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  1. @LaudrupsPatrickBoots @ForeverAndEver think he means you 2
  2. Terrible news , what a fight he put up though , rest easy Fernando
  3. I'm not even sure what hes so raging about ? Nobody has said it's not disgusting or out of order etc
  4. Cool so your just a bit of a snowflake who is selective in what's offensive
  5. Harvey price ? Theres plenty of other examples too , main point is the guys greeting that his family and friends shouldn't need to potentially read the nasty words, its selective offense
  6. What about maddie McCann jokes ? Pages of them in the ot , you want us all named and shamed , works contacted etc ? Or Johnny doyle jokes ?
  7. I obv dont know for definite but I imagine with gdpr being such a big thing now that a company wouldn't/couldn't tell you if somebody worked there or not
  8. We really need to stop worrying about the epl and their money etc , yeah its shit but its not gonna change , What the spfl (government)should be doing is trying to become more like the Bundesliga where the game is more affordable (ticket prices and free public transport ) stopping treating football fans like scum which in turn will encourage more families
  9. ger4life_1872

    FIFA 20

    Demo is shite , run in behind , thru ball , goal and repeat
  10. I had him on for a brace too , wrongly gave offside aswell when he made a great run
  11. Nah I've said before I think its bullshit or there would be loads of screenshots of the chat going about , Its either naive or daft as fuck though to claim he hasn't been in court or jail for it so that's proof it's not true
  12. I dont really need to want it to be true , it's true anyone with eyes can see that , what I want is someone to give me a context that makes it acceptable
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