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  1. put a few quid on him being next Watford manager last week...16/1 he deserves the PL
  2. gone for a cheeky double that a penalty will be scored tonight and one again in FA cup
  3. I just love how some posters want to highlight the achievements of our enemies
  4. considering the number of 'coughs'.....does it really matter?
  5. I'm in....awaiting paypal details nothing like being 'named and famed'
  6. only audio problem is we can hear you
  7. sounds like he will be bringing in a number of overseas players who he 'knows'
  8. so it's a true piece of journalism...agreed...and a rarity these days. what story exactly would you write that would be a massive positive for Rangers right now?
  9. I wonder how many players Warburton will come after in transfer window thought not
  10. at least i lost at a good price!!
  11. something not right with the horse...eased right down and trotted in last.........ah well, that's how today was . onwards we go....
  12. whatever happened to an employees right to 28 days annul leave?
  13. yup....that's what we need
  14. PC can be criticised for tactics...but no Rangers manager should ever need to motivate a team against them. Our players did not want the fight today. Simple as. I can handle being beaten...but not when we didn't try our guts out or ran ourselves into the ground trying.