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  1. rossco87

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    RTV back up working again for me.
  2. rossco87

    UFA game - TV blackout, any rumours?

    Mine's down as well ffs
  3. rossco87

    Ejaria and Kent

    I think there is a player in Ejaria, but there were a couple of times tonight when he received the ball and his first instinct is to shield the ball and wait for a tackle to come in which slowed the play down / led to us loosing possession.
  4. rossco87

    Still worried about our midfield

    I don’t think it is the individuals as much as three players who weren’t getting their balance and shape right in the first half. Being played through is always going to be a risk when playing a pressing game if you don’t do it right. It will improve as the team plays together more throughout the season.
  5. rossco87

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Match Thread***

    Why wasn’t the full 6 minutes played when they scored during injury time? Sums up the inept refereeing display that he blows for full time early when we are on the attack!
  6. rossco87

    The Semi Final Draw **Rangers vs Taigs**

    I can't see how it can be limited to attendance over simply buying a ticket. The Club Deck was closed for the first couple of games with paper tickets issued for elsewhere in the ground. As posters above have mentioned I will be raging if I am being punished in the ballot on the basis of Smartcard not being used when I couldn't use it to access my seat!
  7. rossco87

    *****The Official Rangers v Dundee Match Thread*****

    Due to an unfortunately timed holiday (!) couldn't make the game today, but managed to watch it in the Bluebell Bar in Costa Teguise. Big shout out to all the guys there, so proud to see bears flying the flag so far away from home, and always nice to watch the gers win in the sun (both in Glasgow and Lanzarote!)
  8. Hey mate, Never donated before so this seems like a good time to start. Put me down for a tenner. Can you PM me the details of how to transfer the money?
  9. Guys, Need to keep the pressure on this one and keep asking for answers / keep it being discussed in the news. E-mail to clyde; Dear Sir/Madame, I feel compelled to write to you for confirmation on what, I assume, was an editorial decision during last nights (09/01/14) broadcast of Superscoreboard Phone in. Returning after (I believe) the 6.30pm news bulletin, in which the news reader highlighted a breaking story that Celtic and Glasgow City Council had been asked to provide information to the European Commission regarding land deals, a caller named Chris called into to discuss the very same issue. During his call Chris highlighted that although these were still allegations, should they prove true the ramifications could be similar (albeit through a different agency) to those suffered by Rangers during their First Tier Tax Tribunal (FTTT) vs. HMRC. The caller then invited the panellists to speculate on what the ramifications of Celtic being found guilty of these accusations being true might be. In response the presenter read Celtic's official statement and then cut the caller off stating that the panel were not "experts" in this particular field. This is a marked difference to how panellists and presenters acted during the FTTT, where rather than consistently read a statement from Rangers, potential ramifications and at times other aspects of the case, were debate openly despite to the best of my knowledge not one of the presenters or panellists being an "expert" in tax law. Could you please explain why and this (assumed) editorial decision of not discussing matters that members of the show are not "experts" in was made and why it was not alluded to on air to ensure callers to the show understood the correct parameters they could call in to discuss; or if it was not an editorial decision what steps are made to ensure that, in the interests of balanced and fair journalism, in future callers wishing to discuss matters regarding this particular subject are given the same airtime as those wishing the discuss Rangers' FTTT. I look forward to your response and explanation. Regards,