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  1. What can I, just one guy, do? My support the last few years has made no difference whatsoever. Any support for any of the players in this shambles doesnt change anything. I've ways been one to put trust in people, but when that trust is betrayed, there's no going back. I wanted to believe in CG. His sound bites were music to my ears and was probably meant to be just that. The sad part now is that I don't think I can trust anyone again in relation to Rangers. I spent a lot of money trying to save the club, more than I could really afford if I'm being honest. Donating to RFFF, donating tickets, buying shares. It just feels like a line of people have been dipping my pockets. An very close to being finished with football altogether.
  2. I imagine another reason some guys are angry, is that an awful lot of people and maybe some who post on here, knew this was happening. But all we got was "trust me I know. They're at it" etc. If you know. Then fucking spill.
  3. Don't know about anyone else, but I was a lot calmer, before reading all this shit. I thought 2012 was my worst ever year, but 2013 is turning out to be much worse.
  4. Sure mate. Charles Green is a bad man. he started both world wars and invented concentration camps and introduced influenza and malaria to the human race. But we still have £10 Million quid and Mr McCoist is going to lead us to glory with attacking football and new signings to take our youngsters under their wings. Anyone at Rangers who;s name rhymes with breen is to be censured for media outbursts, but everyone else will do interviews with Traynor after a few months of rehearsing the correct answers. Think that's all for now.
  5. You got it. Played for mugs, as usual.
  6. Just finished the night shift. Four hours kip and then off I go. Last time I went to the game after a night shift, we scored 5. Same again please.
  7. A win is a win. Look at last years tournament. Who won that? Some feeder club I believe. I remember the beamers they had after their fist match in that competition. Hearts (SFL3 feeder club) 1 - 0 Auchinleck Talbot. If memory serves right too, Talbot should have scored an equaliser at the death, to take it to a replay. Perspective people!
  8. Now don't you go starting that again Angling season is over. NO FISHING!
  9. Oh yes. Lets all sing Kumbaya, whilst linking arms. It will be super exciting. And lets ban all those nasty sweary words too.
  10. What will be our colours on the day? Good opportunity to unveil the new away top?
  11. The boss let me take the night shift off as holiday at short notice. Thanks also for approving the leave for the home games I was scheduled to work. Cheers boss, I know you visit here. And to my area manager. Hope you and your old man will be there again this season. It's good when your bosses are all bluenoses.
  12. So no Knights to save us, but Perhaps King Billy Miller or King Billy Ng will fit the bill. The new King Billy. Whoever takes the reins at Ibrox they must arrive at the entrance on a white horse and wearing 17th century attire in a nice shade of orange, long wig and tricorne hat, Then slay the rebellious pressmen and onwards to attack the san giro. Thunk a need ma bed
  13. Fantastic attendance. Sitting at work humbled and envious.
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