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  1. If that’s the case, why give the refs a chance to even card him? He doesn’t help himself.
  2. Nobody can defend him, and blaming the refs isn’t right either. Every time he gives the ref a decision to make, these other strikers don’t have that in their game.
  3. Good on Halliday, fuck that taigy basterd, hope he gets kicked off the park at Ibrox
  4. Was thinking the same mate, gives them a false sense of security.
  5. Id keep Tav, thought he played well minus that one shite touch
  6. Had a good game, had their wingers in his back pocket, one tired pass doesn’t change that, even if it cost a goal.
  7. Scott McDonalds second goal 🚁
  8. Thought I heard that tae, sounded like Sfa/snp
  9. Starting for Finland vs Italy just now, on Ss prem league
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