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  1. I'm in
  2. The comments on fb are always brilliant , yobs drinking pints
  3. Just seen a post on ibrox loyal fb page from the coppers saying how great the support was which I thinks brilliant compared too how were portrayed in this cesspit ,
  4. I've bought all the cup games mate but never made 1 of the games, they likely to go with tickets bought or card actually activated
  6. Scouse bastards
  7. I like his comment about set pieces , it's something we have needed sorted for a long time
  8. Shite , terrible ride
  9. 10 on sizing John there , thank fuck , also got it in a £5 double with on the fringe
  10. Shite , needed diamond king to save my day
  11. Bastard , bad jump 2 out for top notch fucked it
  12. It's got too be some wank playing the big " look at me / printing cash " routine
  13. The guy who bet the 400k on altior yesterday , put the 500k he got back on douvan today
  14. Went for shattered love in the first