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  1. Really think we need 3 in the centre of midfield with pace and energy wide and up front. The team I'd like to see (have left out Bell as he's injured)... Simonsen Foster, McGregor, Zaliukas, Wallace McCulloch, Black Shiels, Law, Templeton Miller Expect this from McDowall... Simonsen Foster, McGregor, McCulloch, Wallace Aird, Hutton (have a feeling he may recall Black for Hutton) Law, Smith Miller, Daly
  2. Have a feeling we'll have a go, leading to gaps at the back which will be brutally exposed... Rangers 2-4 Hearts If we don't have a go, then can see a drab 1-0 defeat To summarise, we really are shit However, I will be celebrating as loudly as anyone if, somehow, our lethargic team of journeymen somehow pull off a win
  3. I totally agree. Pace and movement in attack is what we need. Having four players with movement and pace could unsettle Hearts.
  4. Simonsen Foster, McGregor, Zaliukas, Wallace McCulloch, MacLeod Aird, Shiels, Templeton Miller Subs: Robinson, Faure, Black, Law, Clark, Daly, Boyd
  5. But I expect the usual shite lineup, Ally will probably go with... Simonsen McGregor, Mohsni, McCulloch, Foster Aird, Black, Law, Smith Boyd, Miller
  6. Please drop Mohsni, Black and Boyd to start with. Would happily see a whole load of changes. Presume Bell, Zaliukas, Wallace and MacLeod are the only absences. Would like to see this (assuming all are fit) Simonsen Foster, McGregor, McCulloch, Smith Shiels, Hutton, Law, Templeton Miller, Clark
  7. I feel that line up would be better as a 3-5-2... Simonsen McGregor, McCulloch, Mohsni Foster, Black, Law, MacLeod, Aird Miller, Daly
  8. Have heard both Wallace and Smith miss out. What I'd like to see... Simonsen Faure, McGregor, Zaliukas, Foster Black, McCulloch Aird, McLeod, Clark Miller What I think McCoist will play... Simonsen McGregor, Mohsni, McCulloch, Foster Aird, Black, Law, McLeod Miller, Boyd There's also a little part of me that thinks McCoist might play Miller wide instead of Aird then put Daly up with Boyd...
  9. Just have a horrible feeling McCoist will replace the injured Aird by shoehorning Black in. I can envisage a horrible scenario with Law wide left, McLeod on the right and the BlackJig combo in the middle. Hope I'm wrong. Probably be Templeton in... be a nice surprise if McKay or Gallagher starts
  10. How much better is Black with Law alongside him? Good, solid engine room. Also, I really hope we hold on to McLeod for a long time to come. So much potential.
  11. Looking forward to the moment the Motherwell defence shite themselves when we throw on Barrie McKay as an impact sub
  12. Nice to see Argyriou willing the boys on at the restart. He looks well up for this now. Good man
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