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  1. Don't know anything about him, will wait till I've seen him play before judging him
  2. Chiquitos
  3. Surrender
  4. Good Masonic handshake
  5. What's the updates?
  6. Good ability, shite mentality.
  7. Any word on who he's meeting ?
  8. No matter what PC says nobody will be happy if the results aren't coming on the pitch. Judge him in January on results and not press conferences
  9. Good news signing him up, only adds more value to any potential new suitors if he goes.
  10. Fair enough, hopefully it's just a dip in form for him, I rate him tbh, I think he has the ability to perform far better and hopefully he can regain some form pretty soon
  11. He did seem to go down too soon, but IMO Fod, even though I highly rate him, wasn't his normal self, took an age to get down to the ground. But all in all, the back 5 (4 in the 2nd half) should be better than they were, no excuses
  12. Outwith the refs incompetence, thought Fod looked out of sorts and should have saved their first goal, he went down like a pensioner. Imo we should have taken a striker off (Miller) when going a man down and brought on another midfielder, to give us a chance in midfield with both wing backs still going forward.
  13. It's uncanny, he was bearing down on goal with nobody infront of him apart from their keeper, then gets wiped out with players coming in left and right, just a foul.. Clear goal scoring opertunity if I've ever seen one
  14. Joke mate, thought the disappointment of the result was contributing towards my anger towards the ref, but after sleeping on it and watching it all again, it's unbelievable.
  15. Should sent it to the media, see if they turn a blind eye