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  1. We ? Can't you read ? I was referring to people who were saying they were done and not going back, what kind of fucking supporter is that ?
  2. 😂😂, I'm actually sad at at the reaction I got Gasgoine8, fuck it 😂🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  3. What pish is that ? Some people actually liked my post.
  4. Are you the spokesman for the groovy gang ?
  5. Are you speaking for everyone on here when you say nobody gives a fuck what I say ? You are not Rangers class when you address a fellow fan as a prick. I wish I was as uber as you who's been going to Ibrox for decades 😂. Have a look at yourself and stop playing to the audience .
  6. Great , thanks for your contribution.
  7. Where to start with this shite. For a start I have also been a season ticket holder for over 30 years (it's not a book anymore), I don't need to justify myself to anybody on here, my point was that people who are saying they won't be back or they are finished should do just that and fuck off. For you to address me as "ya prick " shows your lack of class and respect for fellow supporters,regardless or their opinions.
  8. A message to the people posting stuff like ,"I'm finished" ....."won't be back" ....."I'm done" , don't let the door hit your arse on the way out, you either follow/support Rangers or you don't, fucking simple, we are all hurting but if you make statements like that then you should walk away and don't come back.
  9. So will you wait till we are successful again before returning ? You either support Rangers or you don't it's fucking simple as that.
  10. It is a good result under the circumstances and to call your brethren cunts is showing a lack of class.
  11. Too many mouthpieces waiting to jump on our Manager. He absolutely showed class on TV today post match, despite the hostility he faced. We are only 3 points behind the scum !
  12. Heading to Ibrox shortly does anyone know how long the wait is at Ticket Office ?,heard earlier it was 2 hours.
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