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  1. ***The Official Falkirk v Rangers Thread***

    Professional job done didnt play gr8 but i was never worried at any point in the game. next game cant come quick enough
  2. What Other Teams Do You Support (If Any)?

    only support Rangers as its the only club I give money to end off but teams i like to watch barcalona, Real Madrid, Santos, Dortmund.
  3. Kevin Kyle thread

    think this is a decent signing if he stays fit. think we got to remember that these away games arent played on good pitches we wont be able to play the passing game to what we can at home. so long balls upto kyle or big lee is what is goin to happen in most of these games
  4. Weird Coincidence

    the OP might be right but am damn sure if it was really bad news the bbc and newspapers would be hammering us.
  5. Maximising our revenue?

    its a good idea but really how many people are goin to go to ibrox to watch an away game on a big screen plus the money the club would have to pay for the police, stewards, staff wouldnt be worth it unless we get 15000+ which isnt goin to happen.
  6. My Solution to no European Football

    its a good idea but to ask teams from greece or turkey to come here for a friendly when they could have a big game on the saturday wouldnt work. why dont on sum champions league nyts we play friendlys against the EPL teams not in europe
  7. would love mols back what a player that guy was
  8. Savage?

    his main attribute when he was a player was he would run all day and get stuck in nowadays he wouldnt last half a game would rather give young players a chance. We already got exp in midfield with black or can drop Jig back in there and kafes if we sign him. Thanks for the offer but no thanks
  9. we will never get into england our best bet is to start a European league with the likes of Ajax etc etc
  10. Sword & Shield signs

    Welcome dean shiels SPL diddy teams will be sick
  11. Couple of questions/opinions....

    am very optimistic i think we will be unbeaten in the league. with the signings were looking to bring in a would give us a decent chance to win the league or scotish cup. dark days still ahead until the clowns at the sfa/spl decide we have been punished enough fannys we will be stronger financially and in years time we will be back to dominating scotish football WATP
  12. Filip Sebo

    i think he is a good player just was trying to hard to impress when he was here probs sounds bit stupid. think alot of players are like that just have to look at torres and carrol they try hard but nothing seems to work.
  13. Real Radio Football Phone In

    used to listen to it before they had 25 advert breaks in a 2 hour show
  14. VB Minutes from RFFF last night

    Q - If you were at our (the supporters) side of the table would you buy a ST? A – Ally responded, “In a heartbeat…..” that says enough for me alot might not trust green but everyone trusts ally IN ALLY WE TRUST
  15. Green for Go now

    dont know why you think hes trying to con them either he gets 20 mill now for the club or in 3/4 years he gets 20m or more when he eventually sells