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  1. Ian Crocker is such a fucking twat.
  2. 64% possession and one shot on target for Forest... Sounds about right.
  3. Absolutely no chance any fight between them would be anything other than a boxing match. And a one-sided farce at that. Mayweather wouldn't entertain it.
  4. Bump.
  5. McGregor was right about Khabib. The guy hardly ever turns up. Really disappointing but not unexpected.
  6. Not a chance in hell GSP would've taken a MW fight against anyone in the division who could spark him out.
  7. This could be a pumping. Absolute disgrace.
  8. FFS
  9. He's a waste of a jersey the bulk of the time. Capable of a decent performance now and then (and he was signed on the back of a decent WC by Man Utd) but if I had £40 million odd to spend on a player he wouldn't be anywhere near my team.
  10. The women's FW division is going to be a bit of a joke by the way. Cyborg is a wrecking machine.
  11. Miller v Poirier was a decent scrap but the rest of the fights I saw were pretty shite. Fast-forwarded the main event after watching the first 3 mins.
  12. MOH was comfortably our worst player today. And I include Senderos in that. He is shit.
  13. He was never going to gift it to all the other shareholders. No-one in their right mind would do that. If they convert the soft loans into shares then that would be as good as a gift but without benefiting other shareholders and it would increase their percentage ownership. That's what they're planning on doing but they can't.
  14. Seriously doubt you could do that. If you pay an amount on behalf of a club then it's basically an undocumented loan. The transfer documentation and player contract will all be in the name of the club Must be third party ownership implications as well.