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  1. Had a wee 5 spot on the horses at Perth yesterday. Totally forgot about it as was trying to play golf then watching the replay of the game and the GP etc. Checked the account there half an hour ago and ........
  2. Tranny a top coach 😂😂😂😂😂😂 not even Liverpool fans think that ffs . only a tarrier could type such tripe.
  3. He does the job that Klopp needs tbh hold up the ball and play in others that's his strength in all honesty . All the big clubs are guilty tbh as they are all fighting for the same players which drives up the price and inflates the wages .
  4. Think Rodri takes up the free space iirc maybe it's a wage issue as Alderweireld will see this as his last big move so prob looking for 300k plus etc. Maguire would prob want half the wages but cost 3 times as much so fuck knows tbh I too would try and accommodate Alderweireld over their other targets tbh.
  5. True but i'll balance it out by saying Perez was playing in a woeful Newcastle side while Firmino was in the best Liverpool side since they last won the league . Being honest though I don't think he is worth £30m but what a profit for Ashley.
  6. Man City already have their quota of non English players hence them signing back Angelino after selling him last season and going after English players is their only option outwith selling someone from the first XI.
  7. Tbf he scored the same number of league goals as Firmino .
  8. We're gonna have to get used to Thursday and Sunday games anyway so not too hard for the lads to play 2 games in 3 days .
  9. If Zaha was better he'd be at Man City . Not a failure at Utd and back at Palace. He is wank though .
  10. Tbh it's all down to money . Expanding the league will NEVER happen as all the diddy teams want 2 visits from us and the other lot as that basically gives them their budget for the season.
  11. The only reason they want £80M is because Man Utd are due 25% sell on fee.
  12. If Mahrez is worth £60m then £40m is about right for someone who failed terribly at his first big club.
  13. Dodgy deal to get round FFP . You give us £26m for Cillissen and we shall sell you Neto for £26m ....
  14. Can see a Chile and Venezuela double tbh .
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