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  1. There could be some very unusual swings between the first & second legs, depending on how badly the teams are affected!
  2. Most normal folk just say they’re interested in football & the enquiry doesn’t go much deeper. Trust that lot to show off & show themselves up!
  3. Usually watch, now confined to barracks but walked the dug tonight instead! Wish I’d stayed in!
  4. I’m not so sure. If they’re given it now - well, they’ve done it. Forget the asterisks - no bugger will care in 5 years, apart from us, especially if they go on to 10. If there’s a ‘null & void’, were they to win next year, they would have won the ‘last 9 available’. At least we’d have a chance of stopping that. But I agree, as you said, ‘all things considered’ - again, it’s only us who’ll pay any attention to the detail.
  5. If it gives us a reset which enables SG some breathing space to get his shit together, & another opportunity to stop 9, I’m in. CL / EL places have got to be allocated somehow - given they were last winners & current leaders, it’s hard to argue with them getting the CL place.
  6. Unfortunately, the very same could be said of supporters.
  7. Anything to do with you, perchance?🤔
  8. Site called Rangersnews.uk was running a story suggesting he was more ‘thinking about it’ than committed. Think they’d lifted it from the rebel, so who knows about the veracity of it.
  9. I was concerned by the haste with which the named individual distanced himself from the deal after it was initially announced. Obviously, people will have more on their minds than investing in football clubs at this particular juncture. In saying that, it may well be quite a while before it becomes feasible (in all sorts of ways) to resurrect the idea of investing. Hope I’m wrong.
  10. Assuming it was ever there in the first place.
  11. Lots more buildings under which to conceal the evidence.
  12. Was at Elland Rd that night (in a nod to the strangest place you’ve met a Rangers player thread, had a wee chat with John Greig in the gents😂). Anyway, number of the press pack were also in there just before the start & all the chat among them was ‘how many’! Turned out well for them.......
  13. HG5


    Wouldn’t like to be a pensioner on his watch in the current circumstances......
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