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  1. What's your point then ? Just say what you mean and stop speaking in riddles
  2. Mourinho didn't buy a house in Manchester, van dijk doesn't own a house in liverpool , Ronaldo doesn't own property in Italy, it's far from un common
  3. I just think most of it isn't down too our players thinking "I better not go in hard here because of the ref" they seem to have never been so up for a game since then , Aberdeen was the only game we came close too reaching it again , imo it's just a case of who carrys the can for it , players or manager
  4. We weren't powder puff against the tarriers though , we can be physical without being dirty
  5. Tbh it doesn't really matter what he says as he has repeatedly said 1 thing then done another , mccrorie was a warrior who had earned the jersey to then be dropped completely, and once players cant take a manager's words as the truth there is gonna be problems ,
  6. That's down too McGregor being an actual keeper though we still get cut open constantly and look like schoolboys with some of mistakes made
  7. What signs ? We are a 1 man team who still cant defend , again pedro signs duds and is slaughtered , Gerrard has excuses made for his signings , it's just another flip flop
  8. I've not said theres no improvement, is it enough considering the cost though and it really doesn't look like it , I'm not gonna defend pedro because he should have never been in the job in the first place but the first game at the piggery this season could have easily been a pumping and Gerrard being beat in the cups is written off as can happen to anyone , again why the flip flop ?
  9. Hes been backed more than any manager since then too and we are 1 point better off than last year ? But the idea of backing the manager last season seen people getting slaughtered , We should be going into next season needing 2 or 3 proper quality players from winning the league but instead we still need half a team but that's all just ignored and written off as players needing time , again last season giving players time too come good wasn't an option , Warburton is always slaughtered for ignoring the defence but Gerrard has completely ignored our creativity problems but again that's ignored or overlooked and it makes no sense
  10. Nobody is wanting Walter back ffs that is made up nonsense , why cant the people who have flip flopped on what is acceptable and decided we must now stick with a manager and give them time say why Gerrard is that man ?
  11. That's my point though , what are people seeing that makes them think Gerrard is worth sticking by ? Btw I don't actually want him gone and think we need back him and with all the money we can scrape together but I don't mind admitting that's it's in total hope
  12. Remember when bp9 was just a delusional cunt etc when he repeatedly wanted too back managers when there wasn't much too indicate sticking with them would change anything , why has that suddenly all changed
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