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  1. ger4life_1872


    His posts have been deleted , was the Wallace and miller fined thread "Wallace and miller can both fuck off and die" I think was the exact quote , but everyone over uses that colloquialism don't they
  2. ger4life_1872

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    They've lost their 2 home games mate so it's prob best going there now , then hope they rest players by the time our home game comes , draw would be a brilliant result, don't see there being many goals
  3. ger4life_1872


    Flip flop
  4. ger4life_1872


    It just shows you up as a fucking mongo who deserves laughed at
  5. ger4life_1872


  6. ger4life_1872

    The Boxing News Thread

    Corrupt as fuck
  7. ger4life_1872

    The Boxing News Thread

    What time is the main fight likely too be , prob gonna just set an alarm instead of staying up
  8. ger4life_1872

    Rangers 10/1

    It's 1 point in 3 games mate , drew away too sevilla, lost 2 at home
  9. ger4life_1872


    Yeah you did say
  10. ger4life_1872

    Ticket Office-is this a new rule?

    Think it's to stop ppl getting a reprint , then using that and season ticket so 2 ppl can get into stadium
  11. ger4life_1872

    Rangers 10/1

    Be interesting see how they get on Sunday , been a really poor start for them
  12. ger4life_1872

    Ticket Advice

    No the standing section is gonna be the copland front
  13. ger4life_1872

    Stephen Kelly

    Boys clearly got no respect for the manager
  14. ger4life_1872

    Buckle up troops

    Don't feed the cowardly troll