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  1. Tell that to Andy Halliday............... he was inside the centre circle..and didn't even score the goal!!
  2. Bound to be....with the Famous playing
  3. "The tournament comprises matches between teams of seven players per side on a pitch that is approximately 90 metres in length by 55 metres in width. There shall be no application of the offside law." thought the same when he was thru on his own
  4. 1/4 final place tomorrow
  5. competition website is http://www.hksoccersevens.com/matches-2019/
  6. yet again the offender declares them-self to be the victim becoming a regular thing in Scotland
  7. By the way, what time does Flanagan get told he's guilty and gets a 2 match ban?
  8. our fitness levels have gone thru the roof under SG our shape and effort has improved now we just need consistency...the final piece of the jigsaw
  9. You're right, they cant....according to the rules. Doesn't mean to say it wont happen tho
  10. Flanagan should have scored a 2nd half hat-trick.......................just to rub it in........they still moaning about his yellow
  11. cant be a penalty when the balls not in fckn play u idiot
  12. good half from us.....but they will get a couple of chances. we need to bang in another or two
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