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  1. If this is a non coaching appointment then my vote would be Tom Miller - Steeped in Rangers tradition. Rae Wilkins for DOF if we are still going down that route.
  2. And hyphenated.
  3. No I meant the other spelling stuff. But I hope you feel better talking about the "other stuff"
  4. What gives with the spelling police ffs? Blue nosed should be hyphenated by the way.
  5. Yeah you are obviously well versed in the correct spelling of Rangers players which is to be applauded. It's just all the other stuff eh?
  6. Flashbac?
  7. Lost what?
  8. Thank you sensei. Just as well I didn't try to spell his surname eh?
  9. Yes I'm aware of that but there is a chance at least one of them could sign for us. Thanks for the info though.
  10. Just wondering if there will be a place for Nico in Pedro's midfield. Will the style suit him? Will the fact that Hyndman and Toral are in there to supply the killer passes mean Nico is excess to requirements?
  11. Papish rat
  12. RFC If I misread your quote I apologise. I believe that Murty should stay in charge (for better or worse) for Sunday with Pedro in the stand taking pages of notes. At least he will see the team under the most trying conditions and he should learn a lot about the personalities and bottle of the individuals.
  13. How did you come to that conclusion? I dont need to justify myself to you or anyone else, but for your information I have supported Rangers for 56 years. Your comments are well out of order - And untrue.
  14. Another negative shite. Must be perfect breeding conditions.
  15. No need to apologise for being a negative shite. Looking back on this, you are one of the most negative ones on here. You must be a bunch of laughs to be near at a game - if you go to games. I agree you can have an opinion and still be supportive but have a wee look at your own comments and tell me where the word "supportive" would be apt. Think you'll struggle.