite like Dundee, Inverness and whoever else pish all over you is not on. Beats me how any Rangers supporter would accept that, it's bogging.
  11. It's just folk clinging to a unrealistic dream of a big name coming here. No up and coming manager who has suitors all over Europe including the EPL would touch us...we are a complete mess and have fuck all money. People need to engage the brain
  12. Ermmm we still have a chance of finishing second and winning a cup if we actually make an effort and get someone in who has half a clue what he is doing... You are just assuming we are trying to get FDB so are willing to accept a shit show until the summer. For me and plenty others that's simply unacceptable, we are a huge club and as such have standards....I will not accept just throwing in the towel for the rest of the season based on some fairy-tale ending which is far more likely not to happen. This needs sorted now...not in the summer....NOW
  13. It's like they are justifying the ludicrous wait because we are trying to get him in when they have no proof of that... What happens when it's inevitably not him and we are prolonging the embarrassment of performances and results and end up with someone shite?
  14. Kirk that's fucking ridiculous. You would just accept getting turned over then aye? Fuck sake
  15. Well pay back the supporters for the remaining 11 games. Why should fans turn up if the club are not arsed just becuase? That's ludicrous. It's Rangers for fuck sake, not a wee diddy club.