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  1. @The Dude away from the football , do you know if the young boy took away in the chair down at the ub corner is ok ?
  2. Young coombes looks brilliant, constantly on the move , harassing defenders , working back etc
  3. Yeah he was good , didn't think there was any poor performances tbf , edmundson looked great I just wasnt counting the senior guys
  4. I thought Patterson, barjonas and Kennedy all looked like stand outs
  5. It says 2 on the website mate , would have thought it would be open later today but not certain
  6. I just phoned the ticket office mate and the guys said there is definitely gonna be pay at the gate , he said it will be sandy jardine front and they will post on the website etc later this morning the exact gate numbers
  7. I just go too ibrox 1 week then parkhead the next tbh
  8. Did you get an answer on whether pay at the gate was definitely happening
  9. Gut wrenching thinking of all we went through
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