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  1. Gerrard mobbed at airport.

    Absolutey in tears at that mongoloid kissing his face Am deed
  2. James Collins (West Ham)

    A ginger fenian over the hill centre back Makes Alves look like Usain Bolt Great...
  3. Usual shite from the board, do something great like yesterday then go and appoint a fucking moron who laughs with his taigy pals at us for everyone to hear. He is a stinking runt of a man.
  4. What is Mark Allen’s role?

    If you don't know then how can you say he was a big part of Am and Arfield?
  5. Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    I still have nightmares about Lee Martin the new Giggs Loans can be good but we tend to get the shitey ones
  6. Pressure from taigs

    KAI is obviously not talking about fighting to cover up peado behaviour ffs, his post is obvious as to what he means.
  7. Pressure from taigs

    It's the fighting really not the thing they are fighting for. we as a club are feeble at defending our name regardless of the subject at hand.
  8. Lucas Leiva (Lazio)

    Rossiter being one. He had one ok game in about a year and now he's in some folks starting line up
  9. Davie Weir meets Simon Ferry

    Sanctimonious prick
  10. Whittaker no surprise here

    Surprised? A guy who done an interview saying we died....
  11. Forza Inter! What a comeback
  12. Suggestions.

    Rhian is a wummin name ffs
  13. Liam Lindsay (Barnsley)

    Liam after William Like being called Ren then saying aye its after ma uncle Darren