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  1. Aye was it decent? Might watch when I'm home but wont bother if it was pish. Not seen anything since the Raw before NOC.
  2. SC1312

    GTA V

    This game is unbelievable. Is it true every person you pass in the street is different, has a house, job, car etc?
  3. SC1312

    GTA V

    I used him aswell
  4. SC1312

    GTA V

    I spent an hour and a half trying to land the plane with Trevor last night.
  5. Wow, forgot all about that. What does everyone think our players will be rated next season? Made a few purely because I'm bored as fuck. http://www.futhead.com/fifa/players/customize/ Nae doubt we'll have a team full of bronzes though
  6. SC1312

    FIFA 13

    Nae wonder, start a game with Rangers and your team is filled with Brazilians and Frenchmen within 2 seasons.
  7. SC1312

    FIFA 13

    Started a new career with Rangers in league 2, was bored of all the amazing regens and quality players you can sign so I've adopted a strict British only signing policy.
  8. Coins still available, around 200k will sell cheap.
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