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  1. Nah. He's the guy with 1 tooth who gets but fucked by Joe Exotic.
  2. The break hasn't changed the fact Tav is a absolute waster. His comments last month were worthy of punting alone. Won't miss him one bit, he would bomb in England.
  3. Can't wait till they are dead. Hopefully most of us gloat a wee bit
  4. The shouldn't get any title though. The league is not complete, you simply cant award trophies for an incomplete schedule. Too many things could and would change in the final fixtures. Null and void is the only rational verdict but the taig infested media and SPFL will see to it that never happens. Let's hope our club and the other clubs who will feel shat on fight and and take these shameless bastards to task on it. Couldn't give a fuck if "it looked likely" or not, it looked likely on two occasion they would win the title only for us to win it on the last day.
  5. There is no integrity in Scottish football, only vengeful taigs in all positions who will bend, tear up or ignore the rule book. Welfare of human beings come first unlike what the vermin Lennon came out with demanding silverware. We as always lead in attitude and Integrity. I would say shame on the taigs but as we have seen from the court rooms all around the country these cunts have no shame or morals.
  6. I think it shows how 'those kind' of people really are and I include the media people who are banging on about them being given the title. The world is in a global pandemic and their ginger runt and knuckle dragging brood just crave a tainted trophy. Horrible club from top to bottom both historically and to date.
  7. I wouldn't take what anyone on here or elsewhere has to say as gospel. Our Footballing body is so far behind with the times and our journalists and media so filled with bias and hatred for 1 club that it's really pointless. We can see the narrative being pushed on what 'they' want to happen, if it does then we need to have our legal team ready to fight it.
  8. Imaging rewarding a team who are in 1st place a title but not relegating the bottom team. It's so laughable that the swamp we play in would likely take that option.
  9. Hope they all suffer, maybe a few go to the wall in the process.
  10. No way they would accept that, their vile cheerleader and manager came out demanding the trophy when everyone else was more concerned about the welfare of the public. They would fight that to the death and sadly if they get their way our feeble board would fight fuck all.
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