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  1. Barjonas and Wilson looking like they could be decent squad players for next year. Suspect Pedro might want to keep Windass as well.
  2. I think he's very much improved our defence on set pieces. I'm not a big fan of zonal marking myself but every time a corner came in under Warburton there was a good chance it was going in the back of the net. Now i feel far more confident that we will be able to defend it.
  3. Think it's meant to be a 4-2-3-1 but he's putting square pegs in round holes.
  4. He's trying to put square pegs in round holes. I agree that we can't judge him on performances with this crowd of shitebags signed by Warburton
  5. Wilson, Bates, Barjonas and Beerman should all start v St Johnstone. Far more heart and fight than any of those shitebags signed by Warburton.
  6. I don't think it will be that hard to get rid of some of them but probably for very little money. Some mid table league 1 sides will sign them. Charlton are already interested Hodson, Crooks seemed to be doing ok at Scunthorpe before his injury so I don't think it would be unreasonable to think that we ould get rid of Waghorn, Forrester, Windass, Kiernan etc Law & Black managed to get clubs down theres its not unthinkable.
  7. I think his agent is definitely testing the water. Can we afford to turn down a player of that quality, on a free, who seemingly wants to be here?
  8. The only good thing is that I think we might actually be able to get rid of a lot of this shite. They are mostly mid-table league 1 standard and there's probably a lot of those teams who would take them.
  9. Europa League qualifiers start at the end of June so surely that's can't be a huge surprise to the players?
  10. The ticket information part of the website says so hopefully soon
  11. Too tactically naive and stubborn to become a top, or even a good, manager.
  12. I assumed he was the guy Murty was talking about when he said he was getting help from someone? Maybe the tickets were a thank you.
  13. If we get players near him to support him then it could work. Boyata and Sviachenko are poor defenders.
  14. A performance I didn't think we had in us. Well done Graeme Murty.
  15. Its what I would've done tbh. Celtic are very strong down that left side with Sinclair & Tiernay.