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  1. PC can be criticised for tactics...but no Rangers manager should ever need to motivate a team against them. Our players did not want the fight today. Simple as. I can handle being beaten...but not when we didn't try our guts out or ran ourselves into the ground trying.
  2. looking for the fight in the 2nd half....its been missing so far
  3. worst half of the season........but only 1 down. not out of it yet
  4. in terms of what they are trying to say...I think I know where they are coming from
  5. call me old fashioned...but I don't think any referee goes onto the park with the intention of giving one team more decisions than the other................. now....where's that tin hat? we play well....we score....we don't concede.....another final
  6. I didn't.... but best of luck to you.......love hearing when bookies get spanked!!
  7. i know we only got one point...but the main point is.....wee Josh looked great....and he's had a fab day to remember... well done GB....again
  8. my first memory of the GN as a kid was when my dad had money on Red Alligator to win in 1968....and not many horses finished. Red Alligator won...and it was a happy walk to the bookies (Bet365 wasn't around then)
  9. drink too much alcohol use cocaine punch a guy on the head hit a female with a chair attempt to punch another person who is at their place of work (and where you have committed another offence just to get to them) sentence is a joke. no debate.
  10. perfect ride
  11. At last!!!! a bloody winner at 10s
  12. all of the cake....or bit of the cake? always difficult
  13. Bastard......beat Douvan...and still don't win!!
  14. and the commentator blamed the jockeys language!! now now mr starter