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  1. Kits- megastore

    Probably wee Vlad's pits if he's been circling Glasgow airport for two months.
  2. Miller to train with the Kids

    If Miller is leaking to Jackson then he deserves it.
  3. Jim from coronation street

    Just had a flashback to Trevor "eat yer dinner Mo!" Morgan there.
  4. Walter Smith's 11

    Surely Gary Stevens would've been in at RB instead.
  5. Positives

    Didn't make the game today but watched on TV. I thought Jack was terrific - must've had near 100% pass completion rate. He was a bit clumsy when their sub almost got in at the end but can't remember him doing much else wrong. Him and Dorrans together in the middle - like night and day compared to our midfield last season. Thank fuck.
  6. Barry Ferguson bankrupt.

    Strange one. I'm sure it was reported back in the day that he'd been quite sensible with his cash - making property investments etc rather than spunking it away. Sad.
  7. Pre season friendlies

  8. Pre season friendlies

    There will be a hastily organised Euro away game to 'justify' taking £20 off us all for the Travel Club.
  9. Mayweather by stoppage. Absolute farce. One of McGregor's best attributes is keeping his opponents out of range with kicks - which he obviously can't use. He also holds his chin out and has terrible boxing defence.
  10. Goodbye Garner

    All the best Joey.
  11. New season, where is everyone sitting

    MFG 🇬🇧
  12. Hope he does well. Particularly against the paedos, the sheep shaggers and the spoon burners.
  13. Travel club emails out

    Yas! Let's be having you!
  14. 50 today.

    What a fucking player. All the best Gazza.