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  1. Poor aaron is probably just upset 'cos he got the brains and leigh got the looks.
  2. Who plays LB for our reserves? Bring him in. At my age the thought of watching Flannagan for 90mins is way too risky. MeeMaw MeeMaw
  3. Tell you one thing though, lego is a REAL hardman. Elbowed in the face, punched in the face, knocked on his arse twice, and not a mark on his coupon. Now THAT'S a hard!!!
  4. Alf, Andy and Ryan all to be punished, but the common denominator (lego) gets off with it. Sounds about right.
  5. Could be a great player - with a brain transplant. Great players stay on the park as they know where the lines are. Time to sell to the highest bidder and try to buy Kent and a big striker. As for POY, can't be that if he's not on the park. CPOY 'cos he spends so much time in the bath.
  6. He looked very good against us. Does that mean he was very good or does it mean that the right side of our defence was poor?
  7. Oh I'd better watch myself as you're obviously a (keyboard) hard man (shake). Check the mirror mate - That's the fanny!
  8. Then we are poles apart. I couldn't justify calling any of our players a rat. If you believe that is being supportive then we'll never agree.
  9. Let me ask you one question - Do you think that people who call a member of our team a rat are being supportive?
  10. Look it up on Google if you are struggling with big words.
  11. You're obviously one of the sad "supporters" I'm talking about. I want what's best for Rangers and I would NEVER call anybody in the blue Jersey a rat.
  12. Sad that some of our "supporters" feel its clever to call the Rangers goalkeeper, who has probably saved us about 20 points this season, a rat. Best keeper in the country by a mile.
  13. Didn't have a good 1st half but none of the midfield did. It's not easy controlling a game when the sheep are booting the ball from back to front or playing head tennis. They even trained on the pitch the day before then left it uncut and unrolled as they knew they weren't gonna be playing on the middle third. McInnes - master football tactician.
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