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  1. 🤣 A reply fitting of of someone who resembles a 15 year old girl
  2. Still longing for my attention as always. It’s amusing that you have tried to stop the pretend gay weirdo act on here and now think folk will take you serious about a game you have no clue about. Once a joke always a joke wee man
  3. And then shat the bed the next game. 2 points means everything when it decides where you are in the table.
  4. If we put as much effort into it as the opposition we would win 99% if the games we play domestically. abilty wise we are better than them all
  5. Historically Tyncastle was a tough venue but they are a brutal side now who are fighting relegation. One of the teams you want to play on our league this season
  6. Because the few times we have been top the past 2 seasons we immediately drop points and don’t get back to that position....
  7. I didn’t rate Whittaker either plus there’s a deep hatred there
  8. Do we have it? Our manager does or did as a player but in terms of our squad who in there has it bar the two old boys in Davis and AM? We have the ability that’s not in question but that alone isn’t going to win us anything because the mental side of things seems to be shafting us again like last year. We go top for a few weeks (mainly due to the break) and our first game after it we drop points just like last season. Lessons don’t seem to be learned and a theme is starting to form.
  9. If he plays against Porto then big questions need asked
  10. Playing with 2 defensive midfielders again the second worst form team in the league told us a lot. The fact our manager kept them both on all game again shows the struggle we face from the dugout.
  11. Won’t be going anywhere for profit with performances like that. No one will touch him if that’s the level he produces ever week
  12. I knew the “Hearts is a tough place to go” comments would be out. Look at their form Look at their players Look at their manager Its embarrassing from us and it’s another huge clue as to wether we have what it takes to win trophies. Hearts will be pumped the next game they play
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