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  1. He looked very good against us. Does that mean he was very good or does it mean that the right side of our defence was poor?
  2. Oh I'd better watch myself as you're obviously a (keyboard) hard man (shake). Check the mirror mate - That's the fanny!
  3. Then we are poles apart. I couldn't justify calling any of our players a rat. If you believe that is being supportive then we'll never agree.
  4. Let me ask you one question - Do you think that people who call a member of our team a rat are being supportive?
  5. Look it up on Google if you are struggling with big words.
  6. You're obviously one of the sad "supporters" I'm talking about. I want what's best for Rangers and I would NEVER call anybody in the blue Jersey a rat.
  7. Sad that some of our "supporters" feel its clever to call the Rangers goalkeeper, who has probably saved us about 20 points this season, a rat. Best keeper in the country by a mile.
  8. Didn't have a good 1st half but none of the midfield did. It's not easy controlling a game when the sheep are booting the ball from back to front or playing head tennis. They even trained on the pitch the day before then left it uncut and unrolled as they knew they weren't gonna be playing on the middle third. McInnes - master football tactician.
  9. Remember they are without their regular right back. Ball played there on Wed and they've taken in some 6ft 8" (approx) guy to cover. Kent should run riot. Play GK in the forward role if Arfield doesn't make it.
  10. I think we are over rating Brenda. He's won a bunch with little or no competition due to us marking time and the sheep bottling it. Brenda is heading South 'cos he realises SG has his number. We didn't beat them 1-0, we Murdered them 1(going on 5)- 0. Why would any manager worth his salt leave the club he loves (allegedly) to join a mid table club elsewhere? Maybe it's the SG factor allied to his relationship with his board. Either way, no big deal for me.
  11. Did he give her guide dug a biscuit?
  12. I think he is far more effective offensively and defensively when DC is working his arse off in front of him. Great pairing.
  13. Send him back to forrest - for a fee. That would help our cause and not help m.o.n. and we get some cash.
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