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  1. I just dont wanna seem ungrateful or anything mate , response has been amazing and everyone has went well over and above , special thanks to @Dan Deacon
  2. Its just more than enough mate , I will be eternally grateful but worry that there could be somebody else needing the support now or in the future and I wouldn't wanna cost someone else this amazing support
  3. I just wanna say thanks again and honestly the threads could be locked up now and I will be forever grateful to anyone who donated or just sent their wishes , it really is so appreciated, I'm not on ff but it's not a surprise to see that message , sad that dingwall is supposed to be a brother but my own lodge will be there in good numbers I'm sure
  4. Just wanna say thanks again, honestly overwhelmed with the support from this place, we really are the people
  5. Cheers mate ups and downs but just getting through each day just now
  6. I just wanna say thanks to everyone, pretty lost for words at everyone's kindness and generosity
  7. Its fucking spineless as fuck but where is the media team etc , surely somecunt should be standing up and saying we cant print that
  8. Jesus fuck , how long does it last before it stops just being a blip
  9. Players know they can get a decent move if they do well in Europe
  10. Banned from Europe next year for singing 10 German bombers
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