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  1. Correct. Wait till a 50/50 ball comes along and put them into the stand - Fairly of course. Gives them something to think about the next time the ball comes to them and nothing for the ref to get involved in.
  2. Not won till it's won. Remember the sound of a helicopter THAT Sunday.
  3. Save them from being identified when singing/chanting racist shite at Buff. Polis may have something to say about that.
  4. Absolutely out of order, taig language.
  5. I think that's why we have done really well in Europe. Maybe we should use the same system for some of the tougher away games here (Hertz, Sheep etc.)
  6. Watched many a dour Walter game especially in Europe, but it worked.
  7. Sir Walter used to say that we needed two teams. One to play football in Europe and one to battle and fight in the league with a couple of footballers thrown in.
  8. Our CBs played as a unit tonight. Edmundson stepped back when Goldson was attacking the ball and vice versa rather than playing square. The other difference was that neither of them thought they were Beckenbaur. They kept it simple and cleared their lines all night. GE was understandably nervous for the first 5 or 10 mins but after that he was excellent for such a young CB in a game of that importance.
  9. Put your money on Hertz then. We should have been 2 or 3 up by half time. Missed 2 sitters and a 1/2 chance.
  10. Not possible. You need to read the comments on here from yesterday and before the kick off. Crazy decision, poor Katic, SG is a cunt, the plan A again FFS, etc. The genius's are quiet now.
  11. I'd give Katic as much help as possible. I'd play big George in front of the 2 CBs to use his pace and strength to stop them getting at our back 4. Sounds negative but we need to shut the back door no matter how it looks.
  12. Agreed. No idea why an experienced CB would wander ahead of the ball like that. Can only think his concentration went. Still no excuse for it. We talk about the decision making of our front players but the decision making of our defenders is even more important. As a CB in the Juniors I was always told in no uncertain terms to clear my lines and buy some time. The opposition are unlikely to score if the ball is in row Z. Very very basic defending.
  13. I fully understand the frustration but that's shocking language. SG is the Manager of Rangers, not a cunt.
  14. Surely it's basic defending, like at Primary School, that, against long balls, the two CBs don't stand square, one drops off to cover any flick ons. I thought we had defensive coaches who would be looking at this. There needs to be a boss in the back line. Normally one of the CBs would be deciding who attacks the ball and who drops off. Simple stuff.
  15. Helander may well help due to his (hopefully) organisation skills. He def lacks pace so I would pair him with GE. Goldson lacks pace too so I don't think that pairing would work especially if we are pressing high. I'm surprised that the scores of people on here who wanted Katic to start every game are now saying it's Gerard's fault for starting him. We normally have two attacking fullbacks so the CBs need to defend All the time. Clear your lines and reset. Not genius level but it works.
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