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  1. Barry Ferguson - Brenda got lucky.

    The delusion on here is rife
  2. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Fuck playing the bottle merchant, get Cummings on and he will bury the chances.
  3. We need a manager

    How? We have still lost and dropped points to utter shit under Murty and got beaten off the tims. So naw I doubt we would be much better off.
  4. Scottish Cup.

    Because we have no bottle and let they cunts lord over us even when we have everything in our favour. By all means be positive but I'll be realistic. We are winning fuck all this season.
  5. Anti Meltdown Thread

    Catching up I tell you what, Dave King will be delighted some are lapping up this nonsense
  6. Scottish Cup.

    Where? We have not won a single thing. We drew at parkhead yet lost today at Ibrox. League's over and we play them in the cup soon so if we lose that it's been another cunt of a season. This club demands winning, trophies and beating them. We have struggled to do any of those things. See when we get beat at home against ten men to them and folk want to talk about progress then the games up
  7. THE TRUTH - Where's Fucking Gap????? Bring on the Cup!!!

    I missed him saying Goss did well. He couldn't have watched that game today because I can't fathom a single Rangers fan thinking he played well he was absolutey abysmal
  8. Cardoso

    This. He was asked to do two men's work because Goss couldn't be arsed
  9. THE TRUTH - Where's Fucking Gap????? Bring on the Cup!!!

    And if we don't beat them in the cup what then? Will it be the 8th or 9th rallying cry from the OP? Will it be next time we will do it...but if not then the time after that then if not that one 110% the time after that. Just pish
  10. THE TRUTH - Where's Fucking Gap????? Bring on the Cup!!!

    Birthday card pish you hear after a defeat to them. Fucking howling stuff tbh We got beat and we deserved to get beat, we however should never have been beat but the manager fucked it and the players bottle crashed.
  11. We need a manager

    If we ever want to win a title we will need to grow a set of baws and hire someone who can achieve it. We are kidding ourselves on with Murty, he's better than previous diddies but he is still short when it matters and his tactics and decisions were found wanting yet again. It's not his fault because he has not had the experience and exposure needed when coming up through the clubs before getting a gig like this but it is what it is. A better manager would have got us a result today, keeping on a midfielder who was utter rank all game for 75 minutes was criminal, we lost the midfield and that gave them the game. Also waiting till then to bring in a guy who scored a treble the week before was a joke when the other side were down to 10. Hey ho though we will no doubt win a few games against shite and pretend he is the man again. And rinse n repeat
  12. Scottish Cup.

    They are better than us because they beat us and we haven't beat them in years... We bottled it simple as because we as a team can't hack pressure when it counts Buck up indeed
  13. Anti Meltdown Thread

    Which is the problem at this club. Fans pretending it's just down to bad luck and we will eventually get it right just because we are Rangers. Terrifying some of the stuff you read on here
  14. Anti Meltdown Thread

    That was the worst I have felt since demotion against them. Every other time bar the cup they have been in better form so you could deal with the result, today they were rank and they still done us. We have a weak mentality at Rangers and it's now getting a bit worrying that we have a severe inability to beat them, it's howling. To make it worse we are winning fuck all and making a cunt of the league top so we have absolutey nothing to show for our football. We look no closer to winning a title than before.
  15. Anti Meltdown Thread

    Last season they went unbeaten, this season their form has been up and down and we are still fucking miles off them, we ain't even in a title race