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  1. Fucking 94th min yellow fucked me in that wolves game , on a stinking run and made it worse by upping stakes to try claw it back
  2. Fuck that , players should get 1 kit this season and its up to them to wash it
  3. Can we not wait and see what happens with cup games before getting annoyed about it
  4. think it also said a lot that gerrard blanked him when he went off
  5. Would have honestly been as well having a morelos weeble up front today
  6. Nah being 90 mins from a quarter final is flogging last seasons dead horse
  7. The hope for me is that the club will hopefully be in a better position next season and they throw us a free friendly or cup game etc onto the st as a way of thanks
  8. Would the guys who stay abroad and buy the rtv season ticket maybe not be losing out here as do they not pay about 300 for the season ? Imo thats the only comparison you can really look at , don't know what they get on top of games etc though , I can understand both sides of the argument, personally I'm just at the we need to just accept whatever decisions they make now
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