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  1. The speed alone is impressive as fuck for a console. Looking forward to this
  2. That’s current. We all know they will add players in the summer so really we are more than that short of matching them...especially when our second best player is most likely gone after his loan.
  3. Tangible reach due to them having their worst league season since we went down and losing a manager at the business end of the season. We still collapsed.
  4. And he said it has been 'extremely gratifying' to have 'witnessed the progress that has been made over the last year'. Can't be on the pitch he is on about.
  5. For the money we have spent it’s an embarrassment we have not got to a domestic final or looked close to doing it. Didn’t even play the favourites in any of them either
  6. And they will be entirely justified.
  7. Patience will run out if next season we win fuck all again. He has 1 more season to get it right (the majority wouldn’t even get that after a season like this one).
  8. Says it all about us. Sickening these cunts have a treble treble given how rank they actually are, we allowed it to happen though which is worse.
  9. The Godfather


    Don’t worry mate I’ll be on the shed end in our own section. Can slag Jaws and all sorts
  10. The Godfather


    Cert for a ripped bango
  11. The Godfather


    High likelihood of this, my one weakness.
  12. The Godfather


    I’ll March fae wishy to Carfin with a blade and a stinking attitude
  13. The Godfather


    Chelsea Linwood Rangers and La Galaxy Blues Brothers 1690
  14. Brendan was a shite manager. Mid never take them winning a treble regardless, it’s not what they do but what we do. We continue to fuck up against diddy teams and bottle games they can hire the kit man.
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