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  1. I hear folk say he has all the ability in the world and could be this and that.... he was dug shite and that's why we got him in the championship and that's why he's now at a lower league English club. His ability is howling
  2. Ah the good old FFA Food, Fanny and alcohol The main reason as a nation or football is howling
  3. Why anyone would bet against us then actually post it on the supporters forum I rarely touch us on coupons tbh especially these days.
  4. What do you expect with a manager who comes out with we are the people after a defeat and banning green boots to appease fans because his record is pish?
  5. And those clubs had players on near 80k wages still hangin about when they were relegated while the others don't. Ridiculous comparison
  6. No amount of money will stop them being a horrible club with a horrific and cancerous past and present. Its however important to take European money into consideration because it would take 20 odd seasons of winning this league to make the money they are about to make beating a shambolic Atstana. That was ok when we were also able to get CL football but those days are gone and only the winners get that chance. It's a HUGE handicap we face and without ridiculous investment it's like fighting with one arm behind your back. No point being aw staunch and pretending it's not happening.
  7. It's not a love in stating the obvious ffs. as soon as anyone points out the the money and future implications it's suddenly a love in? Sorry but that's pish
  8. Another 25 plus million for them. huge blow
  9. Folk would complain if they stayed and folk will complain now they are scoring after being sold. We would be hounding the board had both stayed as they were pish poor here, that's all that really matters. our manager is shit but not that shit that it stops guys scoring goals. They simply didn't have the bottle for playing at a club who don't tolerate anything but 3 points
  10. This. He will love shit like this, he hates Rangers and we hate him. If we done our jobs and won the game no one would be bothered and we'd be in his mutant face having it laldy. I hate all this victim stuff I'm seeing on here lately, statements about a wee pish stained Ned...its not going to give us the result back or do anything other than give him and other Rangers haters pleasure.
  11. The ref stuff is taig as fuck on here. Exactly what we used to laugh at the tims for. Fucking red neck
  12. Fuck sake man. You honestly forgetting the absolute humiliation we had a few weeks back? You know the worst European result in our history....
  13. We were drawing when we had 11.....
  14. It's not just that though. We are in a league where it should be a 2 horse race. It's not England where 5 or 6 can win it. It's ridiculous to say no manager could win us the league with our squad.
  15. I just don't agree that the title can't be won. The tims are not that great and with a decent manager we could push them all the way. We won't though because we have a guy in charge who is tactically naive.