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  1. Bruno Alves

    Alves was shocking today and Wilson was poor too. Is it coincidence that Alves was skipper and not Wilson? Wilson played well last game when he was captain. I would try 3 at the back with Wilson as skipper, Cardoso and Bates with McCrorie sitting in the middle. Sounds very defensive but it would release our fullbacks (neither of whom could tackle a fish supper) to go forward. Watched Tavernier "jog" back today after giving the ball away in the final third. Watched John jump over the ball at their third goal. Pathetic!
  2. Alves

    Would agree with TBAR, Alves had a really poor first half but wasnt helped by piss poor defending by both of our fullbacks. Their goal was partly Alves, partly Tav (where was he)? and partly Barjonas who lost his man. Much better in the second half and was the organiser once Bates came on. Wilson was easily our best defender.
  3. Some of the comments on here are just so fucking non sensical. Why Miller and not Morelos? Do we know how fit Alfredo is? No we fucking dont but lets moan anyway. Why Candeias in an unfamiliar role? What, wide right in a diamond? Whats unfamiliar with that? Moan Moan Moan. Time of month perhaps?
  4. Alves & Murty Press Conferences

    As the interviews are dated 12th Dec, I thought GM would have given us the FGS and Corr Score for the game and we could all have made a few bob. Always looks in control of the morons does GM. Thank you Mr Murty.
  5. McCrorie,Wilson,Alves and cardoso

    I think GM suggested yesterday that McCrorie wont play every week. He said we have to treat the boy with care and be aware of his age.; He's only 19 which is very young for a CB and he is still growing and filling out.
  6. McCrorie is our best young player since... who?

    How far back am I allowed to go? Ronnie MacKinnon. PS I'm an older person.
  7. Derek McInnes

    I thought DM was favourite to become Rangers manager. Why is he being linked with brenda's job?
  8. McCrorie's Challenge

    The fact he is only 19 means he still has some filling out to do. Hope he keeps his pace as we dont have much of it at the back.
  9. *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    He cant play a pass 'cos he's waiting for the hit. He panics in front of goal 'cos he's waiting for the hit. Basically he is shiting himself.
  10. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Correct Gogzy. These comments are not Rangers class. Taig behaviour.
  11. Bitterness.

    Strange quote considering you called Pedro a "bellend" about an hour ago!
  12. Caixinha: players embarrassed the club.

    No he's not - Thats a mirror you're looking in.
  13. Windass

    Poor footballer - almost acceptable. Poor crosser of the ball - almost acceptable. Unable to beat a man - almost acceptable. Poor football brain - almost acceptabl. Shiting yourself and backing out of 50/50s - totally and absolutely NOT ACCEPTABLE in a Rangers Shirt EVER.
  14. Ally Scott

    All pace and no control. Tried really hard but just wasn't good enough. His brother is the Reverend James Scott who was the minister who married my good lady and I in 1973 (just in case anyone is interested).