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  1. It was obviously a wind up ffs he knows ally listens and it would noise Ally up. They rip it out of each other every day they are on together.
  2. Ah ok no problem. Im staying out of there. Too many armchair managers throwing names out that theyve likely never seen play.
  3. Have you just made up the figure for Roofe? Everywhere states undisclosed..... Hagi was only £3m
  4. Wasnt sure on the new signings. Cheers.
  5. Can register 3 new players i think. Read somewhere that Leverkusen had registered a new player but he wasnt a new signing but a youth player.
  6. Yeah its not like a pandemic would have some sort of impact on this. No surprise its the usual moaners 😴
  7. Previous purchases have cost us dear ( Allen or Gerrard? Who knows one isnt at the club anymore) we are nearing the stage where moving a few more fringe guys out and HOPEFULLY adding 3 more bits of quality and we are closer to where he would probably have liked to have been after the first 12 months but its hard to move guys on good contracts (mercenaries) and finances dictate what we can bring in quality wise hopefully RW has a better network than our previous scouting teams.
  8. I know we are in the unique position up here in that we HAVE to stop them but i look around other leagues, how long has it taken Klopp? Did he change his principals, tactics or formation or did he work on making them better at his way? ( difficult comparison i know) thats been what 3or 4 years to get the results of the last 2 seasons. Man utd have taken what 6 or 7 years with massive resources everytime ive seen them try something different it hasnt worked so back to the fergie blueprint. Pep watched City slip away this year and didnt change a thing, rotated the odd player here and there and he hasnt changed since his Barca days its the same philosophy. Different world i know. Our situation isnt helped by previous regimes, at the start McCoist got it all wrong didnt sell the journey to the good youth prospects that decided to go elsewhere when they could have become the heart of a side for years if they performed. Then signed some absolute dross which subsequently had to moved on Queue another rebuild done badly by someone that didnt get it De ja vu De ja vu Then Gerrard 2 seasons of hope then ultimate dismay, who knows maybe we could have caught them or not... 3rd time lucky? He seems the type to stick to his principals he just has to get them doing it better 👍
  9. Yet here you are saying we should change this or change that cause its not working and by your own admission you dont know what we should do or who should be playing...... Yet complain about who plays or how we play. I do get it we are all hurting but at least be constructive with the criticism. Your not a cunt and i dont really want to call you a name as you are a fellow Bear. It stopped at 8 mate. They can call it what they like but the league was voided no matter how they dress it up. As for the rebuild..... Its nearly done 😉 for bits here and there.
  10. Ill give you Barisic but tav wasnt seen after xmas... They did have us top but 2 years running the winter break was spent running them into the ground in Dubai and low and behold a very poor 2nd half of the season. I swear if we go away winter training then we have learned nothing.
  11. Helander is our best defender just a shame he is also the slowest.
  12. Or can you blame the players rather than tactics and formation? Or mayne getting flogged in 35 degree heat for the 2nd winter in a row. I dont rate Goldson THAT highly tbf but ill call out shite when i see it. He was our most consistant defender last season.
  13. Change to what? Utilising what players? We had a load of defensive minded midfielders ( gerrards fault or Allens?). What do you want play with a back 3 against spl dross or how about a midfield 5? Or maybe play att wingers as standard lm and rm or play our CM as wide men in a diamond ( which we tried, didnt work). What is it you actually want to see? How do you want them to press, do they play a high line, if one full backs go forward does the other stay back,? Just looking for an insight into what shape and tactics you feel we should play and with what personel. Im not fucking happy with the last 7 or 8 years mate dont make fucking assumptions just because im not howling at the moon. Rebuilds take a long time, mistakes are made backwards steps have to be taken but we WILL get it right.
  14. True. If they were not here i suppose it would be a boring place.
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