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  1. Seasons not done for some teams
  2. 2 in serious condition after trouble at gallowgate 20 and 50 year old , love taig on taig fighting
  3. Mate I'm needing backup here , the heavy , heavy team are rolling down from cmilk
  4. Fuck indigo , this is a first bus thread now
  5. Time the 46 gets here I will be pushing up daisies ffs
  6. I was spawned there , its shite mate
  7. Same as killie , tell them too put it in writing for next 5 year , rolling contract
  8. Ibiza is amazing mate but goes from 5 star celebrity hotspot too shit heap , San an has some great bits and prob the best sunsets in the world at parts , but also pure scum in others , surprised at players tbh because they look like they've went from ocean beach ( pretty fancy , €20-30 a drink etc ) too the strip were your getting 2 drinks a shot and bottle schnapps for €10
  9. Sorry but not sorry is what I took from that
  10. Tbf too inigo the west end strip in San Antonio is like them going too easterhouse or castlemilk for a few pints if back here , I loved it when younger but your always 2 mins away from rolling about with cunts
  11. 2 quotes , triggered
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