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  1. Play them all away!

    That’s what the premises spend will be on - they’re going to install battlements!
  2. Elise Christie

    Has anyone seen her win any of these? Probably does best when the spotlight isn’t on her. (like some of our players, who always ‘look good in training’!) 6 dq’s in 6 events when everybody’s paying attention suggests she lacks something.
  3. Our defence

    Runs well but doesn’t appear to have a clue what to do with it, once he gets there!
  4. The way AM, Murphy & Windass played yesterday gives you some hope. The way everybody else played strips it all away again!
  5. Jamie Murphy - thoughts so far?

    Mainly in a ‘solid, playing the position & covering’ way. I though yesterday was the first time he showed any great spark & sharpness in an attacking sense. Enjoyed his performance yesterday.
  6. Smack ‘em over the bar from 4 feet out for fun at the World Cup!
  7. Game in Jamaica

    I suppose, if there weren’t taig shiteholes, we’d just be left with our own. Which would make things even more depressing than they already are.
  8. Game in Jamaica

    Was going to make a smart comment, but that (almost) broke my heart! Have a great time!
  9. Hope nobody’s clocked Boyd has caught him up in the scoring charts & they turn their attention to him! Seriously, if we can get a million pounds for every league goal scored, we would never, ever, ever see such a deal again!
  10. Never got the kudos I felt he should have for that wonderful scissor kick v the sheep in the League Cup Final. Also, I recall Saint & Greavesie having a right laugh after he scored a rasper at Love Street, when he hit it so hard, both the wee ball boys behind the goal ducked!
  11. Three foreigners. Great result.

    Can’t answer for Fishtank, but a girl who used to work for me had 2 tickets in the Hundred Club at Leeds. Morning of the game came round & she announced that her husband couldn’t go - would I like to? We were there with her dad & he had 3 or 4 Bears down as his guests. Excellent night, including getting to talk to a few players after, John Greig (in the gents) & helping Peter Huistra out when he was trying to find Walter!
  12. A mate gave me a free ticket, so we went. Good comeback after a pretty slipshod opening period. Laidlaw was brilliant. Russell looks like someone who is starting to believe his own hype.
  13. Met him once in Leeds & had a good chat with him. Seemed like a really top bloke. Saw him again in Harrogate a few months later. He’d had a bit of a barney with his missus, but still said ‘hello’ to me on his way past! Reinforced my feeling that he was a top bloke! I always felt that Vialli ‘did him’, which curtailed his top level career.