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  1. Didn't get as far up the ladder as Sinclair. They realised he was rotten by the time he was 19. Garner's proving them right, Sinclair is proving he was worth another look or two. When it's put like that, it kind of proves my point.
  2. To be fair, he has caps at all the 'unders' levels, so he was on the radar.
  3. He never seemed to move to a shot which was from around the edge of the box & not brilliantly struck (it was coming straight towards us, but the perspective at Hampden's often poor & it may have been better than I give it credit for), so it looked 'wrong' that he seemed so easily beaten. His distribution seems to be his main issue at present - total bombscare with the ball at his feet & 90% likely to give the ball away. If Alnwick can kick a ball, he might be worth a shot - Wes makes some decent saves, but none that you wouldn't expect any other competent keeper to make.
  4. Kenny had 4 efforts, 2 of which he really ought to have buried.
  5. Not the best performance to get people renewing in droves. I remember a 3-0 humping after the league had been won, again at Hamdump (Brendanbeau was being built), again shortly after the ST renewal letters had gone out.
  6. Was right in line with that & he was honking in that episode. But he even surpassed that with the diving header which seemed harder to miss than score.
  7. Sums Holt up though - 'got closer'. Never gets close enough, nowadays.
  8. I'm guessing Eejay's backed Madrid!
  9. A lot of the time he makes a show of it, but his wee legs get him there a split second after the ball has gone.
  10. Did Kenny's neighbour tell you that?
  11. Yes - apart from his freak free kick, he's looked rubbish!
  12. Take that yellow-teeth!!!
  13. 'Over-exhuberance'?
  14. Good goal. Bastards. Are the Sheep going to Hivs it?
  15. They gave him credit for his part on the first Sheep goal!