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  1. Remember going absolutely nuts when this went in.
  2. Mind him tipping Di Canio’s free kick onto the bar in the 1-0 win at the Piggery. The one when Hateley got sent off.
  3. Sounds like an absolute retard.
  4. Some awful crossing in that video....
  5. MOH was just a tarrier version of Gregg Wylde. It was plain to see that would never work out. Still baffled by the decision to sign him to this day I wouldn’t put Stewart in that category though because: 1. he’s not a rabid bheast and 2. he has some technical footballing attributes. He doesn’t necessarily need acres of space to be effective - he’s quite neat and tidy from what I’ve seen.
  6. From the very little I’ve seen of him he actually looks like he can go past a man. We don’t have too many of that type of player. He tore Barisic a new one at times away to the sheep last season - no great claim to fame but still.
  7. Big Clint Hill celebrating Arfield’s goal today 🇬🇧
  8. Just about to set off. Into these fucking bastards Rangers 🇬🇧
  9. Right back looked a decent player. Needs to improve his positioning but fairly snapped into tackles, was great going forward and had a good engine. Shades of the white Cafu.
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