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  1. 2 great/resilient/proud/wonderful/hard cities
  2. Nah its heartbreaking but imagine that game now
  3. The Leeds game is unbelievable, bossing the best team in england , to think of the gulf now because of money is sickening
  4. I'm not gonna embarrass myself all over the bd, you read my PM reply there or get back in your yellow bus and clean the windows
  5. pm system must be broke for you
  6. you're from parkhead ya fucking mongo , dont understand why you try act all billy big baws as you turn into a blubbering mess as soon as its into a PM to sort it
  7. hes like big sassa on crack
  8. I would guess every player will have a personal training regime to carry out at home so technically still working
  9. Seen LG said who ever designed it deserved sent too wuhan and anycunt who bought it the same
  10. Btts for another 18 is my only real shot now
  11. I like hertha but hate seeing that fenian bastard playing for them
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