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  1. I think we're onto something here!😂
  2. I've had a change of heart. If it's going to provide a load of statistics, it'll provide bags of ammunition to shoot down those who think Windass/Garner/fill your own choice in here are players! We could introduce a rule - you don't get a song if your stats aren't up to scratch!
  3. Did he sell it to the Club?
  4. Along with the big Balkan donkey CB who should have had 2 yellows.
  5. That script is still intact & still has the same fucking ending😡
  6. Not sure about him bottling it (I think the legs had gone), but I don't see the thinking behind keeping an injured Hayes on so long. Surely somebody with a bit of running in them would have helped relieve the pressure a bit.
  7. Keeper fucks up after a good game there.
  8. Of course!
  9. How's he not had 2 yellow cards?
  10. O'Neill's crew were pretty obnoxious.
  11. McLean's going to have to start converting some of these chances, if he's going to be any use to us.
  12. Bloody great save there by Lewis!
  13. Bit of a combo with the pass behind McLean, but Kenny should have held his run a bit.
  14. Then he misses an open goal!
  15. Cross of the season there - shame those 2 donkeys missed it!