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  1. Just got my ticket for this ! Will be going on my own though or at least with nobody I know!
  2. Getting funny looks on the train going to work with my bright orange scarf hanging out my pocket for tonights game
  3. He looked better and hungrier than templeton at the u20 game midweek... why is barrie mckay not featuring is he not showing enough in training I dont know but think we should use his pace more often late on in games build him up to get a start
  4. Thanks mate, any other bears getting the train from glasgow/paisley?
  5. Watching Little frustrates me but his record speaks for itself, what way do you walk to get there from Ayr train station
  6. In what way? I had both ps3 and 360 and the difference of gameplay online was nil.
  7. I use a console to play games on, the better of the machines for that purpose is the PS4... no brainer for gamers IMO.
  8. We have been getting much better versions on PC than any of the consoles over the years so dont think this would happen
  9. I don't think you're a tim, just an absolutely insufferable hand-wringing liberal We don't mock child abuse, but we don't let the beggars forget how disgusting the club they follow is
  10. You workin the day? Just sat down at ma desk... jeezo
  11. We are lucky to have this show thanks to all behind it
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