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  1. The new generation that have to watch things on their phone will watch any shite. My nephew thinks it's great to watch people playing consoles on youtube on his fucking console while watching another twat on his phone talking about playing shit games . But you are right last fight sold 1.4m pay per views and sold out 20,000 arena Hearn was kicking himself he turned down the chance to promote the 1st fight.
  2. Not just BJS but Devon Haney who is tipped as the next Mayweather if he keeps his shit together. I'd be fuming but on the other hand I bet they are in for a big payday.
  3. He was slack a couple of times last night but you can't fault his desire to get on the ball in tight spot or his desire to win it back when he does lose it. Good performance last night .
  4. Well probably 12 mins of your lunch . Money's on the monster.
  5. I'm sure I've read that he acts the cunt to get a reaction from the opponent as it helps him get riled up and put in a good performance apparently .
  6. Well ,sacked him but he remains at the club to see out his contract for his other roles 😂
  7. Didn't realise just how fucking big grezdas left arm is
  8. Then you have Henry and Messi Xavi Iniesta Different eras fuck knows how you can compare them tbh as the 90's guys were nowhere near as athletic as today's players but those were the guys I idolised growing up so gonna stick with the Parma XI .
  9. Really really hard I'm only 35 but there is no way I can only make one XI tbh. I mean the Parma back line circa the years we played them throw in Veron and Crespo et al .
  10. Think Flanagan us recovering from an op he had during the international break is he not . Been reading a couple of threads laughing at everyone calling polster shite etc etc when he's been played out of position in his appearances , sure he's played at right back for previous clubs but he is CM . I'm critical of Tav for his terrible defending but I have to remind myself of the good he brings to the team and tbh I don't think we CAN leave him out .
  11. Tbf even prograis has said that Taylor did enough to win which shocked me as most Americans are not that humble after a defeat. Foty contender for me and would love to see a rematch but think Taylor will go for Jose Ramirez . He has fought 2 reigning WC a former WC and an unbeaten star tipped to be a WC with 94 fights and 1 loss between them in his last four fights . I can't think of ANY other boxer that has had a run like that .
  12. Edmundson should've played ahead of Katic Imo as he is the only one that will have come up against the type of striker hearts have and it highlights another error from SG with his starting line up. We struggled to contain the big Livi boy and now the Hearts lad also I'm sure George would've loved a duel with these two as that's what he is used to from his Oldham days.
  13. I'm pretty sure ALL the goals we have conceded this year have been down to mistakes from 2 players ...... Tav and Goldson the only 2 who never get taken out the team after bad performances.
  14. Not anymore it's not . Can't get your way then grab a few like minded cunts and protest until you get your way . It's a generation thing 👍
  15. Came in to post but this says it all. Can't wait for the all the morale knights to scream Old Trafford should be shutdown for games since Rashford was racially abused by his own fans.....
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