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  1. Lives in Africa for 19 years and catches malaria in the Piggery. Got to laugh.
  2. Shouldn't someone complain to the police about Houston posting these vile comments on Facebook. The fact he din't post the original comments is irrelevant. They're either offensive or they're not.
  3. Agree with much of what you say, but I guarantee every club in the UK including Rangers will have had club mascots for the day, some of whom will have disabilities. Celtic seem to be the only club in the UK who broadcast it and turn the kid in to a celebrity. And worst of all, they do it to improve the image of the club.
  4. Graham Nortons a proddy, hopefully he's invited them to take the piss.
  5. If your'e a dirty smelly bastard wave your phone If your'e a dirty smelly bastard wave your phone If your'e a dirty smelly bastard Dirty smelly bastard Dirty smelly bastard wave your phone. To the tune of Could ye go a fish supper Bobby Sands
  6. This one from Kerrydale Meltdown has touch of sadness about it
  7. "Celtic 'would have had a big chance' if Leo Messi switched sides - Rodgers" http://www.espnfc.co.uk/celtic/story/3003229/celtic-would-have-had-a-big-chance-if-lionel-messi-switched-sides-brendan-rodgers Fuck me.
  8. Think everyone noticed, but we're as well playing spot the taig for all the good it will do.
  9. Liked the response to Tompkins "Wow you really don't want to get into Parl again do you but thanks for another 20k YES votes" I know of only one taig who voted no. 20k wow.
  10. Couple of Tories having a pop. https://twitter.com/ProfTomkins https://twitter.com/murdo_fraser?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  11. Think of the children https://www.fcbarcelona.com/club/news/2016-2017/special-musical-gift-delights-guests-at-celtic-and-fc-barcelona-s-pre-game-lunch Seem obsessed with surrounding themselves with kids. Almost as if their trying to hide something
  12. Kerrydale Meltdown "Man city 1-1 still in with a shout of 2nd" Aye if you get 7 points for a win
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