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  1. orange&blue92

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    Getting picked up at half 10, any Gers pubs in Hamilton for a sash bash before the game?
  2. orange&blue92

    Semi final allocation

    Fuck that, that’s shite mate, Nae luck
  3. orange&blue92

    Semi final allocation

    See your point lad, but imo, they ‘unlucky’ few should get potential next round tickets then, the rest go to who was successful in this ballot. Not sure how it works, but even if I got one for this game and not the final(if we get there), I would think by was a pretty fair way of doing things
  4. orange&blue92

    Semi final allocation

    Haha will be gutted if folk get 2 and some get none mate, hopefully the rest of the unsuccessful from this game get first pick and the rest get balloted.
  5. orange&blue92

    Semi final allocation

    Never got one, does that mean people who didn’t get one, get priority if we get into the final?
  6. How many tickets have been a sold? Can’t seem to find the stadium plan with the colour coded available seats
  7. Finished at 3, not long home, shower then getting the vodka out for the bevvy on the way through! Lets get Ibrox rocking tonight again
  8. youtube stream just died, any more lads?
  9. says no longer valid
  10. any other links? Vipleague isn't working for some reason
  11. stream died and missed the goal, good goal? any more streams lads?
  12. orange&blue92

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Fucking beautiful, worst celtic start to a season in 20 years. Meltdown imminent 🇬🇧😂
  13. orange&blue92

    Valencia bus for game

    Any buses going for this from Valencia?
  14. orange&blue92

    Borna Barisic

    Live score had him starting 15 mins ago, he’s on the bench now
  15. orange&blue92

    Borna Barisic

    Starting tonight at lb for Croatia vs Spain, is on sky sports 🇭🇷