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  1. I’ve watched here before. Another possibility in Harrogate is the Den, which reckons to have BT Sport. Cambridge Road, by the church across the road from Lloyds Bank.
  2. Cheers mate - as is your neck of the woods. Only drawbacks - distance from Ibrox!
  3. Pub in Knaresborough Market Place (5 mins off A1M) called the Hart has football - not sure if they show our games specifically. Making some enquiries about state of play in Harrogate itself - will post more if I hear anything. Last couple of times I’ve watched in the pub have been at the Leeds one mentioned by ranger0099 - they usually have at least a couple of channels on.
  4. Kin’ell - Livescore’s taken 5 minutes to catch up!!
  5. Very sad, if not unexpected.
  6. Only heard commentary while on the way back from our game, but I got the feeling Narch were always winning it!😂
  7. And would appear to have what’s as good as a free run at it, given City’s defensive issues.
  8. Although Wim Jansen stopped us getting 10 in a row. Gratitude knocked down a notch for that.
  9. Been the same for years - get off to a good start in a group, then stumble at the last 2-3 games.
  10. HG5


    People are saying Ojo was hiding. I was thinking the same for about 20 minutes, then the penny dropped that he just had no positional awareness. This was most noticeable when Tav got up alongside him - Candeias would have got in a position for a quick one-two or some wee interchange. Instead, Tav was resorting to whipping it in early, which produced a few ‘nearly’ moments, but nothing with any real end product.
  11. HG5


    Thought he saw enough of the ball, just wanted to take an eternity on it, before smacking it off the pair of legs that almost invariably materialised in front of him. Exception was good work for Barker’s goal - qualified by the fact they were down to 10 by then, so there was a bit more room to work in.
  12. I think the phrase you were looking for is ‘only 10 man Livingston’. Took his goal well. Gives a bit of hope, with the two who might be seen as ahead of him being injured now.
  13. Scottish football isn’t!!!🙈🙈🙈
  14. Fair enough, mate. We’ll just have to see how it plays out. Just hope any disruption around this isn’t detrimental to our chances.
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