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  1. A.) does Scott Arfield use head and shoulders? Sniff!?! B.) i widnae no, I’m a bald prick sir 😔
  2. The real one that’s going into Stevie Gs office.....
  3. Stevie?....Whits the chances of subbing me on for the last 10 mins, a wee run out in front of the people?
  4. it was your ex, she's a fruit cake 😬
  5. Jesper Christiansen, a £2 million goalkeeper ??
  6. Greenock Morton, 3-0 win in the 2nd round of the coca cola cup, mccoist and hateley scored the others.
  7. Who did Paul Gascoigne score his first competitive goal for Rangers against?
  8. Stefan Klos ??.......the only player to play in all of Rangers 50 games
  9. Who was Rangers only ever present during the treble winning 2002-03 season?
  10. Scot Symon ?? joined Rangers from Portsmouth in August 1938. He made his debut the same month as another Ranger who would also become manager, the legendary Willie Waddell. Rangers hammered celtic 8-1 in 1943 during the traditional New Year fixture with Scot Symon playing his part.
  11. ^^^^^ all 3? Which of the following Rangers managers played for the club when they defeated celtic 8-1? Bill Struth William Wilton Graeme Souness Scot Symon
  12. Hateley - was he not brought back to wind up them, and got sent off?
  13. Gerrard to register himself as player manager, to rip the piss out lego muncher and girfuy brenda
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