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  1. Polo

    Tannoy guy

  2. The less I need to listen to Ian Crocker commentating on our games the better. Bell end of the highest order.
  3. Polo

    Steven Davis

    👍 Good luck. There are a lot of bitter people out there who really should know better but still disagree with that
  4. Polo

    Steven Davis

    This. A lot of people, including those in the media, really struggle to grasp that simple fact. If a company owned my house and that company went into liquidation my house would still exist and ownership of that asset would be transferred to someone else. The club is just a collection of assets.
  5. Polo

    Darren Fletcher

  6. Polo

    Travel Club

    You can go your own way and apply for an ‘independent’ ticket instead but you still need to meet up in the city before the game and show your ID card etc to collect the tickets. Doubt you’d be able to get one using someone else’s card (the travel club cards have your photo printed on them) - some on here might have been able to do it somehow though...
  7. Polo

    Travel Club

    I’m in the same boat. First time I haven’t renewed for years but was hoping to make at least one Euro trip. The sash bashes before and after the games are worth the trip alone mate. Just head out and see if you can get a ticket when you’re out there. Always loads of bears in the home end for these games anyway.
  8. Polo

    Dylan McGeouch (Hibs)

    This guy isn’t a gutless unprofessional bastard like MOH but it’s still an horrendous idea to sign a rabid bheast like this.
  9. Hahahaha!!!! Brilliant 🤣
  10. Polo

    Pressure from taigs

  11. Polo