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  1. orange&blue92

    People who think....

    correct mate, but imo the motivation is all situated on the European games unfortunately( because we're not going to win it), when it should be on the domestic campaign then a bonus of European football.
  2. orange&blue92

    People who think....

    The European campaign has taken its toll imo, it seems the players only get motivated for the European nights. If we weren't in Europe I think we'd have a far better showing domestically.
  3. orange&blue92

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    Just like the Aberdeen game, we're far too predictable. Passing the ball with no pace left to right getting it out wide then poor delivery into the box, we badly need someone who can pick an incisive pass through the middle to mix things up. Without Arfield in the team, we lack creativity and without Morelos we cant get the ball to stick up top.
  4. orange&blue92

    Jordan Jones

    until after our game tomorrow brer
  5. orange&blue92

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    both better players, but can they create more in 90 mins? not sure lad and playing players who aren't fully fit risking longer term injuries would look bad if hampering them for the forseable> Every player was shite mate, the Xi wasn't the problem, it was the effort/intensity of the players on the pitch
  6. orange&blue92

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    plus the other 9 lad, the whole team was shite. Singling out defensive players when we create nothing tells the story, sideways passing doesn't win you games.
  7. orange&blue92

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    agreed, they were shite, but who in out current squad could replace them and do better? Halliday, maybe but would no doubt see the same excuse's if the same result happened. Our whole Xi was shite , no point in singling out a few, nobody took responsibility, every player on the park was waiting on somebody making something happen.
  8. orange&blue92

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    every man and their dug knows better when results don't go our way, but in reality, are only doing the opposite of what a manager whos qualified does.
  9. orange&blue92

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    sideways passing / 1-2's on the wing doesn't win you the game, take fucking shots Rangers
  10. orange&blue92

    January - We need three new strikers

    we don't need strikers, we need someone to supply them
  11. orange&blue92

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    All these armchair managers. With hindsight, i wouldn't have picked a team much different with what was available. Most players didn't even give 75%, what chance do you have. When we're favourites the players need to take that burden of pressure and thrive, not crumble and fail.
  12. orange&blue92

    ***Official Rangers vs Livingston match thread***

  13. orange&blue92

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Good strike but given far too much space
  14. orange&blue92

    McAuley Starting For Northern Ireland Tonight

    Any player that helps us beat the taigs to a title will do it for me. Steve Davis, IMO, could still do a job, just like the shagger, who has already proved himself this season and I think Lafferty will do in the coming months.
  15. orange&blue92

    Morelos, will he see the consequence of his actions

    Take that side out of Morelos’ game and he isn’t the player he is, his aggression makes him who he is. Also he definitely isn’t anywhere near the potential blame of today’s result.