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  1. ok I'll rephrase that............ me wasn't acting over the moon and obviously there must be alot of doubt in players head when they sign for one of the old firm and that is did the pick the right one And yes there was a guy behind him with a gun :D
  2. never spoke a word today and that night that I met him he hardly spoke but smiled when I explained that celtic fans are fannies :D the groom was standing next to me and he's a tim
  3. The night that JCD signed for Rangers I was in the Milton hotel for a wedding and bumped into JCD as he was staying there and I don't think he was too pleased at signing but gave him a little chat about the mighty gers........... anyway when I saw him today I asked him if I was right and I got the biggest smile I've ever seen in my life
  4. 90th minute....... 5 minutes added
  5. Hey :)

    Happy Birthday


  6. sat in most sections over the years but being in with TBO for a few years was fun and always a good laugh TBO get a old firm ticket aswell so that was great
  7. I hope that celtic go through so that Liverpool can pump them, I hate going to watch the team I love knowing that I'm watching it with 90% kind on celtic fans. Them getting pumped by the mighty Reds might just stop the timmy love effect with Liverpool
  8. yoo commented yourself


  9. Your friendly Sporto matradee