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  1. Jim McColl

    I think we can still have principles, but I do think we’ll wait a long time before the guy who ticks ALL the boxes AND has enough cash presents himself!
  2. Herrera

    Good call - while he was apparently supportive of Murty not changing a winning team, I’m dubious as to the severity of Alvez’s ‘back’ injury at this point. Would he have powered through, if selected as soon as he was back? Who knows. Got to say, had the last 2 results panned out the same with him in the team, at least there would have not been the get out of ‘our star CB was injured’. Also - ‘back injury’? Who gets them, apart from old guys, who probably shouldn't be there?
  3. F*** The Board.

    They’ve been brainwashed, simple as. How so many people knew of & supported Dave King, who’s been out of the country all of my adult life is an absolute mystery! (HG5 is nearly 60).
  4. A Fucking Disgrace

    That’s becoming the problem - this isn’t a board whose decisions you can support. Shocking way of being.
  5. not bothered anymore

    That sums it up exactly! Good as Windass’s goal was (really dislike this player, so that was a real effort to acknowledge but, to retain a bit of objectivity, you’ve got to give credit where it’s due) I was glad we got back in it but never had any real sense that it was the rallying point, that we’d push on & win. And if it had been us that got the second, we’d have had a welcome 3 points, but that was about it. No improvement, just hard work of it, against the bottom of the league.
  6. Still Backing The Board?

    If some had, by chance, infiltrated that level, they’d be worried because it’s so bad, they’d feel at risk of being found out! I said elsewhere - you’d think they’d get something right by accident!
  7. 😂 It was live, RB! Maybe the ‘insider’ hadn’t heard what DM had said! They don’t seem that much in touch, after all!
  8. You’d think they might get something right by accident, once in a while. Anybody would think they had a different plan....
  9. Listened to Sportsound in the car (I know I shouldn’t but I wanted to get the team news, ok?). Anyway, as I tuned in, someone, with ‘sources close to the club’ claimed that McInnes was still the preferred choice within Ibrox!
  10. Too true mate! I can see us managing to see that job through! Taken a couple of days off work for it & beginning to wish I’d not bothered!
  11. John’s ok going forward but absolute garbage as a defender.
  12. God, I’d forgotten Candeias was still on!
  13. Maybe just leave him on long enough to get a good cross in!!
  14. Good finish! No one expected that!