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  1. Tavs best game for a long while ...love the seamless editing!!
  2. hope we write a cheque, crumple it up and throw it thru uefa's window
  3. interesting to see the different approaches to 'provocation' as viewed by sfa.............Halliday yellow-carded...and sent off.....for a fist pump in the centre circle...was deemed 'provocative'....and this rat tying scarves to opponents goal-posts.......
  4. Donation made. Good luck
  5. Mkfrt fyyoresd bth awwdre kljjhu. Pttuloy cftol drrthcxsde bkmnsk qaarwt vbnndty.
  6. 3-0 will be ft score......
  7. great shout...........and thank you
  8. there's consequences for actions what more needs to be said
  9. appears PC not quite the one who can unlock the talents of Waggy...at least, not based on that performance
  10. that's my 5-0 and 6-0 out the window.....mind you, 2-0 was 8/1
  11. If Teletext = Auld Farts ... what the hell are we who can remember the letters around the pitch where they put half-time scores from other games? (you needed to have a programme to know which letter was for which game) Now Teletext...that WAS hi-tech in comparison
  12. Seem to recall Terry Butcher was a great captain for us as soon as he arrived...having been captain at Ipswich
  13. but happy.......... haven't read 6 pages to see if anyone else says the same
  14. bad end to the season too....cant buy a winner