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  1. weir1872

    Roberto Martinez

    Surely the source for this thread isn't from pretty much the biggest wind up dick on twitter? Fuck me, man.
  2. weir1872

    ***Feedback Thread***

    @RFC16 picked up a ticket for Fraserburgh from a mate of his tonight. Great lad, and thanks again.
  3. weir1872

    Any tickets

    Anyone with any Chelsea connections able to help me out with a ticket for either Brighton Away on 20th January, or Arsenal on 24th Jan? Cheers
  4. weir1872

    Any tickets

    Bit of a long shot here, but seen occasionally posts from folk selling Chelsea tickets. Looking to try and get a ticket for West Ham Chelsea on 9th December as I’m in London that weekend. Not bothered what end.
  5. weir1872

    *****Q1 Progrès Niederkorn Q2 AEL Limassol*****

    Linwood No.1 running a bus, leaving Monday night home after the game.