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  1. HG5

    Not sure if this is genuine, but

    I can pretty certainly recall 4/5 occasions it happened & there may have been up to half a dozen. Would average out about once every 3 seasons, although I think most came in the first 10 years of the CD being opened, then a bit out of the blue in 2011.
  2. HG5

    unusual strip

    Ain’t that the truth....👍
  3. HG5

    unusual strip

    Burnt on our brains & our hearts mate👍 The home leg v AEK should have been my 1st game on a season ticket, but it didn’t arrive in time. Probably a good one to miss! It did arrive in time for the next 2 - scum & Falkirk🙈
  4. HG5

    unusual strip

    Indeed mate - not that it isn’t smart but seems similar to other clubs - Leicester, too, perhaps.👍
  5. HG5

    unusual strip

    Yup - quite embarrassing really. Strasbourg got me - having got the away goal, & led at home, no way should we have gone out. Auxerre was similar, when I think they went 2 up at Ibrox from 2 corners - nothing ‘European ‘ about defending those!
  6. HG5

    unusual strip

    Yes mate - couldn’t believe we tossed Levski off at home, which came back to bite us with that unbelievable last minute hit over there. Least said about Kaunas, the better....
  7. HG5

    unusual strip

    Bit like a knock off Chelsea strip for me.
  8. HG5

    unusual strip

    That was another Euro nightmare..... Christ, we didn’t half underestimate some opponents back in the day.
  9. HG5

    Not sure if this is genuine, but

    Don’t know if it was a perk of being a bond holder? Thinking back, most times we got them, the extra seats were elsewhere in the Club Deck. For the game I mentioned above, my mates got tickets for the Main Stand.
  10. HG5

    Not sure if this is genuine, but

    When we had ST’s in the Club Deck, we regularly used to get the opportunity to get an extra ticket for each ST you held. Last I got were for the 4-2 game in the admin season.
  11. HG5

    Jamie Murphy

  12. HG5

    Jamie Murphy

    Has the air of a Chris Waddle about him (he used to hirple about like an old guy with one leg shorter than the other), but without the quality. But then, occasionally, he’ll go on a mazy, beat 3 men & score! Maybe he’s trying to lull defenders into a false sense of security, before cutting loose?
  13. HG5

    Was Arfield rested

    Was sat 2 rows in front of us today. Happy to confirm he still has his freedom!
  14. Seems odd to take both Tav & Candeias out - that’s the whole right flank gone.
  15. HG5

    The tides turning

    Yes - if we continue to progress, we could become victims of our own success.