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  1. Not seen rainfall like that overnight in a very long time. Rained my entire shift with no sign of stopping. Whats it been like in Glasgow? Unless Braga fancy playing us at water polo, then I have no idea how our pitch is going to handle this.
  2. On the website. Bonkers decision. How the fuck are supporters clubs expected to arrange transport at less than a days notice?
  3. Not read the whole thread, so apologies if it's already been mentioned. The linesman at the Stevenson/Alfie incident must have thought the wee man was going to pull a knife from his shorts the way he charged onto the field to block him off. Only when Morelos has been fouled do linesmen in particular (aswell as refs) charge in like that.
  4. Will he be better than Prodan?
  5. I appreciate what you are saying mate, but the stats prove that we are not struggling most of the time. Only 3 times over the season have we managed only 1 goal against park the bus sides. St. Mirren twice and Killie on boxing day. Most of the time we score 2 or more against this set up now. Just see Accies, Hearts, sheep at Ibrox etc.... No team can win every game comfortably. It's just the nature of the game that we are going to have ti grind out tight wins. Last season we were drawing/losing a lot more of these types of games. So to say we are standing still is definitely not the case imo.
  6. I mentioned this in another thread yesterday. What team that has parked the bus against us in the league this season have we not scored against? The answer is none. We have scored 2,3,4,5 or 6 in 15 of our 20 league games so far. People are judging this seasons team by last seasons standards imo. We might not score barrow loads against everyone, but we are getting the job done more often than not.
  7. TheCutch

    New song

  8. Bang on mate. The 1 goal slogs against Killie and St. Mirren earn you the same points as the 5 goal victories over the sheep and the Edinburgh clubs we have had this season. There will need to be a few more of these kind of victories aswell if we are getting 55 this season, so folk better get strapped in for the ride.
  9. Had nobody of any note in that department since Mendes, and the Hammer before him. It's a bit infuriating that we are managed by one of the best of all time at it aswell. Some might say it's becoming a lost art in many ways. Sadly....
  10. Of course it won't mate. Our best sides of all time struggled to beat the leagues weaker teams at times over a long season.
  11. We need consistency. We need to learn how to turn tight games from draws into wins. We need to be able to win when teams have no interest in attacking. We need to stop conceding stupid goals. We need to be able to win more than 3 or 4 games in a row. All of the above were said (rightly) on many occasions last season as to why we didn't end up closer to the tims at the end. P- 20 W- 17 D- 2 L- 1 For- 54 Against- 11 Think we have ticked all the boxes so far. Another 3pts and we move onto Sunday.
  12. That would have been my main fear aswell mate, had it not been for the performance at easter rd. That was a massive turning point in my confidence levels that night. To do that without Alfie and Davis against (imo) the 4th best team in our league, showed just how focused we are this season.
  13. When Niko PLAYS, I think of Arnold in The Terminator.
  14. If you think we are comparable as a team this season, to last season, then you crack on mate. I have no fears of Hearts.
  15. Have I been asleep for a few weeks? Last time I looked, Hearts were (by 5pts) the worst team in our league. If Hamilton, Ross C or St Mirren were rock bottom of the league, would we be having a debate about whether or not we could beat them with 1 promising youth player in the team? I know they drew with us earlier in the season, but we could not have played worse if we tried that day. We will beat them with or without young Nathan.
  16. Leckie calling anyone a waster. ­čÖł Oh the fucking irony.
  17. On the subject of our 150th. As soon as we start advertising/promoting that in the next year or so, then anyone currently out of work should contact the advertisement standards agency as they will need to double their staff to handle the complaints and bile being spouted by every rhabid tarrier out there. That, coupled with us being back on top will cause meltdowns of epic proportions accross this country.
  18. You weren't found "wanting" with that post mate.
  19. Probably lapped young Kai and by the way they focus on him and the laughter, he was probably just about to lap the others aswell when it ended. Honestly, if football was fitness based only Doc would be world class.
  20. TheCutch

    Kris Boyd

    My favourite from him on the 29th was when Commons mentioned that Alfie hadn't scored again. He told him that he was the same in these fixtures and he used to just say "I will score the goals against everyone else, and leave scoring against them to Kenny" ­čśé­čśé­čśé
  21. A guy who has been a scumbag on and off the park his whole life versus a boy who plays with heart and conviction. One bankrupt himself gambling while the other set up a charity foundation for the under priveleged kids of his homeland. Yip, at 23yrs of age, Alfie is already 1000 times the man Chris Sutton ever was, or ever could hope to be.
  22. You have no idea how much I wish that was true. ­čśé­čśé
  23. I started going to games in 83-84 season mate, so never really seen doddy in the flesh for us, sadly. Souness would obviously have made a starting 11 based on career alone, but I went with performances in our shirt over each players time. ­čĹŹ
  24. Goram Stevens Gough Butcher Robertson Laudrup McCall Gazza Walters McCoist Hateley Subs: Klos Numan B Ferguson Albertz Cooper Van Bronckhorst Mols Tried to balance as much as I could, and a midfield with God, Gazza and Walters needs a ball winner, and wee McCall just pips Ian Ferguson in that role for me. So many I had to sadly leave out.
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