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  1. When you want to win trophies sometimes you do need to bring in proven talent who are capable of winning things. Young talent who are mostly potential is good but you cant win leagues if that's all you are looking at, that would be idiotic.
  2. Don't be salty. Arsenal are literally the epitome of generic pish.
  3. Seriously though are catholics not just cancerous bastards
  4. Cunts still mentioning Scott Allen need their heads checked. Guy is garbage and couldn't get a sniff at them across the city, he's a players in the mould of those who we have just got rid of.
  5. Seems we can't get excited with a genuine talent for the fear he might not be like Ronaldo every game.
  6. Even if it did only work in Europe that's a big part of what we need to make money and increase our chances of signing better players. I don't think we need to play a certain way to beat the dug shite we play in this country, we have the better players and should be able to break down teams who play defensive football. We are of course going to have to mix it up at some points due to injury/suspentions but Hagi is a player who could potentially make us a lot of money in a few years while providing the spark we need now. When we have been signing players like Hellander for basically the same fee I don't think it's such a bad deal to get someone in like Hagi. I think it's a bit of a bargain tbh in this market
  7. We do need money spent in that area though, Kent and Aribo were hot and cold. Hagi won us games and that's just coming in half way through a season not knowing the system or teammates. We have got rid of the likes of Halliday, Flannigan, Wes and a few others that will free up some finances on top of the usual revenue streams and player sales. If we want to win trophies we have to have better players in the squad and Hagi is a better player than most in his position currently.
  8. Quality over quantity. Hagi has more talent and ability then those players all put together.
  9. They really don't. Budge is all talk and when push comes to shove they will fold as always. I echo the sentiments of the previous poster...fuck Hearts.
  10. They done the same one for £660 on hotdeals start of the year. Be up again at some point.
  11. Can get a good spec 4k 75 inch these days for around 700. Probably best waiting for the sales and get them even cheaper.
  12. On their day it was Gasgoigne. He would have got into any team in the world on his best form. Both were class acts but Gazza was a genius
  13. Michael Stewart achieved absolutely fuck all in football, he's like a poundland version of Chris Sutton.
  14. A one legged has been making cunts out of us was painful stuff. Squad should have been booted up and down for that...and Gerrard too
  15. Not even due to that but based on current ability/age/injury record it would be a bogging signing.
  16. Chucking a brick through a bus window injuring a child too. It's like a greatest hit list of pond life
  17. Coffin dances during the worst pandemic in our lifetimes Hanging blow up dolls from stadiums mocking suicide Breaking into Stadiums during a nationwide lockdown Covering up child abuse spanning decades. Some rap sheet they have.
  18. Glad to see the back of Flannigan, waste of a wage.
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