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  1. Would love to have went back to Germany. Leipzig was a great trip (apart from the football)
  2. His pals in the media are all desperate for him to get the job as well. The irony of Liewells lapdogs destroying 9iar would be incredible.
  3. Would have been better if they were playing us next week instead I reckon but it’s probably too far gone now
  4. They have a massive rebuild in the summer. No manager and four rounds of champions league qualifiers to try get through
  5. Were Rangers not one of the teams who were involved in setting up the Champions League?
  6. So in the last few weeks we’ve heard that being racist and calling someone a paedo and now being sectarian and calling someone a paedo is the same. Wonder what connects these...
  7. Hibs were 2/1 before it even though they’ve been in good form. Assume it was because they haven’t one at Tynecastle for a while?
  8. I might be in a minority here but i like Worrall. Yes he has his moments but he generally reads the game quite well. If we can sign him for £2-4million I would do it. In a couple of seasons we’d be able to double that easily selling him back to the championship.
  9. Hope we can keep hold of him in the summer. Our most important player.
  10. Hope we can keep hold of Tav in the summer. So influential to almost all of the good play we have going forward.
  11. Got inside the ground to see Kevin Clancy warming up. Could be a long night if he lets hearts away with some of the fouls he let Considine and McKenna away with the other week.
  12. Scott Brown seems to have learned the art of being hit in the chest but falling to the ground holding your face well from his manager.
  13. That would help but I think they have a few loans / out of contracts and I can’t seelennon replacing them with an quality. Hope they spunk 6-10 million on McKenna and then get pumped out the champions league
  14. We need to turn the draws against Hibs, killie and Aberdeen to win the league. Not losing at the piggary. Lennon stays and we win the league
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