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  1. Jasper Blues

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    Play the same as last night and they'll be Shkupi Doo'd. Sorry.
  2. Jasper Blues

    players to spain

    08.00 on a Sunday morning and on my way to work. Whoopee, I think I'll skip and jump my way to the plane!
  3. Jasper Blues

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    Giving my age away here but I was in Dundalk in 1968 when we played them. Remember standing behind the Rangers goal talking to our keeper (Norrie Martin?). Things are still a little hazy!!
  4. Jasper Blues

    Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    I'd settle for Lindsay, Alves and Goldson. Old head and 2 pairs if young quick legs.
  5. Jasper Blues

    Another klaxon jaxon misery piece.

    Jaxon, we all know you read this forum so here's a wee message for you. I am gonna keep this article and stick it up your arse when we win 55. You are the worst type of "journalist". You are a lazy lier and you are shitting yourself because you can see your job slowly disappearing in front of your eyes. Our new management team WILL turn this club around and I for one cant wait to see your smug grin (grimace) when it happens.
  6. Jasper Blues

    McAllister wants to build from the back

    Agreed, we can all see it except the guys who can do something about it. We've had half a dozen "Managers" and it still needs addressed.
  7. Jasper Blues

    That Scott Allan Tackle

    Another reason for me to really want Rossiter to get over his injuries and play a load of games for us next season. Wherever allan is playing he will want to avoid Rossiter just in case he want to get even. You take care now Mr allan.
  8. Jasper Blues

    *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    After last night I think our biggest problem could be keeping 11 men on the park. Its ok being fired up but you have to keep in control of your temper. Some of our guys lost the plot after the "penalty" and could have been red carded. Against hivs there will be winding up going on and we need to show controlled aggression. Chance for Docherty and maybe Rossiter to show their worth.
  9. Jasper Blues

    Club Statement

    The key word is "options". Look it up, it doesnt mean he will be going back to the 20s.
  10. Jasper Blues

    Brenda - " Thrown to the garbage "

    Brenda, if you are reading this, can I suggest that instead of poking your snotty beak into Rangers business you concentrate on checking whether your next ride has a set of baws or not!!!!! PS What were the circumstances when you replaced the dhalia? Dont remember you having a say in that. Maybe that was because it benefitted you? Maybe you dont want us to replace GM with a hard-faced manager.
  11. Jasper Blues

    Club Statement

    Correct "COULD include". Not the same as saying he will return to the 20s role.
  12. Jasper Blues

    Club Statement

    Gents Some of you need to read the statement again - Slowly. Nowhere does it say GM is going back to ths 20s. It says he will take some time to consider his options. Quite different.
  13. Jasper Blues

    No comment

    You're probably right. The "man" thing that Souness mentions starts at the top and works its way down. Maybe, just maybe, LW and KM were angry because of the lack of balls and said so. The players better hope that Gerrard doesnt get the job (with Souness as his side-kick) or they will find out what balls look like!
  14. Jasper Blues

    No comment

    Captain? What f...... Captain? Imagine Greig, Souness, Gough, Ferguson etc accepting that shit? No neither can I. Boots up arses would have been the order of the day.
  15. Jasper Blues

    A picture that sums up the state of us

    To use as a tarpaulin to cover their car in the winter?