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  1. A cup or league win this season or we are no closer than before really. I'm not really arsed if we are playing good football and getting nothing at the end of it. This team has yet to show they are winners and if we are empty handed at the end of the season against Neil Lennon then that tells me all I need to know. We have had plenty of chances to end their dominance but have shat the bed every time. I don't see that changing but I'd gladly be proven wrong.
  2. Same posts every season since 2011 and it’s never came yet. Blind optimism really
  3. It’s not about deserving it because football doesn’t work like that. We could have done this and that but we didn’t and no amount of going over it will change it. it’s another final lost another game against them gone and until we actually win something of note we will not be stopping the trend of the last 8 years. I’d rather play stinking and nick a cup than play amazing and get fuck all. All the talk of dominating them means fuck all, we dominated them twice last year and won fuck all. It means nothing
  4. Us missing a penalty, not capitalising on an extra man for 30 minutes and not taking our chances is the very definition of handing them it...... They didn’t earn it, we fucked it.
  5. This. Matters not a fuck how we played, it’s a one off final and we lost Thats it
  6. The only one deserving of the armband is Ryan Jack but unless Tav is sold that won’t happen.
  7. They said that for about 10 year; they never won a league despite all the bravado of our performing us. This isn’t a one off, time and time again we don’t seem to have the mentality to get over the line. Only one team gets a boost with that game and it’s not us. We can delude ourselves all we want but until we start to win finals and leagues we will always be the nearly men and that’s not acceptable. Doesbt matter a fuck if we had 50 shots to their 1 the only thing that matters is winning and we don’t seem able to do it.
  8. The club, fans, manager are winners but it’s down to the 11 on the park who seem to be used to being second best. Heartbreaking and I wish those players had sufffered like we had.
  9. I will and o have done ever since 2011. I can never accept being below those cunts
  10. Not arsed. The pain this club has been through and the fans and we can’t beat 10 men
  11. You can’t but mentality, it’s driven into you and comes from overcoming obstacles and winning trophies. The majority of our squad don’t have it other than our GK and an ageing Davis. The confidence you get from winning leagues and cups gives you the edge and we simply don’t have it
  12. It’s the same players who rolled over to Aberdeen and fucked a final with a pen and a man advantage. We don’t have the mentality for it, it’s obvious.
  13. What does taking credit from the performance do us? Does it win us a final, does it give us some sort of a lift for the league? They have just won a 10th final on the bounce and have beaten us home and neutral already this season. Walters teams done this to them for the majority of the 9IAR era and yet they won fuck all. Winning is everything and always will be at Rangers. We fucked it today and no amount of talk about their keeper or anything else changes that
  14. It was a cup final ffs Honestly as if cunts want to accept being nearly men
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