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  1. ***Official English Football Thread***

    African AIDS or the poofy one Mark fae Eastenders had?
  2. Slovenia v Scotland

    This. fuck England tae. International football is howling. Rangers is all that matters
  3. Slovenia v Scotland

    Grease up their wheelchair so it's a skinned face when it goes tits up on the ash track
  4. Slovenia v Scotland

    Fantastic. Up the skirt wearing see you jimmy tramps
  5. *** The Official Hamilton Accies vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Get that fat riot off ffs, he's a red card certainty
  6. *** The Official Hamilton Accies vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Pena woeful challenge ", fat tit
  7. *** The Official Hamilton Accies vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Cardosso is howling, we were robbed
  8. The scum at it again.

    Who gives a flying fuck
  9. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    It's miles better than the shite we play in. We got cuffed by a mid table team in fucking luxenburg
  10. Pedro: Time to go?

    They haven't bought Roberts either, they have loaned him twice. You don't need to but a Patrick Robers...they haven't. Look at what Aberdeen spent in comparison to us, it's fucking shameful to be where we are.
  11. Pedro: Time to go?

    I don't see the big improvement from last season personally. Under Warburton we failed in big games, exactly the same this season. Last season we had some big wins against shite like Dundee and folk decided to just ignore the other alarming defeats, exactly the same as this season. We were chasing the sheep as the Tim's were way out in front, just like this season. Tell me where its significantly improving?
  12. Pedro: Time to go?

    I've read folk saying he should just get the season regardless as no one else would change it. That's actually unbelievable that some would rather stick with a proven loser getting dominated home and away every single time by the filth rather than try to address it and make a change to give the club some hope in the short and long term. What are they so afraid of? That we might actually improve and do something of note this season rather than seeing a nice guy get binned? I don't understand it, at every single big club in world football if the manager is serving up shite results consistently then he gets his jotters that's how it is. We have standards despite what has happened in the past 5 years, we are spending far far more money bar 1 club in this country yet find ourselves 5th in the table with no hope of mounting a challenge. It's not even October and we are trying to dig our fingernails in to try and keep the pace with Aberdeen. Maybe it's just me but slugging it out and dropping points to mid table sides isn't what this club should accept, it never has done in it's history.
  13. Pedro: Time to go?

    He's talking pish. Basically tells you to do something about it or shut up and accept mediocre pish like Pedro. Clueless doesn't even cover what he's posted in here.
  14. Pedro: Time to go?

    Stuns me some think yesterday was good from us, it was fucking rank. They missed some absolute sitters or it would have been 4 or 5 again easily....at home. They didn't even turn up for 45 minutes and yet we still couldn't touch them. We are a very poor outfit, we have some good players but we have a clueless manager trying to get them to play a way and system that isn't working in Scottish football or against dire no mark sides in Europe.. he doesn't change it or try to solve it either it's just the same drivel bar a decent result here and there against shite like Dundee and the deluded amongst us think those games show he will do us good. this place really does baffle me, almost as much as Pedro's ridiculous management,
  15. Pedro: Time to go?

    I don't want fight when it matters little, I want the fight during the game. We can all pretend to be Angry, he'll Warburton done his fair share of it but exactly like Pedro it's just a front, it means nothing because he can't get his players motivated to show that so called fight. I've witnessed poor Rangers sides, I've seen pitiful displays against them but under Pedro those 3 games so far have been criminal. A youth coach went to the tattie dome and go a result yet at no point have we ever looked like laying a glove on them under Pedro. Rodgers has him in his back pocket, we will never win another OF game under this guy....he doesn't have the ability to make a lesser team a better team and that's why he was in the middle of nowhere managing shite not expected to win a thing. It's infuriating seeing folk willing to just sit back and pretend it will all work out (not you) like the did with Ally and Warburton, it's putting us back years...years we can I'll afford to lose given the gulf in finances that increases every year. Folk want 8 million to be invested in January....we have near enough spent the same amount ij the summer and are sitting 5th in a dire league. If you were the noard and saw the mess we are in and the shite he's brought in would you be investing that sum? Not a chance. That's not to say the board have done their bit, they might have backed him financially but they are the idiots who let a untested and woefully inexpierenced manager get the job when we needed an appointment that hit the ground running. They are sitting back doing fuck all now that we desperately need him to be ditched to save what's left of this season. Not even October and we are in a state....yet again.