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  1. Seems very evident from the barton situation that he couldn't handle criticism so what Cammy Bell is saying is hardly surprising and given the team selections it seemed like he had his favourites as well.
  2. Suspended for the game v them now. Great.
  3. Good finish from Garner there
  4. Looking nervous from the start.
  5. Given the financial gap at the moment that is probably the kind of manager that we need to be looking for. Not sure Rowett has the experience at a big club. Again I'm glad there are other candidates outwith the usual suspects interested in the job.
  6. Not very exciting but shows that there will be interest outside of the usual suspects mentioned for the job.
  7. I did wonder if he was going to be the third substitute today when we went 4-4-2 before Wallace went off injured.
  8. I reckon he'd be in for Foderingham and maybe Barrie McKay but that's probably it. Although he does seem to have a blindspot for Kiernan so maybe he could take him off our hands...
  9. Hung out to dry by Warburton pretty unfairly imo. He always went out about an open forum of discussion during analysis but clearly it was only if you agreed with him.
  10. Draws us out at home to Ayr/Clyde in the next round then announced as interim manager next week would set the tims off again hahaha
  11. For a guy who harped on about respect it is incredibly disrespectful to not even look at the dangers the opposition might pose.
  12. I'd think that they would given that this all happened during the week but the board meeting/announcement was only last night
  13. We could potentially see Bates.
  14. Their official account is @NFFC so it's fake.
  15. Given that it was apparently offered on Tuesday/Wednesday then you;d think the Board would have seeked legal advice already on this matter.