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  1. 6 month loan , plays well for about 20 mins in a few games , shambles
  2. Check out fucking rosa parks
  3. Shambles there wasn't something
  4. Yeah I don't think it's there but it's only solution
  5. Money , it's the only answer
  6. Emo is a passenger
  7. Hey I want your likes for posting it first
  8. Has garner touched the ball
  9. Fair enough mate your entitled to your opinion on it all , I'm a scumbag though so can't get offended at stuff
  10. Mate they will always find something , they hate us it's that simple , somebody posted a pic of a sticker outside queen st mocking the 66 , haven't seen a sun story on that ? Why = because it's not us
  11. South upper
  12. @Scottywellhousetb where you out with the paint last night
  13. Their the pioneers of the sporting world with the greatest of atmospheres who we should - fuck it , fuck the pope and all of his followers
  14. Yeah hopefully with the right investment and stuff we could have as big a derby as that 1 day , proper family clubs who realise it's just a game , you think that's who our inspiration should be @Sweetheart ?
  15. Yeah we could learn so much from the USA, I have made myself a half n half scarf for today , and hope we can be like rugby fans in the future and all sit together , think we should do a deal with the x factor or something where their acts perform the half time show too , imagine the positive publicity