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  1. Just back from a cracking day at Dalmahoy. Excellent course, reasonable score, for me anyway, and good company. Well worth a visit.
  2. Supposedly back on today in Japan, expecting EU/US on tommorrow.
  3. It's all getting pretty fishy if you ask me.
  4. I reckon we'll see 5 at the back, 1 to cover for Weir and two to try and combat their fullbacks. McGregor Foster Bougherra Weir Bartley Papac Davis Edu Diouf Fleck Weiss Jelavic
  5. Big game for the him if this happens. Best of luck to him.
  6. Ach, on another day we could have put five past them on a very similar performance. The ball just didn't quite roll for us today.
  7. Will be very interesting to see who plays the striking roles. Will probably be Miller and Jelavic but I reckon Beattie still has a lot to offer us.
  8. SSN ticker now shows that Burnley have now accepted a fee. Looks imminent now...
  9. That's it in a nutshell, unfortunately.
  10. The biggest problem is that things aint likely to improve any time soon either.
  11. I'd say it's because we have had so many threads and rumours on so many forums across the board that have all come up short.
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