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  1. Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Maybe just wore it for the odd game rather than anything more long-standing.
  2. JJ won over a hundred caps for Finland so he probably wore the armband at some point? 🤔
  3. Polo

    Well done

    Anyway, fucking brilliant result and performance from us on Thursday.
  4. Polo

    Well done

    If you win the English Premier League in May and have automatically qualified for the following season’s Champions League, but you’re not in the Champions League for the then current season, are you a Champions League team? Who knows.
  5. 7-1 v Dundee Hibs when Boydy scored 5 and broke Larsson’s record. Boogie scored a wonder goal that night too.
  6. Absolutely class tonight. The cross for the goal was outstanding and the one for the Morelos header in the second half was fantastic as well. Calm in possession and defended well. One of our best performers, maybe the best actually. Well done Borna.
  7. Said to my mate earlier some of our play was reminiscent of us against Europe’s best under Advocaat. Had a couple of beers so was maybe getting carried away 🤔
  8. Polo


    He was awful again. Can’t believe he lasted 90 minutes. Gerrard obviously puts a lot of faith in his ability to get in behind. But he fucks it up regularly from great positions and constantly loses possession. Also shites it out of tackles which makes it even worse.
  9. Fuck sake. Best player on the pitch tonight.
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