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  1. Should we get a ticket price reduction because of.....

    I'm happy for any savings to go back into the club. These would also include less damage to seats (800 instead of 7000), toilets etc etc.
  2. Gerrard mobbed at airport.

    Where's he going?
  3. sfa bigot exposed

    HOME» SPORT» FOOTBALL» TEAMS» celtic 'Smelly' celtic fans told to improve their personal hygiene by club official Letters sent to a section of fans in the main stand at celtic Park says that the smell is 'impacting on fans' match experience' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daily Telegraph - 2015
  4. F*cking sick of it

  5. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    question I always ask...be it restaurant, theatre, races....would I go back again? Hoping your answer would be yes. That's the fun of a race course
  6. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Most of all.....................have some fun at the races
  7. Where's Murty gone?

  8. New kit delay ?

    This is what SLO is telling us Players will have kit in time for Europa We wont be able to buy it in time for Europa We wont be able to buy it in early Summer But it will be out well before Christmas Club have done fantastic Next year the kit launch will be fine Next year there shouldn't be anything to get in the way of kit launch
  9. New kit delay ?

    not having pop at u G...more of our esteemed SLO...and how he is such a master of words
  10. New kit delay ?

    That's contradictory. 'Will be' and 'Should be' are two totally different statements.
  11. New kit delay ?

    so there could be
  12. The Five Way Agreement

    I'm assuming that one wont be an agreement then?
  13. BBC Article

    There can be no excuse not to deal with allegations as serious as this (and the Club is not looking to hide this in any way), however, for me the point is in the timing of the reporting. "News" by my dictionary is "Interesting recent happenings or the reporting of those events in the mass media." I would like to know when the interview with 'David' took place...and why was it not reported the day after? Of course I say I'd like to know......but I already suspect I know the answer to the latter.