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  1. Because he didn't have any ties with Cet*c
  2. £500k pennies for an untested 15 year old who hasn't played first team football Aye very good.
  3. I know. England are playing the taigs
  4. Yeah we have no idea who good he will be or if he will be another Fleck/Gauld who are said to be the next big thing but don't reach those heights. At 15 getting £500k is too good a deal to turn down tbh if this is indeed true.
  5. Yeah he's not going to get a game at Chelsea we know that but I can't see him coming back here if he can't get a game as it is either unless you are talking about a few seasons down the line. He's only 15 and you can bet your life folk will lose their shit if we are struggling and playing a 15/16 year old loanee who left us for Chelsea. He will go into their youth set up no doubt and in a year or two will get fired out on loan to a domestic championship side or Europe if he kicks on. Folk saying it's career suicide obviously don't see the players who Chelsea loan out and who play in their academy (Who have won multiple youth CL titles) and go on to play for various top teams from in and around Europe. Where exactly do our youth players end up? Blue tinted specs off
  6. Why would they loan us him when he hasn't played a game for us yet?
  7. How do you know that? Fleck stuck around for a bit and done fuck all despite the hype so it's hardly a sure thing. This boy can move to Chelsea, earn a fortune plus play at a higher level out on loan at a better standard of football. The only folk who see this as a bad move are of course us because we want to keep out talents but it's daft to expect a promising player rejecting lucrative deals from the biggest clubs in the world to play in this shit hole of a league.
  8. Can't wait till the Queens 11 put 6 past these fuckers. Shove Horrible tartan tragic bastart.
  9. Being discussed in the transfer forum
  10. Now the abuse 500k for a player who's no even got all his pubes is decent business. Folk need understand we can't compete with these clubs anymore, players play for money not history.
  11. I see its basically a side of taigs Horrible fenien bastards Fuck the national side, be funny as fuck watching them fail yet again in this group,
  12. Fuck the tattie munching prick
  13. Talk pish
  14. You ever open mouth kissed a siberian Wolf?
  15. He's still a horrible taig fuck.