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  1. Polo


    Jack was having a nightmare so it would’ve made sense to take on McCrorie and then maybe push Kamara into the Jack role. We were also looking a bit vulnerable from set pieces so McCrorie would’ve bolstered our set piece defending. All in all the lack of changes didn’t cost us though and we’ve got a chance to redeem ourselves at Ibrox.
  2. I’ve got one VHS to my name - 9 in a row! Just found it on YouTube too. The opening sequence is brilliant. Can’t believe that smarmy prick Richard Gordon narrates it though 🤦‍♂️
  3. 29 September 1990. 1-0 win v Motherwell thanks to a goal from Bomber. My uncle took me - I’d just turned 7 and we sat in the Teddy Bears Club at the front of the Broomloan.
  4. Defoe is an empty shirt when we play like this.
  5. Excellent. I’m off hunting for it!
  6. Off topic but how many fucking fouls was Cosgrove allowed to get away with without even getting a warning? Unreal.
  7. would love to see a gif of that.
  8. This concept seems to have been completely lost on all media analysts for some reason.
  9. Stewart beat him time and time again. Didn’t have much support mind you.
  10. 3 absolutely cracking finishes from open play 😬
  11. Don’t think it was a red but he’s needlessly given the officials a decision to make by hovering his foot around McKenna's balls.
  12. Yup. Hopefully we get an early goal to kill that plan. Could be a brutal watch otherwise.
  13. Just call up and ask to speak to Edward Wong. If he’s still there. He used to be really helpful.
  14. Polo

    Game off

    Fucking shambles.
  15. Totally agree mate. I’ll never forget how fucking brutal it all was - or the behaviour of the footballing authorities, the players who left or the other clubs and their fans. I don’t buy the “aye but the spivs would’ve pocketed the sale proceeds if they stayed” shite either. Those players saw a way out and fucked off. If they stayed they would’ve still been paid - and if the club didn’t have the means to pay them they could’ve then fucked off for free anyway. Yes McGregor is a great goalkeeper but he deserted us at our lowest point in history and that’s pretty much the bottom line as far as I’m concerned. At least he’s a decent player. Lafferty is an absolute embarrassment of a player. I really find it hard to believe that Gerrard rates him and wanted to sign him.
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