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  1. @saltire266 can clear this up I'm sure...
  2. Didn't make the game today but watched on TV. I thought Jack was terrific - must've had near 100% pass completion rate. He was a bit clumsy when their sub almost got in at the end but can't remember him doing much else wrong. Him and Dorrans together in the middle - like night and day compared to our midfield last season. Thank fuck.
  3. Is Weiss still flying over mate? Must be in a hot air ballon... via Auckland?
  4. Where's @eskbankloyal when you need him? 🤔
  5. Strange one. I'm sure it was reported back in the day that he'd been quite sensible with his cash - making property investments etc rather than spunking it away. Sad.
  6. They've / he's been warming us up to this for weeks.
  7. 👍
  8. There will be a hastily organised Euro away game to 'justify' taking £20 off us all for the Travel Club.
  9. Mayweather by stoppage. Absolute farce. One of McGregor's best attributes is keeping his opponents out of range with kicks - which he obviously can't use. He also holds his chin out and has terrible boxing defence.
  10. First Gardner and now Forester. We need to get Windas and Krooks off the books too.
  11. All the best Joey.
  12. David Badwillie
  13. Aye mate. Got a few EBTs on the go. Not sure if you've heard of them?