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  1. Transfer section closed

    That'll be a big Morelos thread when we sell up to stave off administration 2
  2. Transfer section closed

    Well we can't sign anyone but there are other windows open where players can be sold . Bit early to close if you ask me
  3. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Conte likes to have a tall striker 6ft4 plus hence all the gangly tall players they've been linked with.
  4. Another shambles from the referee.

    Sure they changed the rule and you now don't get a red card in the box for giving away a penalty. I might be wrong.
  5. Jamie Murphy

    Did well for 60 mins but faded towards end which was likely due to the lack of 90 mins.
  6. The Ginger Maldini.

    Everyone at it again. BTW The commentator called him the ginger Maldini nobody said he was a world beater but he can improve.
  7. Is Arsene Wenger insane?

    He has allowed the same players to make the same mistakes over and over and not had the balls to drop them . Playing the likes of Elneny and Xhaka ,keeping Mertersaker 3 seasons longer than he should've . He has no back up right back to play ahead of Bellerin who is not a RB . Wellbeck,Walcott,Cazorla and Mustafi should've been moved on in the summer. It's not just the manager that needs to change it needs a whole new 11 top players just to keep them in the top 4.
  8. Our squad

    We need a squad of 18 players that can all start games for us I would get rid of a few . It's the lack of depth in the squad along with the 3 or 4 guys that shouldn't even be in the squad that's got us in this position. Along with a few other off field issues
  9. Rancid BBC

    What can I be pure raging at today ...........?
  10. Murty wants to emulate Southampton model

    Fair play at least you give an honest answer I suppose. I feel the problem with scouting those regions is it mostly filled with non EU players as most of the good prospects are already snapped up by the big eastern European clubs and the big clubs in Europe. Futhermore due to the cash in the game now I think it's rare your gonna find that cheap gem as they know they can whore players to average clubs in England . I feel we are at least 3-5 years from signing players I would expect us to be signing.
  11. Murty wants to emulate Southampton model

    So what do you suggest? I see you in many threads complaining about the transfer policy ( mostly with good reason) but seriously you haven't seen any of our targets playing yet write them off due to past mistakes.... I assume you were slating Morelos before we signed him because he was playing in the backwaters of Finnish football . Who do you think we should be signing? Dont be vague now you must have some names you'd like us to go after ....
  12. Fannies with flares

    But but they add to the atmosphere. .......
  13. A poor man's Marco Negri
  14. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    I read somewhere that the top 5 leagues in Europe have spent nearly €3.5 billion this window already It may even be £3.5 billion. I can't remember
  15. *****The Official Rangers vs Dunfermline Thread*****

    Dunfermline lying down again eh.....