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  1. Job done! Looking good, with most folk putting in decent shifts.
  2. Think we’ve finished better & Greegs has made 2-3 top saves across the 2 legs, otherwise it could have been tighter.
  3. Aye - they’d better not do that v the scum. They’re like a dog with a rat if you give ‘em a whiff of hope.
  4. Very likely, mate. I’m liking how it’s turning out!
  5. 😂 That’ll come back to bite them on the arse! Or should I say ‘graze’....
  6. We’ll need to see what happens once the domestic season gets into full flow, but it seems such a complete turnaround. Makes you wonder why it couldn’t happen sooner.....
  7. Been watching those Liverpool lads with their Nivea....
  8. 0-2, with sheep’s Ojo sent off. Ojo’s with mixed fortunes tonight.....
  9. Must say, Alfredo is steering clear of any flash points these days. Doesn’t appear to have made him any less effective.
  10. Well worked! I keep getting goal notifications when RTV pictures have them around our box! Then a minute or more later I see the goal!
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