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  1. Fannies with flares

    But but they add to the atmosphere. .......
  2. A poor man's Marco Negri
  3. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    I read somewhere that the top 5 leagues in Europe have spent nearly €3.5 billion this window already It may even be £3.5 billion. I can't remember
  4. *****The Official Rangers vs Dunfermline Thread*****

    Dunfermline lying down again eh.....
  5. The Boxing News Thread

    Wba takes precedent so it will be Ortiz.
  6. Which top 5 league club would you buy??

    Kaiserslauten , they have a large fan Base and a fantastic stadium. It's a nice City and would be easy for English speakers as there is a large number of Americans there.
  7. New banners at Ibrox

    Fucking banners!!!!!! I'm fuming so I am.
  8. Thoughts on Neymar as a player?

    Apparently make more money than R .Madrid and Man Utd ....... Cough cough
  9. Thoughts on Neymar as a player?

    I thought they had worked a way around ffp with Neymar paying the release himself (using sponsorship money from a Qatar foundation).
  10. The Boxing News Thread

    Broner hasn't been at his best for at least 2 years but is still a good fighter but I think his lack of focus is what's going to cost him.
  11. The Internet is a funny place.
  12. The Boxing News Thread

    Potential FOTY if the best Broner turns up all the talk suggests he has taken this seriously . Garcia Imo is the best in his division but he's moving up for this one. Money is on Garcia for me .
  13. Morelos and Pena

    Give him a break he's Mexican ffs
  14. Do we have good players?

    I have no worries about Alves but the younger lads I have my doubts tbh . Being cautious this season with my expectations ... last season still cuts deep when I think about.
  15. Do we have good players?

    Definitely, i was just going for an average , some take no time at all and others may never adapt . It's a massive roll of the dice by everyone involved tbh.