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  1. Running just as fast as we can
  2. Fenian bastards
  3. Can't remember it all mate but Gazza, Laudrup, and a few more Rangers things , they also had man u , liverpool , few decent pairs signed boxing gloves n stuff , ranged from about £50 too a cpl hundred
  4. A bit off topic but I was in Costco a cpl weeks ago and they had some great signed stuff , Gazza, Laudrup etc
  5. Will have a bet on Ajax, really fucking hope they do them
  6. He wanted the move down south
  7. Yeah I agree and would be good do something , I'm just against bringing in all the video stuff
  8. It's just human instinct too try avoid injury
  9. Allardyce is a fat wank and his rant about this was a load of shite
  10. That's a fucking joke but sadly it sums this season and this squad up , really can't wait till we are rid of them all
  11. Just can't wait till Sunday and get this season in the bin
  12. Fucking get stuck in now
  13. Hd , they can't even stick a fucking clock and scoreboard on the screen
  14. When we pump them next season it might finally push him over the edge, imagine we beat them too win the league
  15. Belter your just a fat wee Jay ya cunt