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  1. So is Barrie injured 🤔
  2. £5 on 1-0 to the sons of William at 18/1 🇬🇧
  3. Fuck sake 😔 RIP
  4. Ramos is an absolute hero.
  5. Great performance from Whittaker at the weekend.
  6. Fuck me. A veteran CB scores an outrageous overhead kick away from home against the run of play in the biggest game of the season... And that horrible bastard Crocker reacts like someone just shat in his cornflakes. Anyway, all the best Ugo. Hope you make a swift and full recovery 👍
  7. Definitely a talented player but often looks like he can't be arsed. Thought he had a shocking first half on Saturday but seem to be in the minority! He was alright in the second half and took his goal well.
  8. There's a surprise...
  9. What kind of internet banking site stays logged in all the time and can allow transfers to strange bank accounts / payments to be made without a card reader 🤔
  10. The guy doesn't have a football brain. If he's been a no show for no good reason then he doesn't have much of a non-football brain either.
  11. Just can't take to Cormier at all. Hope Jones smashes him.
  12. Aberdeen will be absolutely pumping the ball into our box today. Wilson and Bates will need to have stormers.
  13. They're probably not playing him at left wing then....
  14. Cheers mate. Been on CCCS for a few seasons in the top flight and only got the sheep once. Got a few scum semi-final tickets to shift so might try and sort a swap for this game.
  15. Have these been allocated on CCCS yet?