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  1. Class from Fraserburgh

    Exactly. Absolute thieving bastards.
  2. It’s on Sky Sports Football.
  3. Murty bigging up TLB.

    Maybe but I’d rather the Rangers manager didn’t say anything positive about the scum. Routine “credit to them” comments after games is more than enough.
  4. Murty bigging up TLB.

    Agreed. The comment in the post-match interview about the atmosphere at the Piggery being “second to none” was
  5. He didn’t make it ‘big’ but Stephen Dobbie actually carved out a decent career down south and played in some big games. Scored in one of the Championship play off finals he played in IIRC.
  6. Wow. One of the most ridiculous things I’ve read on here in 10 years. The guy is a legend.
  7. First half substitutions

    Did Rodriguez not get hooked by Big Eck early doors and sprint off the pitch?!
  8. Never sat in the away end at Ibrox but I’ve had to sit in the opposite end at McDiarmid Park, ICT, Tannadice and the Piggery (vs Hearts in 1998 Scottish Cup final).
  9. UFC live.

    Yeah I’m not sure TJ could either. MM has cleaned out 125 so he should really be stepping up. He used to fight at 135 anyway.
  10. UFC live.

    TJ v Mighty Mouse rumoured for that card too. Although TJ would probably need to cut to 125. Really fucking dislike MM - hope TJ smashes him.
  11. Traffic the night

    Yeah and some very unreasonable ‘piloting’ etiquette.
  12. Traffic the night

    Traffic before the game was crazy but afterwards managed to get out no bother and back up to Aberdeen by midnight.
  13. Just had a look at SFA site and it seems to just be a Cup suspension so fingers crossed ?