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  1. Too embarrassed at having backed the board, then the magic hat.
  2. King was reported as seeing us alternating title wins with them. I hadn't realised he meant they'd take the first ten...
  3. Ah - missed that other one.
  4. Does it not read as if they were just sounding him out? Maybe about how the role works? He's only young, in what sounds like a freshly created post, God forbid they're seriously considering him for us!
  5. True enough, but can we afford to let him take his time, only to ultimately knock us back? And then start the process again...
  6. Probably just being polite. Don't see why he can't evaluate us & give a quick decision, unless he's hoping for a better offer. In which case, do we want to sit around up to 8 weeks & wait for him?
  7. He didn't defensive coaching, doesn't look like he did explaining to Warburton much. What DID he do?
  8. You'd be hard pressed to have deliberately made such a cock up of recruitment. You'd think someone would come good by accident.
  9. Armed Forces Day would be good - he could bring his submarine!
  10. Yes - as others have said, going there with, effectively a 2 man midfield, was only going to go one way. It wasn't as if the 2 was made up of the likes of Ian Ferguson & Kevin Thomson, where we might have seen a bit of steel! As for 2nd - there's going to have to be some transformation to make that happen!
  11. That gave me my one laugh of the day!
  12. Can't believe the pile of utter dross he's left us with. We didn't even look any fitter than Dundee.
  13. Well, yes! Was just surprised he's not even made the bench.
  14. Should give Harry a crack - he's got 3 in 3 against this mob.