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  1. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Played Balbirnie for the first time yesterday , what a fantastic course , didn't play that we'll but luckily my mate played worse and came away with a tidy 2up victory .
  2. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    The wind makes it harder it's always blowing a gale there. My last round there was 104 .....
  3. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    My mate hit about 7 balls into the water on the 2nd as the wind was howling .... I smashed it long into the trees to the right just to be safe .
  4. Lucas Leiva (Lazio)

    Pfft we should be on the phone to Pirlo and entice him out of retirement and while we are at pippo looked 10x better than any striker we have on the books (in last nights game)get him signed as a player/coach.
  5. Arteta

    Fuck up OP . Desperate if you ask me.
  6. Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    Think he is about 6 or 7 weeks old now . Mother and Father are doing well by all reports.
  7. Pirlo testimonial

    On Sky Sports if anyone is missing football of yester year.
  8. ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Fucking looney has taken a 4th goalkeeper instead..... Rumours are the two don't get on.
  9. Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    The fucking cheek to question me @GeeSS!!!
  10. Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    Wilson made an appearance in Oct 2013 aged 16 and 207 days . Woodburn was 17 and is the 2nd youngest goalscorer for Wales.
  11. Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    Don't know if it was mentioned in the thread but Harry Wilson is the youngest person to represent Wales beating Gareth Bales record.
  12. ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    You can rule Belgium out of winning the WC. They will be shit with no nainggolan in the squad .
  13. Reece Burke (West Ham)

    I'd prefer Oxford but he is highly rated at West Ham so doubt we would get either .
  14. We have them rattled 😀

    Do half of you posters have a template ready to post at a seconds notice you don't even have to look at the user name to know who is posting ...... Stop bleating on a fans forum and do something about ffs.
  15. Thought our stadiums were crap?

    Ice hockey is in Kirkcaldy and it's the most upto date building in Fife .