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  1. Cannae wait to see Tav run at that left back in a couple of weeks.
  2. I’ll start taking lessons in morality from the Scottish media when they stop being complicit in the airbrushing of paedophilia
  3. Best - The Emirates Worst - the London Stadium. It’s an alright stadium but terrible for watching football and atmosphere and getting out at the end. Took over an hour to get back to the train station at Westfield.
  4. And I thought Celtics PR was meant to be decent hahahahaha
  5. He’s been saying the same on his podcast with Grado. It’s actually a good listen. Quite funny.
  6. Seems like the media is turning against them as it’s too big for their PR to control. That doesn’t seem like an investigation that they are doing, from the information in that statement it seems like the insurer is assessing any potential liability. You have to wonder how long it will be before the SNP politicians turn as well before it turns toxic for them?
  7. Read on twitter earlier that apparently he’s reffed celtic against Hearts in cup competitions 5 times and on all 5 occasions he’s given celtic a penalty. Not sure if it is true but it sounds as if it would be.
  8. You have to wonder how he came to be included? Greg Docherty has been playing well in the exact same league but I doubt he was even considered.
  9. Totally agree and it will takes years and a significant mindset change for Scotland to start to catch up.
  10. There’s a real lack of quality in that squad. Majority of it made up of mid-table Scottish Premiership teams. Scotland should be aiming to be in a group of country’s just under your big nations in order to qualify for things alongside the likes of Austria, Serbia etc but they all have players playing in the biggest leagues across Europe.
  11. Lennon wants to offer Lustig a new deal and says the Champions League doesn’t matter and Lawwell saying they don’t need a major squad overhaul 😂😂 We really need to get it right this summer.
  12. Hope that’s the end of that scummy club
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