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  1. I repeat. He may well be clueless but he is NOT a cunt. I cannot and will not call any Rangers manager a cunt.
  2. Poor manager he may be. Even clueless he may be. But as long as he is Rangers manager he is NOT a cunt. You are well out of order.
  3. Who needs fuckin enemies when there are total, single brain-cell clowns posting shite like this? Our first league game is nearly 3 weeks away and we have a Rangers "supporter" asking who should replace our new manager. Away an play wi yer motors ya dafty.
  4. Some sense in this thread at last. The shit being spouted by some on here beggars belief. They should stick to watching snooker or darts as they obviously understand fuck all about football. Blaming Jack is incredible. What is a DM supposed to do at a free kick? The CBs and even the keeper should look at their input. Granted they were part timers but they have played together. Our guys dont know each others names yet never mind how each other play. We were gash but I'm not for sacking the Manager or shooting our midfielders. Ferguson avoided relegation by means of goal difference in his first season at manchester. According to some of our supporters he would have been fired in his first year. We need to give Pedro time to shit or get off the pan (probably Christmas or thereabouts).
  5. Aye right enough, thats what he will have said to them. What a stupid fucking thing to say. He's working with shitey brainless wee boys. Its not possible to match a footballing team of men with that.
  6. Going by the majority of comments on here most believe a poxy, written in the pub article in the daily rhag. Well fuck me. We cant have it both ways. Either jackson is to be believed or he is a lying toad - you choose. He has a bunch of you where he wants you - by the balls. Wake up ffs, its a jackanory story and you lot believe it. Who is his "employee" who has been to see HR? No name because its a lie?
  7. We dont have a player called "fucking McKay" You may be thinking of Barrie McKay, the No10 for Rangers. I'm sure your "support" is appreciated by all.
  8. I know Kenny got 2 goals and Wes had some excellent saves but I thought Wilson was MOM. An attacking RB and 2 untried kids in defence, he was well up for it and led by example. Quietest their forward line, especially rooney has been for weeks.
  9. You're right. 3 of their goals against Dundee were headers.
  10. If this is a non coaching appointment then my vote would be Tom Miller - Steeped in Rangers tradition. Rae Wilkins for DOF if we are still going down that route.
  11. And hyphenated.
  12. No I meant the other spelling stuff. But I hope you feel better talking about the "other stuff"
  13. What gives with the spelling police ffs? Blue nosed should be hyphenated by the way.
  14. Yeah you are obviously well versed in the correct spelling of Rangers players which is to be applauded. It's just all the other stuff eh?
  15. Flashbac?