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  1. Even the St Josephs players moved around for their team photo so that is was the backdrop for them. Great display guys.
  2. apparently it looks like you're running faster with white socks on....that's why Advocaat used them. don't like them myself......particularly with black trousers and black shoes
  3. the side panels on the Copland and Broomloan look a lot better
  4. Where's VAR when you need it??
  5. Why is VAR only enforcing the keeper rule at penalties? There are at least 10 outfield players encroaching for this one. That should be bookings and retake also
  6. I was fortunate enough to pipe at the unveiling of his statue in 2013 by his son. Was a very humbling experience and so good to meet the many veterans that also turned out.
  7. ur obviously an oldie like me....i was waiting for someone to ask "what's a disco?"
  8. I think we would also have been Champs if the goals were 10yds wide instead of 8.
  9. Well done DB......great effort. Donation made. 👍
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