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  1. orange&blue92

    The tides turning

    The last week feels like a tidal wave is hitting these cunts hard, let’s hope it’s the blue sea of Ibrox.
  2. orange&blue92

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    What’s the game like? Grafting the day mon the hertz
  3. orange&blue92

    Atmosphere tonight

    Fucking great night, voice was away after 15 mins.
  4. orange&blue92

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Maribor Thread***

    Just leaving midlothian the now, getting a lift through, Vodka at the ready.. mon the gers!🇬🇧
  5. orange&blue92

    John to Swansea

  6. orange&blue92

    Out?: James Tavernier

    I like Tav but his defending can be scary at times. Wouldn't accept £3m, would look for around the £5m mark. Would be nice to have 4 defenders who can all defend for a change
  7. orange&blue92

    Kyle Lafferty

    Always got a permanent marker on me lad, for marking cables 😉
  8. orange&blue92

    Kyle Lafferty

    Just seen lafferty at Herriot Watt, got him to sign the back of my phone and asked him if he's coming to ibrox, he said we'll see with a big grin lol.
  9. orange&blue92

    We are in safe hands this season

    Nail on the heid ma man, best defence since Walter
  10. orange&blue92

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Match Thread***

    Just shows the change in this team from last year when with ten men from 12 mins in we leave feeling robbed. Great performance by the lads, the defence looks solid and like the look of Jack and Couiliablly
  11. orange&blue92

    Maribor - Full Circle

    Would fancy our chances with most of they teams outwith 3/4. Got a tough 2 games against Maribor first but promising signs so far
  12. orange&blue92

    Kyle Lafferty

    😂😂 will get a better pic when the gaffer fucks off
  13. orange&blue92

    Kyle Lafferty

    No worries man, just saying what he said lol
  14. orange&blue92

    Kyle Lafferty

    No lafferty in training
  15. orange&blue92

    Kyle Lafferty

    Just seen a hearts fitness coach at Herriot Watt campus and a few of the players. Asked the coach about lafferty and if he was in, he said he's not in yet but will be later, then asked him if he's coming to ibrox and he said he thinks so 🇬🇧