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  1. Like the steaming guy at karaoke who doesn't know the words
  2. The day that Naismith sets foot in Ibrox as a player for us is the day I won't be back. He's a fucking scumbag, worse than any taig out there.
  3. As said before if you are manager then you simply have to take some of the blame if you have a poor result. Tactics, selection and other factors all matter. Murty got a draw with the same dross so it's not like it's not possible to get at them in some ways. We gave Pedro credit for Aberdeen so it's only fair he is questioned when we have a poor result no? I get the squad is shite but we can't just overlook results and performances otherwise what was the point in hiring him?
  4. Sometimes when you get no service you have to make things happen with moments of genuine quality and for the best part of £2 million quid in Scottish football a player should have that in him. Garner does not. He's a work horse who enjoys a scrap, his goal to game ratio is poor, his technique is average while his effort and desire are not. Sadly we need a total package when spending that amount and because of the price tag fans will always feel Garner has been a failure and waste of money. I don't blame Garner at all, he is what he is and he didn't put that price on himself or pay the money. We can't expect him to turn into a goal scoring machine when at Championship level down south he was badly struggling. We are badly lacking in the striking options with a 36/37 year old Miller still being our best striker. Waghorn is brutal as he get's chances all the time but fluffs 99% of them while Garner doesn't have the pace or skill to get into the positions needed. Dodoo seems to work better from wide and not seen enough of him but still not a 20-25 goal a season striker. In the summer we require probably 2 strikers with one being able to hit 20 odd goals and that won't come cheap or easy...especially when we need to improve just about every area of the squad. It's painful reading but it's the way it is just now.
  5. He can't. But he will shout till he's purple in the face that we don't need a scouting system because it's so easy to identify players with fuck all money.
  6. Walter Smith who was given the best part of £20 million to spend gathering a team from down south and likewise? You do realize our situation don't you? You do know we don't have a fucking penny?
  7. That's the thing the fans are all over the place. we have sections blaming everything on previous boards, Ashley and have some tearing into the current ones with the lack of investment based on previous promises and then ones who don't know what to think given the clusterfuck we have been in these past 5 years. We will never unite because the divide is too far spread now and we have folk like SOS spouting utter shite to brainwash their followers. It's painful to watch really that all of this is going on and you look on the park and we are getting owned by those cunts while those in charge of us give not one single fuck. ££££ is king here, quite apt as he hasn't got/or give us a fucking penny.
  8. Who's spotting that player then? Pedro when we are facing Calley Thistle or Hamilton? Brown as shite as he is is several levels above anything else in this shit pit in terms of midfield. Is it JJ when he was at Motherwell or with the national team? Is it Stevie fae accounts who watched the Championship highlights at the weekend? You make it sound like it's easy to just identify a player with no means in place to do it in the correct and proven way clubs have been doing for donkeys. You actually need to watch a player for a number of games against all sorts of opposition, situations to judge if they can cope with the expectations and type of football we play and face in Scotland. That's why scouting is vital to identify who fit's in with what we do....otherwise you end up with dross like Halliday, Waghorn, Windass and the likes we have now. If you think we can just go out and find players who can win the league without proper processes in place then fair enough, I can't fathom that kind of lunacy.
  9. This is terrifying. People actually believe this is the case.
  10. Thinking we don't need a scouting network to challenge or catch the tims is even funnier. Thinking we can just magically identify quality players for fuck all money to challenge them without a network is hilarious. This isn't Football Manager where you can stick in some filters and find the best young players in football, it actually takes scouting networks to do this otherwise why would clubs have them? I can't help but think you really have no grasp of how professional recruitment within football works.
  11. The Greek league is mince mate, it' a far cry from where we were playing Olympiakos and co. The national team is terrible too. Romanian football is baws. Mexican league I have no clue of but other than Javier Hernandez can you name me a top player from there without google? Even still he might have managed in them but that was a while back and he was just that a manager. We need folk with experience of watching players, gathering knowledge and having scouted for years. What we have just now is a complete joke.
  12. Thing is we get pumped on Saturday folk will say Judge Pedro next season, then if we continue to struggle it will be you can't judge him without proper investment. A managers job is to set up his players, tactics and take the heat if we don't perform. He get's judged regardless not just when we beat Aberdeen or the likes. Folk can't have it both ways.
  13. He's never had pace, he's never been remotely quick so that's irrelevant. What made John Terry the best CB in England was his positioning, passing and reading of the game. Exactly the same as Weir. Ferdinand, Shearer and Neville dismissed that 'slow' rubbish weeks back and they are spot on. He'd walk this league, he'd comfortably be the best defender in Scotland by a country mile. Just because he can't get in the Chelsea team ahead of Luiz, Cahill and Azpi who are at their peaks as footballers doesn't mean he is finished. Same pish was spouted about Weir As for him coming here He has about 6 clubs in the EPL chasing him and US, Chinese and other Asians chucking millions at him.
  14. We clearly do..... Where are we going to get players to catch them? League one down south? Some scottish premiership flops? League one in Portugal? Because that's about the extent of what we have here just now. If you think the above will catch the tims you are living in a bubble.