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  1. Raging now that firmino goal got chopped off
  2. Nah hands up it's stupid, too engrossed in toy story 4 😂
  3. Was 130 odds cash out about 90 mins aswell , bastards
  4. It wasnt , 2 games in a row hes played against pure shite , embarrassed himself by diving against cunts that wash camels for a living and was shite tonight against guys that prob done atleast a half shift in work today
  5. Fucking needed another stranraer booking , cant believe the cunt didn't get booked for the 1 on aribo first half
  6. That fat wank Brazil keeps banging on about he should be in the euros squad
  7. Close thread @administrator , it's been declared a fact
  8. Because i would rather we told polster and Flanagan to fuck off this window
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