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  1. Pena

    And Forrester got a similar one v Dundee last year. He turned out well. I'm sure most can do an odd good bit - it's sustaining it that counts.
  2. Cardoso and Candias

    I'd say it was half that time. Another flattering to deceive performance.
  3. Do We Need Some Ex Players/More Bears?

    It was at the Copland Rd end though, so not sure how they would have got to him there. But agreed, it was a proper howler! We used to sit looking right down on the goal line then & when it went through him - Christ 🙈
  4. Do We Need Some Ex Players/More Bears?

    We need to start getting a few other types of result then....
  5. Do We Need Some Ex Players/More Bears?

    What about the penalty he saved in front of them at the Broomloan End, which effectively won us the league?
  6. What Need To Change/Remain?

    I'd rather have spent a mill on McInnes that what is rumoured to have been spent on Pena.
  7. What Need To Change/Remain?

    You're ignoring everybody who thought we were going to win yesterday. Now that WAS the height of....
  8. Tom English on the bbc website.

    Unlike some, we don't seek preferential treatment, just even handed. It's important that we recognise it when we see it, otherwise it'll dry up altogether.
  9. News on Alves

    I used to get cross with his use of the ball, but Alvez is no better & Clint has something that none of this lot have (& may never 😟, apart from Miller) - an equaliser at the Brendanbeau!
  10. News on Alves

    Bloody right. Clint Hill could've given us another season & no one would have noticed the difference.
  11. News on Alves

    If you're unsighted, the last thing you do is stand with your feet so far apart that you get nutmegged. The most basic instruction that ever was. So yes, he was partly culpable. But he'll learn & overall did very well.
  12. Dirty lego eating bastard

    Interesting comparison. Was really disappointed when Tommo left. I thought he could be our captain for years.
  13. Dirty lego eating bastard

    Would have been nice if Barry Ferguson had received the same courtesy while he was in that role....
  14. Pena, Candeias and Hodson

    But, but, but Pena kept Broonaldo quiet today!!! (nothing to do with the fact that Roberts & Sinclair had the ball for 70 minutes!)
  15. Pena, Candeias and Hodson

    He's obviously not fit as fuck, because he can't sustain it for a full 90. Ever. Disgraceful for a lad of his age. He's quick, I'll give you that. But generally speaking, to no real purpose.