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  1. Met him on a train to Motherwell a couple of times. He kept pigeons and someone had stolen a couple of them so he bought a German Shepherd to guard them Second time I met him he was pissed off - someone had pinched his dug! Great forward line with Scott and the Wee Prime Minister. The team I was brought up on as a teenager with my Dad.
  2. It shows how much progres(s) we've made when we qualify for the last 32 and I'm slightly disappointed with a draw last night. Keep it going Stevie and let's see where the journey takes us.
  3. It's prob my Aberdeen accent - not! I thought Aribo had a chance of getting us a pen with his quick feet in the box. Never mind, he scored a cracker.
  4. You said it was a good shout. I was apologising for getting it wrong.
  5. We should find out who takes our penalties with Aribo's quick feet in the box against the neanderthals.
  6. Change of tack within the subject. A few want to moan - don't know how they would be if we had lost!! My moan is McGregor. He stole a wage today! Did absolutely SFA Why didn't SG just play another defensive midfielder instead of McGregor? Right I feel better now, thank you.
  7. Helanders lack of pace is a real worry and I think Edmundson would be the partner for him. GE is a big unit and brave too. He passes the ball better than Golson and Katic and my vote would be Helander and Edmundson.
  8. Don't understand. The team selection is shite. Aribo is shite. Ojo is shite. Fod is shite. But we're 3-0 up at half time. The pre-game geniuses on here can't be wrong. Don't understand.
  9. Maybe a game to give either Jack or Davies a rest. Same as hertz game, it will be a battle. I'd put Edmondson in midfield and push Davies further forward. Stewart at 10 and we could open them up. Sure it won't happen but SG did put the big guy into midfield recently. He's big, athletic, can tackle and he can pass a ball. Time we stopped being bullied by these agricultural teams.
  10. We lacked a ball winner v hertz. We knew it would be a battle so there was a case for Doherty, King or even Edmondson. Jack was missed big time, not just for his footballing ability but for his ball winning and game reading.
  11. Just getting ready to do a round of the sheep pubs. Too good an opportunity to miss. Heh Heh.
  12. Pissing in their Bovril is also pretty low.
  13. Doesn't really matter who the Gaffer picks, there will be the usual negative genius football brains on here who know better - Like they did last night when the team was announced.
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