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  1. McGregor Tav Katic Helander Barisic Kamara Jack Aribo Arfield Defoe Ojo No need for mass change. Just a few. Davis needs a game off two big games recently, Defoe should start as been playing well as has Morelos Morelos tbf and Goldson could do with one to.
  2. Our best left back. Even in his poorest hes better than our other two "left backs".
  3. Davis and Jack are way to deep, they need to push further up the park.
  4. Hastie is a very good prospect . Good start down there.
  5. Was really good for us before his injury. Be interesting what he's like if he can get back to before his injury.
  6. Looked better when played centrally. Not his best game
  7. Hopefully now kicks in that certain songs just can’t be sung anymore and fans stop it. Can bitch about club doing this n that but end of the day club ask you not to sing certain songs. If you sing these songs at games then you’re spitting on everything Rangers. It’s selfish behaviour
  8. As title says. Anyone help me out. Through at fringe but want to see the game. Cheers
  9. Another team that cost us points last season and as much as I’d love to skelp them give me a 1-0 right now
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