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  1. HG5

    Day 22

    People need to remind that clown of the video where he kicks his own teammate in the head in training - and that we will accept NO advice from him about how our players conduct themselves.
  2. HG5


    You’d love to think it couldn’t happen & would straighten everything out - like you, I think it’s a concern.
  3. HG5


    Need to remember that the system will be operated by the same biased / inept tossers who would otherwise be on the pitch. I’m sure they’ll find a way to make it work for them & against us....
  4. Was reported on the mighty news engine of Look North tonight! Most of Yorkshire will wonder wtf they were talking about!
  5. Happy New Year to all out there! Looks like it could be a cracker!!
  6. Master stroke by Lennon to let him have the run of the right flank. Kid may go on to great things, but currently does not have an idea in his head as to when to release the ball! Meaning he effectively played Forrest completely out of the game, leading to one of their (usually) effective players having to be subbed. Add in the lightweight Pikey Johnston & (assist aside) invisible McGregor & they completely tied themselves up in knots!
  7. I’ve watched here before. Another possibility in Harrogate is the Den, which reckons to have BT Sport. Cambridge Road, by the church across the road from Lloyds Bank.
  8. Cheers mate - as is your neck of the woods. Only drawbacks - distance from Ibrox!
  9. Pub in Knaresborough Market Place (5 mins off A1M) called the Hart has football - not sure if they show our games specifically. Making some enquiries about state of play in Harrogate itself - will post more if I hear anything. Last couple of times I’ve watched in the pub have been at the Leeds one mentioned by ranger0099 - they usually have at least a couple of channels on.
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