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  1. Two fighters with nobodies padding their records only decent fight fury has had was klitschko and Wilders biggest fight was against an unfit Fury . All 3 of the top heavyweights are all garbage watch them all avoid Usyk ....
  2. Well Wolves drew 3-3 with them in Portugal and lost to them at home so we are still in the tie. Iirc Wolves were 3 nil down in that game as well.
  3. Utter shite to a man for an hour, every single one of them and yet how can you be mad after that turn around. Fair play to the lads .
  4. Honestly haven't seen anything like it not even Sunday league and I had some terrible fucking refs but not one of them would have called that a dive. Alfies offside the other night I could tell in live play he wasn't offside nearly as bad as the Moscow decision The Hamilton lad from the other night Doidge elbowing someone 4 times jumping for balls then gets booked for one where he doesn't make contact . Just a few that come to my haze filled mind.
  5. Don't get me wrong I think they could do more . Maybe they are behind the scenes but I agree it would be much better putting it out there for the World to see.
  6. Maybe they did . It's the media after all tell you what they want not what they were told etc etc
  7. Honestly doesn't matter they are all shite ffs look at our game with Livi then look at the colts against ict and every other game in this shite hole they are all just shit.
  8. We put out a statement ....... dry your fucking eyes
  9. I could see it wasn't offside in real time as for the Kamberi goal the whistle was blown before Alfredo even passed him the ball which confused me as he wasn't offside and hadn't committed a free kick.
  10. The new generation that have to watch things on their phone will watch any shite. My nephew thinks it's great to watch people playing consoles on youtube on his fucking console while watching another twat on his phone talking about playing shit games . But you are right last fight sold 1.4m pay per views and sold out 20,000 arena Hearn was kicking himself he turned down the chance to promote the 1st fight.
  11. Not just BJS but Devon Haney who is tipped as the next Mayweather if he keeps his shit together. I'd be fuming but on the other hand I bet they are in for a big payday.
  12. He was slack a couple of times last night but you can't fault his desire to get on the ball in tight spot or his desire to win it back when he does lose it. Good performance last night .
  13. Well probably 12 mins of your lunch . Money's on the monster.
  14. I'm sure I've read that he acts the cunt to get a reaction from the opponent as it helps him get riled up and put in a good performance apparently .
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