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  1. It's not going to spoil my day, but that coverage was utter pish from Sky. Listening to David "cannae think of more than 1 or 2 textbook questions" Tanner interview Walter and Davie Weir was uncomfortable as usual then cutting to adverts as The Drifters came on! Only saw about 30 secs of the players lap of honour too... Producers obviously too busy wanking over the premiership...which is a foregone conclusion anyway. Fuck you, we're havin' a party!!
  2. Ally "The Tinkerman" McCoist with a few positional changes...we only need wan chance!
  3. I like what Walter/Ally has done here...this is Utd's biggest game of the season and their preparations will have anticipated dealing with the Boyd-Miller partnership, Davis' runs from midfield etc. In this case, hopefully, change can only be good. Plus some of them will still be fooked after Sunday! Fancy Girafferty to silence his critics!
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