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  1. HG5

    Nathan Young-Coombes

  2. Yes! Nicky Law with a goal & 2 McKay assists! Coukd have had a team of Gers connections contributing today!
  3. 😂 Should have had a punt on that!
  4. Has he scored too? Wonder what odds would have been if you’d had a 6-fold with Waghorn, Windass & McBurnie as well as the ones you’ve gone for?
  5. HG5

    State of squad

    We should benefit from these guys experience - one of those things where it’ll be great as long as it’s going well!! More to the point is throwing in the 2 guys in question, at one of the trickier away venues, when neither have had a great deal of top level football recently.
  6. HG5

    State of squad

    To be fair, we’ve added 2 with a combined age of 70 since then, both of whom upped the average on Wednesday!
  7. You’re not wrong there - makes it far too easy if the opposition know we’re just going to pass it around in front of them. Even if Kent’s not (consistently) brilliant, he (or someone like him) is an essential variation. As long as he’s driving the defenders back, rather than taking it for a walk where they want to steer him.
  8. Yes. Just wondered if Kent dribbles for the sake of, at times, when a bit more directness might pay dividends.
  9. I always regarded Davis as a tidy player with us, but his first instinct is to protect the ball, which many times meant he turned away from goal & slowed the flow of our attacks. Which, up here, gives the opposition the extra second to get another body or two behind the ball. Won’t look out of place, but not sure if he’ll provide that dynamism we’re lacking at present.
  10. Jones ran pretty much straight for goal & scored. I wonder if he’ll start doing anything but, once he arrives at Ibrox?
  11. Especially in away games against what might be seen as the top end. Until Jack got injured in the 2nd half, I actually forgot he was playing!