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  1. Mayweather by stoppage. Absolute farce. One of McGregor's best attributes is keeping his opponents out of range with kicks - which he obviously can't use. He also holds his chin out and has terrible boxing defence.
  2. First Gardner and now Forester. We need to get Windas and Krooks off the books too.
  3. All the best Joey.
  4. David Badwillie
  5. Aye mate. Got a few EBTs on the go. Not sure if you've heard of them?
  6. MFG 🇬🇧
  7. Agreed mate. Some of our support think he's whiter than white. He's fairly Bold in the box and we can take Comfort from the fact he isn't a Fairy.
  8. Hope he does well. Particularly against the paedos, the sheep shaggers and the spoon burners.
  9. He's a horrible little bastard and is shite now but Fyvie held his own against us at Ibrox as a 16 year old. Never fulfilled his potential.
  10. Yas! Let's be having you!
  11. I was wondering why Damon Hill was showing Bruno around there for a minute.
  12. He's probably had to book himself a Travelodge as well.