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  1. Fod Tav Bates Wilson Beerman Holt Toral Hyndman Mckay. Dodoo . Miller
  2. Got got a tenner on that tae mate @ 9/1
  3. Hopefully, will be a loss to they papes👍🏻
  4. What game will he miss? Hampden, Ibrox or both?
  5. £40 ew on cue card @ 9/2 🙏🏻
  6. Hullo hullo up the volunteers 🇬🇧
  7. Auto correct lad
  8. Great news, the lad has been the most improved player the last 12 months. Good to hear he's keen to stay here, hopefully keeps improving and can cement a place in the HOF in future. Ohh Barry Barry 🇬🇧
  9. The man oozes passion, not a bad thing to get him in the dressing room, even until the end of the season. No a manager capable of leading us forward in long term, but would show the squad what it means to be ger. Would take him as a coach/number 2 next season under Eck or FDB
  10. McLeish till the now be if the season,then Frank De Boer with Ronald number 2. Im sure they could tempt some young Dutch players over the water
  11. I'd be happy wiTh Eck McLeish till the end of the season, or De Boer or Gio in future(if realistic)
  12. Agreed mate, Warburton is a good guy but hes just not got the managerial ability to take us forward, wish him all the best in future. Same with Davie Weir, great player, shite manager( at Sheffield Utd) and by the looks of it a shite coach. Still wish him all the best for his services to the club. We need a decent manager who can organise a defence and we'll be on the right path. #deboer
  13. No much, but still something..
  15. Turned it on when it was 2-1 saints, brown made contact on on of the strikers, no pen, the ball gets punted at a st Johnstone defender on the side, handball.. couldnt make it up lol