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  1. Liverpool result would have bust a few coupons today.....mine was 1 of them!!
  2. @The Moonlighter trying to donate, but getting the dreaded 404 error link not found.
  3. Whilst I am not a fan of SD in any way, why would Castore not maximise the potential of our top being seen and bought by SD customers. At the end of the day people will buy it because it is a Rangers top - not because it is a Castore top. The more sales...the more money for the Club.
  4. I'll give you 100/30 there will be some wondering why you are learning about little white mints
  5. since footy been back I have had a nightmare. Went for first goal scorer to be 'Black Lives Matter' in the Aston Villa game on Weds and lost!! Couldn't tip a fkn wheel-barrow at this rate.
  6. You're well in profit mate....hardly a tit
  7. C'mon @hammer93 we're on tenterhooks here
  8. not another horse in the frame when he passed the line. awesome...... come on Cue Card
  9. Be interested to know when the last sfa board meeting was. The decision to drop their unwinnable case would have been taken at that meeting.
  10. A more correct headline would have been 'Rangers Were Right' But that's never happening, is it?
  11. possibly semantics...but an 'award' is the result of a decision made by others. A 'win' is achieved by beating competitors. Have they won the league?
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