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  1. Just glad we have something to reminisce about, mate! I don't agree with those folk who say 'nostalgia isn't what it used to be'!!
  2. They were the days😂
  3. 😂😂😂 probably get more real help at far less cost on here, mate! Although she might cite time spent on here as why we might need it!
  4. That was the day after I got married. We had our honeymoon in Scotland & I treated the new Mrs HG5 to hospitality! By a strange quirk of fate, I ended up in the same room as we got married this morning, at a mate's mum's funeral 'do'! You've managed to pull a few memories together with that one clip!
  5. You should have had that on Simon Mayo's '3 word Wednesday' slot!
  6. I think the championship was his level but you're being harsher than I usually am on him there! Got 1 against QotS in the LC & (at least) set up Waggy's improbable 18 yard header v Accies (although I'm bloody certain he had no idea that it was going to turn into an assist as it left his boot!).
  7. Back to Scotland, think I'm staying in the same hotel as them. England look to be here, too.
  8. Not a bad piece - apart from saying we 'defrauded' the taxman. 'Falling foul of retrospective legislation' would probably have covered it, without Mr Hislop risking another court appearance.
  9. God, he looks young there. So does Liewell.....
  10. Be good for us all if he can.
  11. I'm not a fan, but I am forced to wonder if a number of our players might not look better if they were playing alongside other people. We've had a decent shake up of the squad, so it's up to the manager to get the best blend. Youth is still on Windass' side, and it seems like he's picked up a second chance to prove himself, alongside a new bunch of players - it's up to him to take that chance now.
  12. Only driven past it recently, but used to be a very nice set-up down there.
  13. I think you're trying to suggest that he hasn't got much of a football brain!
  14. It's appeasers reunited on here, from the looks of it.