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  1. Just you mentioned the red that shouldn't have been . Terrible decision considering the linesman was looking right at it.
  2. Noble should've had a 2nd yellow for simulation in first half.
  3. Verona fans were making monkey chants at Kessie of Milan at the weekend also. Club have come out defending the club and it's fans saying they are very tolerant and wouldn't do such things. ( it was clear monkey chants, even went on during halftime.)
  4. Downloaded a patch where someone has used the English league system to create a 7 tier world league , only downside is the cunt put Rangers in the bottom league but every club starts with ยฃ300m in the bank so I took the challenge. Currently in season 4 after romping to 3 successive title wins I'm currently in league 2 and sit top with a perfect record after 12 games. Have a fantastic side even though clubs keep stealing a few players every year my team includes . Ben Chilwell, Adrian Rabiot , Aaron Ramsey, Samuel Chukweuze, Daniel Olmo, Malcolm and Ben Woodburn. Lots of "wonderkids" and the only remaining current player is Tav as he plays really well in my system ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.
  5. Orangeclement


    Is it too simple to say that it was SG fault for playing him out on the left ???????? He is a central midfielder and should have played there . Same happened against Legia when he tried to play him out there also.
  6. Team selection was all wrong . Players couldn't handle the pressure.
  7. He and Katic had a mare tbh . Just sloppy on the ball too many touches and ragged dolled by French pansie ffs.
  8. Failed to turn up today too many players just failed to do the basics right and let those cunts off with an easy win ffs.
  9. Got a 6 fold BTTS and full time result acca paying out ยฃ2500 for a buck ๐Ÿ˜‚also have this.
  10. Nah it'll be a straight swap they take Gerrard and we get Klopp ๐Ÿ‘
  11. But are Red Star being treated the same or because no FARE representative is hiding in the stadium means it didn't happen ? Why are we being punished now when all last season the same songs were sung yet not one form of punishment . Or again was it because FARE were not at any of our games last season. Why can't we get all the info from FARE to find out what games they have attended and how many times they have asked for punishments due to rule breaches ? Just of the top.of my head we have had around 10 instances of Racism the last few months in England alone (outwith UEFA jurisdiction) and yet no outcry for shutting down parts of the stadium the offending parties were picked out from cctv and banned .
  12. Same teams. Same boring groups that no one cares about anymore. Used to enjoy watching the games on Sky but BT is fucking shit and I tend to just watch James Richardson doing the studio thing covering all games . Commentary on the European games is fucking dire.
  13. Could well be, we don't know how Red Star are treated to make a comparison tbf. I mean they managed to drive a tank through Belgrade cause they qualified for the UCL.
  14. I know , Sing whatever you want it's a free country .
  15. He is the best boxer in UK ffs cunts happy to pay 20 bucks to watch Fury run around the ring throwing 3 punches a round and complain when a proper fight ( likely a fight of the year contender) is put on PPV. Will be a better fight than any of the last 10 big PPV that have been on.
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