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  1. How much are they mate? Didn't realise this was this weekend!
  2. Why is everyone obsessed with this song, It's fucking awful Magic hat?
  3. Schoolkid? UB? Since when? Vanguard Bears :lol: A group of grassing weirdos on about 'Defending our Traditions' when all they do is write anonymous blogs on tarriers who dare to do anything that remotely offends them.
  4. Fucking embarassing. Vanguard Bangers should really call it a day. Lets aw be scared because the big bad Dutch men are coming to hang about with gimps from ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ, gees a break
  5. Face value only on here bud.
  6. This thread :lol: New version is 10x better.
  7. Who said anything about Stone Island except you? You're slevvering absolute baws mate. Whether individual UB members dress in Stone Island, Adidas, Nike or fucking Gola Gliders should be no concern to anyone but the individual surely.. Obviously theres members into "dressing".. others will just fire anything on and go and support the team. It's personal preference. With any "ultra" styled group/scene in Britain or even beyond there will be an element of wee boys hanging on because It's the "cool" thing to do. It's like saying every cunt over 40 wearing a pair of Adidas trainers and dark jacket is in the ICF. You'll find very little if any of these "wee boys" are members. Can also assure you UB didn't "bottle it" the other night.
  8. Probably not but it would have made his argument that it was just banter with mates more believable IMO. Still absolutely horrid you can get charged for posting that on facebook though.
  9. Aye was it decent? Might watch when I'm home but wont bother if it was pish. Not seen anything since the Raw before NOC.
  10. Shh, no ones supposed to know that. Ally McCoist is the saviour and Forfar is a difficult place to play.
  11. Missed one, our new 3rd kit is pretty nice
  12. Unsure No Law Voted yes (but would have been unsure if there was an option)
  13. Ally will probably play him at right back.
  14. Not bad. Might head along, not been to an away since Sheffield.