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  1. He's a fucking rat bastard. He's a shite footballer, shite person and another rat who used us to get rich fast. His shitey wee UVF tats won't fool us all, he's a scumbag
  2. He loves the club He loves the money, as soon as we were skint he done a runner and now we are back in the top flight he's whoring himself back out with his ulster tats. He's a lanky streak of pish who needs to fuck off and be wiped from our recent memories
  3. He's a cringey wee fud. Uses social media to feel relevant with his cryptic pish. Regardless if he comes or not they way he goes about posting that shite is an utter embarrassment
  4. Both are shite
  5. Yes and that's what's happened. Make no mistake though there were other safer options than Pedro but we gambled on him rather than try something we have maybe had before. We are fucked whichever way you look at it, we have a poor squad, poor board and a poor manager. It's bleak times at this club and only a shit load of money and a sacking spree will save us.
  6. So sending them a message iver the good of our results and losing records is acceptable? You pick your best and most able team, this isn't primary school
  7. Ultimately he's just a fall guy for the board. No self respecting manager of any note would take this job with the crumbs Dave and his merry men are putting in. We gambled on some no one plying his trade in the complete unknown over someone with experience and knowledge of what's required. McCall didn't get a transfer window but we knew he wasn't good enough Murty didn't get a transfer window but likewise we knew he wasn't good enough. This notion that he needs to spunk what little money we have to see if he's capable is mind boggling given we have seen him in action for a good bit now and are still all over the shop. But aye let's just fuck up another season falling further behind the sheep and taigs because some folk want to see what this tinkerman will spend our crumbs on. It's like seeing a head on collision coming from a distance and not being able to do fuck all about it.
  8. Because he's a fucking dud. What have you seen from him that remotely suggests he can win us titles and turn everything around? Is it his tactical nous? Is it his man management skills? Is it the fact he's clocking up embarrassing records this club held for donkeys years? Look the squads pish and a riot BUT Pedro is part of that mince and has shown nothing since he has come here other than daft wee comments in the press that some lap ip yet when we get on the park it's just a shambles. He's been majorly lucky with 3 or 4 results scoring last minute goals despite playing like a highland league side. I've watched football and Rangers for long enough to know when there's a guy in the dugout who's clearly not cut out for it and Pedro is exactly on of them. The board are ultimately to blame but everyone from the players to the board to Pedro is too.
  9. Hopefully he fucks off back to Wonderland
  10. Yeah I mean what's not to understand? It's football, we play against these teams every other week and you would think we have done our homework on how they will set out. If you do your job well enough then it matters little what they do so how he can say we did well and then say we couldn't understand the game in the same breath is just bizzare. I honestly don't think he knows himself what he's trying to put out to us.
  11. "It was about understanding what the game needed and once again in the first-half we could not perform in the way we wanted to because we did not understand the game. Of course I am disappointed, we tried everything and I think the boys put in a great effort in order to try and deliver a win to the fans in the last game at Ibrox this season. “The opponent was much stronger than us in physicality, on second balls and being more aggressive on the pitch. “It is not possible to play football so you need to show different qualities to change the pattern a little bit." Fucking delusional
  12. And when he inevitably fucks it up that's another year wasted for us. Managers don't need a window to show they have what it takes btw. The better ones come in and show they can turn things around and get the best out of mediocre players. Has that happened? Has Pedro shown he can change our fortunes when we are up against it? Or do we need some SPFL lower table dross and a Mexican nobody to see what's staring us in the face? Am I writing him off? Of course I am because I've seen enough of him and previous managers to know he doesn't have what it takes to succeed at this club. We don't have the time to gamble on giving under performing dross 'windows' but we have no choice because we are skint and in the hands of lying crook bastard.
  13. Saw that. He's so far out his depth it's frightening. How in the hell is it impossible to play against them at Ibrox?
  14. Ya hipster! This place is full of mutants man