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  1. Derek McInnes

    I'm still in shock that someone is complaining about how we played when winning a title and wait for it...getting to a European final. That's right a European final, but fuck it let's all celebrate the odd occasion we pump a 1st division side a few times a year in the cup.
  2. Derek McInnes

    Or when we battered Killie within 15 minutes to win the title on the last day. Aye fuck that feeling, let's concede goals for fun while doing some step overs winning fuck all.
  3. Derek McInnes

    Deluded doesn't even cover that dribble above
  4. Derek McInnes

    There has always been an element of that with our support. I remember when Walter was in charge when we were winning titles and getting to a European final we still had folk moaning about the style of football and entertainment value. They said you can have both, well yes you can have both but that only happens in rare cases when you have a oil rich owner who is willing to build a side every other season without a second thought. We would kill for a Walter side these days who didn't get bullied, were solid at the back and ground out results no matter the performance. It won us trophies and trophies are what counts. The romantic notion of being a club ahead of it's time with a DOF, young and up and coming manager with fresh ideas and a squad filled with technically astute player mixed with talented youth is nothing more than a pipe dream in Scottish football. Our league is a hammer throwing cauldron where 99% of the teams you face look to win a physical battle which is what we lack. We have the quality over them but lack the desire and steel. Go back to basics and go back to what we were good at before all this admin and 'revolution' pish
  5. Players now getting day off during the week

    What's so hard about training? What's hard about having professional nutritionist preparing meals, diet plans and personal trailers? try grafting for 40 plus hours a week for fuck all money, no spare time to do anything of note because your either working or sleeping. trying to fit in a hour a night to keep on top of your fitness. These cunts get paid insane money for doing something most of us would love the time to do. It's literally the best job in the world
  6. Republic of Ireland

    Someone beat you to it by the looks of it
  7. Republic of Ireland

    Pish stained republican bheats. Know yer place
  8. Italy v Sweden

    Aye it was cringe in the build up to the final, folk creaming their frillies at the thought of Buffon with ol big ears. They have been spanked in the finals he was recently involved in and he didn't really play all that well in them tbh. So fuck if he's a great keeper doesn't mean he deserves a trophy. Plenty of world class players have missed out on the CL. If he wanted it that bad he should've moved to a team capable of winning it. Fuck Juve tae, cheating corrupt wankers.
  9. I won't celebrate if a goal goes in from one of those rainbow laced boot of lies. Nae cunt celebrates the hetrosexual movement after all.
  10. Michael O'Neill

    Just as bad. Hivs fans are fucking tragic. Just a different shade of green
  11. Michael O'Neill

    Just depressing names like this pop up. He's brutal fucking brutal. Reminds me of a mid table at best manager in this league same with Coleman. They should stick to International management.
  12. UFC live.

    Looks like a poofy Ivan Drago
  13. Dorrans going to see specialist

    See the tartan trannies fumbling about trying to find English cast offs who might have a Scottish granny. Tragic cunts
  14. Advocat has resigned from the national team

    @SwallowsHisOwnSpunk dislikes this
  15. Advocat has resigned from the national team

    Aye and a good chunk of that will be spent trying to offload bums like Pena and his pal Herrera no doubt.
  16. Wallace out till next year.

    Ruined many of my weekends tae and no doubt chopped a few years off the life expectancy
  17. Ryan Jack

    Like a shite Nuno Capucho
  18. Advocat has resigned from the national team

    Advocaat with no money to spend would end in tears....well any manager coming here with no money will end in tears. WHERES THE MONEY!??!!!!!!

    You sook Boaby like push pops the Sultan of Cock

    Banter days.... Away n take a bath wi a toaster ya roaster

    Canny be arsed
  22. Jordan Rossiter

    Like Dodoo who was also pish. There are plenty of young Wnglish players who have played at that level internationally who never do anything of note. They don't look any better than any of the boys who come through our ranks. The really special talents wouldn't move to Scotland let's face it.
  23. Jordan Rossiter

    He's been gash let's face it. Hes no longer a prospect, he's a younger player who's hardly kicked a ball in 2 years. Hardly one of the most exciting young talents in Britain like folk were saying when he signed. We built him up to be something's he had never shown in the brief times he has played for us. a waste of a wage and in terms of development his value has nose dived given the fact he's barely played any football. It goes down as another failure
  24. Derek McInnes

    McClaren would be awful, he' a disaster of a manager ffs
  25. Derek McInnes

    Mon to fuck.