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  1. don't know what a woman's period feels like but I've been through it all watching that. emotional wreck
  2. I never knew this but I remember seen a you tube clip years back of the stadium announer at partick shouting out the half time scores and he called us sevco for the fans to cheer. not overly fussed who comes up
  3. I didn't want him back after what happened. The fans and club needed these players to stay and be loyal in 2012. but then flip the coin the other way and look at Wallace. he stayed and where's the loyality from the club. If he's an upgrade on what we have fair enough but I'm not convinced
  4. For once let us score the first goal. it's a been a while
  5. morelos over cummings for me. he's played twice against the hivs and scored twice
  6. Did he aye? Who gives a fuck How is this news? If they're struggling to sell papers just write we're going into admin 3 or whatever number there on
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