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  1. On the same lines, Bigirimana for Motherwell. Weirdly, at or around the time he was on loan to us, I saw a kid in a service area near Sheffield, wearing a Newcastle top with Bigirimana on it! Wasn’t as if he played for Newcastle that often!
  2. The kick the lass got to her foot was quite obvious, too. Scum would have got a pen for that every day of the week!
  3. What about the penalty shout where the lass almost caught it - VAR says ‘nothing to see here’...
  4. 😂 I’m in the same boat as you, as far as how this place works, mate🙈
  5. To be hoped there is👍
  6. Cross was so good, she couldn’t help herself🙈🙈🙈
  7. Meanwhile the Beast from the East pushes the Resolution 12 crap as though it’s business as usual. I know some of what we can hit them with must be sub-judice, but there MUST be SOME buttons we can push, surely? This long game business plays right into their hands & is likely to see us sanctioned again, before anything ever happens to them.
  8. Just had a look into your poll topic, mate. Doesn’t seem to be an opportunity to comment, other than voting. Am I missing something?
  9. 😂 Seems like he’s seen a few managers off in his time, too!
  10. His Wiki says he supports QPR. Saw this a few months back (although I think it was differently worded then) but it looks like he’s calling the Famine Song: ‘a ‘deliberately anti-Catholic rant’. Wouldn’t trust him to do US any favours.
  11. You back already, mate? Hope you had a good break.
  12. Provan’s a cunt - ‘Ryan Fraser, hopeful ball into the box...’ It was right on Burke’s head, ffs!!
  13. Like the beggars always find a winner, this fucking lot find a way to fuck it up!🙈
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