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  1. Ability to join up the dots seems to be frequently absent amongst that lot, mate....
  2. Passed it in May 2015, apparently. Whatever his status, on whatever board, he’s acknowledged by one and all as Chairman of Rangers, so I’d say the answer to your question has to be ‘yes’.
  3. Interesting to see what can be achieved without the eternal sideshow that Alf brings. Not sure our form has been as good as the results suggest, but I get a real sense they’re all pulling for each other & the finishing has been excellent.
  4. Bit injury hit, to be fair. But once any more than two of their top men are out, they are worse than mince. That lad at left back (Burns?) may be the worst I’ve ever seen. As for signing any of theirs - errr, no thanks!
  5. There has to be some reason he passed the ‘fit & proper’ test, mate.....
  6. Yup. Although the intent looked bad, even if the execution wasn’t as bad as all that.
  7. We aren’t great when we actually have to make something happen.
  8. Two footed lunge, alhthough he barely seemed to touch that play-when-he-likes Australian cunt.
  9. I got back from the pub in time to see 3 mins in which: Saw they’d made it 2. Ferguson red card. They fuck up the free kick, but they score, anyway.... Carlsberg sure as fuck don’t do Sundays any more......
  10. HG5


    Thought he was very shaky to begin with, but grew into it nicely & ended up having a good game.
  11. Good summary. I’ve said a few times this season that if the opposition don’t make a mistake, we struggle to make anything. Fortunately, they coughed up 3 (should have been 4) for us today - apart from that, we didn’t make anything for ourselves.
  12. Well done Scott - 3 nice finishes.
  13. HG5

    Joe Worrall

    Yes - I get your point about nobody stuffing us (yet!), so more’s probably going right that it has done, but we do seem to get punished harshly when they do slip up!
  14. HG5

    Joe Worrall

    I know what you mean, mate. But it seems like he always has a rick in him, however well he’s playing generally!
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