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  1. We miss a sitter n they go up the park and score awful goalkeeping
  2. Very good debut. Against dross tbf. Should play next week and if he does well then I'd start him Hearts
  3. 2 and half year left on his contract. Maybe get that extended. Clubs will be sniffing about him
  4. Hes always been better centrally. That spell at the end of the season when him n Defoe were great, Gerrard stuck with it. Hes now realized wasnt working
  5. Taking time to get used to playing here. People writing him off already are idiots. You just have to look at Alfie, Borna and see sometimes it just takes time to settle.
  6. Game was crying out for Greg Stewart today and not Arfield who's played for the Canucks again
  7. Cant be pretty every game its 3 points. After an international break you take it. We will be better
  8. Before his injury he was superb. Goals and assists. If he can get back to where he was he will be an asset
  9. With Kent back it's time for him and Ojo to spend some time on the bench. Kent and Stewart should start Thursday
  10. Too many mistakes now. Benched time
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