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  1. Had a fan screaming Donkey and making EH AW noises to his face. Was at that point I knew the love affair from Fran was over.
  2. The standard of Scottish player has nosdived significantly since those days though... You can't just say get x amount of Scottish guys in for the sake of it when they are poor compared to other players
  3. This. McLean is a decent footballer but that's about it. He's not a player who stands out for Aberdeeen so I doubt he'd be pulling up trees here. in any case Aberdeen don't sell because they are hardly going to piss off the management team who could have walked by going back on their word. We move on and offer him a deal in 6 months if we still want him.
  4. £2 million lucky to get half that for a full back who simply can't defend.
  5. White sneaks are what most sensible protestants wear.
  6. Bigger arse than Kim Kardashian
  7. The Record is an absolute shambles of a news outlet. Has anyone ever tried to read it online? Stories cutting off and pish surveys coming up, tons of adds making it unreadable plus the fact its a bloody eyesore to look at. Fuck them
  8. It is romantic when several other clubs who could piss on what we can offer are looking at him. Hes not going to just sit and wait on us coming back in 6 months because things change in football all the time. He will have several other options that will be in money terms far more attractive to him. For a English championship side losing 1.5 million is nothing and they can sit back knowing other teams are looking at him who will happily offer more than that sum if need be. If we offer the amount they want then we will get him, if they want more then we probably won't and that's that. the same pish was said about Allan yet another team came in and he was sold. Player power didn't come into it. If championship clubs want him and his price is up then tough titty, he isn't coming and we move on. He's not moving here on a free because he's a bear. Moronic thinking
  9. Well we did sign a random Brazilian not long ago Cribari
  10. Yeah players are not going to just not play and piss off their employer just to play in Scotland for less money than they could get elsewhere. It's a romantic notion a fair few have on here but in reality this just does not happen. players need security and certainty especially at 30 which Dorrans is or close to be.
  11. Recently yes but before Walter came back a second time we were bringing in players from all over like this tbh.
  12. Needs to improve his Glaswegian
  13. All about Pena for me. not that hyped about this guy
  14. It's not too much given the market his team is in. 3 million in English football even at Championship level is fuck all.
  15. Tav and Wallace are chronic defenders. Ok going forward but offer fuck all at the back
  16. No your debating players weights. That's possibly even worse. Do you have a wee chart with their BMI and hobbies?
  17. He's a poofy waster
  18. Is that a ginger perm with a zero back and sides? Even a dose of sun blisters can't take away from the sheer bender that is that mop of hair. Tit
  19. You sir smoke spaghetti hoops through a push pop. get Tae fuck
  20. I have a few teachers in my family and this isn't a one off thing but actually happening in non Dom schools.
  21. I'm eating chili Doritos and might have a chug later depending on if I charge the tablet.
  22. We won't win the title. That's just to big an ask given we will have almost an entire new starting 11 and basically squad. Plus the fact we are up against a team who have around 6 times our means in terms of player recruitment and players already there. I get we have to aim for it but when you break it all down its just not very realistic. What must happen is a decent challenge and not sitting at Christmas knowing the league's done and dusted. We must finish well ahead of the rest and get a cup in there too really. Europe's a tough ask as I mentioned previously
  23. There was a stat posted the other week where there was over 90% failure rate with teams who enter at this stage who make it to the group's. Even the most optimistic bear must acknowledge the group's are just a pipe dream.
  24. No offence to any gaybobs