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  1. Was it him that posted about the fixtures because he's got a tarrier mate at the sfa
  2. Rosco has been on the lambrini
  3. Yeah that's a bastard
  4. What's this mate ? Is it gone for good ?
  5. So the tarriers jumped back in time and made a banner after the linfield fans were singing , fucking laughable
  6. Spain getting pumped in semi final
  7. Remember they painted 'haha66' less than 100 mts from our stadium and it was hardly mentioned , yet this stuff is front page national news
  8. Wait , it was the oo who done it ?
  9. Stinking cheating French cunts can fuck off
  10. That's the only way of making watching this worth it
  11. Fenian bastards
  12. Was it not a flag pole
  13. Is petitions what Canadians do when angry ?
  14. Only caught the end of him but was praising the fan base and basically saying we deserved better for the numbers we travel in etc