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  1. Never a winger. Get him played centrally and we'll see how good he is
  2. Is Hill fit? Foderingham Tav Wilson Hill Wallace Forrestor Windass Hyndman McKay Garner Miller
  3. Spineless bastard. Don't even give him the youth gig
  4. Chasing a winner and get bring on Holt. Get yirself to fuck Murty
  5. we're fucking woeful
  6. McKay isn't a winger, Halliday is a awful footballer, Garner is rotten, Waghorns confidence is fucked and needs a run of games through the middle. Once again our midfield is non-existant. Toral cannae get a game ahead of Halliday and Holt, pish.
  7. We have no midfield. Our midfield has been missing aw season
  8. Cannae wait for Dodoo to come on and play right wing
  9. Our midfield is so feeble.
  10. Halliday playing. Two strikers out of position. Brutal
  11. Yet Danny Wilson sits on the bench, Baffling
  12. Why does that fud keep getting picked
  13. Forderingham Hodson Wilson Hill Wallace O'Hallaron Toral Hyndman McKay Garner Waghorn If only.
  14. Can someone tell me what the fucks happened. Just woke up