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  1. The only fight there that is going to be close is Wilder v Breazeale at a push the other 2 are as one sided as the loma fight.
  2. He's almost at 50/50 tbh it's a bit harsh on him but rarely does a player recover to the same level from serious knee injuries .
  3. Hi guys sitting bored and thought I'd do a wee thread (no doubt been done before) but we seem to have an uncanny knack of signing players who spend more time in the treatment room than on the pitch . Off the top of my head In recent seasons we have had Dorrans , Rossiter and Murphy and Alves . In the past . Prodan , Rozenthal and Webster . Any more ?
  4. Can't remember where I read it might have been in the Rhecord of all places . I dont buy the rhag, some of the guys I work with deliver papers and bring the spares into work for the office staff.
  5. Did surprise me considering Mcginn is a filthy rhat.
  6. Said he didn't touch him but felt Defoe didn't dive and that JD didn't claim for a pen also said Dallas asked Defoe if he dived after giving the penalty.
  7. Mcginn himself said Defoe didn't dive and he's the one that made the tackle ......
  8. I've clearly stated in previous posts that he is the ONLY player we have to play behind the striker and that I hope he improves his game but as I said he has had 4 or 5 good games and the rest he has struggled to impose himself . Maybe I just have higher expectations from him as I know how good he can be.
  9. Coming from you hahahaha. Your opinion is fact I suppose. You total fucking nugget.
  10. My current XI League table . Notice goals scored ☺
  11. I used the create a club option and built my own Rangers team using promising u21 players the only problem is every 6 months all of Europe's big clubs come and cherry pick my players ..... but with some perseverance and three rebuilds layer I finally won the UCL in the 4th season bearing Liverpool 3-1.
  12. There is no we mate . So far just you have questioned this . Therefore.... You think it's not true . Which is fair enough it's your opinion .
  13. He has, every 2nd touch is a tackle in all the games he has played I could probably say he has played well 3 times imo. I want him to do well and hope it's just a settling in period . I expect to see an upturn in form soon from him because he is the only real option to play behind Freddo.
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