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  1. I’ve not had a league one yet - only Livi in the cup.
  2. Bagpipes should be banned. That sound is annoying as fuck
  3. Watched the highlights of the Saints - Texans game. Looked like it was a brilliant game
  4. Going to the same game. Was looking forward to seeing Antonio Brown play but oh well...
  5. It’s shite but at least it’s real football with passion and proper rivalry and hatred.
  6. Totally agree and it’s not something I can see being resolved for generations.
  7. I find it quite sad what has become of the national team as someone who used to enjoy going to Scotland games many years ago but years of the hijacking of the Scottish identity by the independence movement and the bitter, backwards thinking of the Lawwell-led SFA for the benefit of one team only is finally coming to fruition.
  8. Right call from Gerrard imo. Madden would have Morelos nullified within 10 minutes by booking him
  9. He’s been chasing shadows the last couple of games against us because he’s been up against good footballers.
  10. They seem to be going down the route of ”we’ll score more than we let in”. I always think having a good defence is very important over the course of a season.
  11. I wonder whether he will go for Defoe on Sunday or not. If madden books Morelos early one of our greatest assets is nullified but then again their defence is threadbare at the minute so Alfie could run riot.
  12. I don’t believe Tom Boyd is as smart as that, he is a nutter who believes this nonsense. celtic backing him is all part of applying pressure in the media. Hartson, Sutton and McNamara will all have their bit to say before next Sunday as well.
  13. Cannae wait to see Tav run at that left back in a couple of weeks.
  14. I’ll start taking lessons in morality from the Scottish media when they stop being complicit in the airbrushing of paedophilia
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