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  1. There seems to be de ja vu on this forum

    The man has to go. I've backed him from day 1 but today was the last straw, he talks the talk but doesn't get the 11 on the pitch to perform. No more shite and get someone who knows what they're doing in.
  2. Favourite Rangers and Loyalist Song?

    the night we burned Ardoyne
  3. Graham Dorrans

    Thought his range of passing tonight was great, imo bossed the midfield and hopefully more of what's to come
  4. Butcher

    Tbh, never thought he was bad tonight, think some people just jump on the bandwagon
  5. Pena

    Always finds himself in good areas in decent space, and that's him not up to full sharpness. Credit where credits due the mans contributed in most games he's been in when not 100%. Do do doooo Carlos Pena! 🇬🇧🇲🇽
  6. They'll be no tartan army in Russia! Singing we'll be watching England so will you 🇬🇧
  7. Rangers related picture thread

    Fair play 😂 Asked my old man, who's half cut the now lol
  8. Rangers related picture thread

    Jim Baxter
  9. No Friday Night Thread?

  10. Ally: I Didn't Have Any Good Players

    TBH he's right, the players at his disposal were shite, his fault for signing them, but not his fault for not being able to attract players of a better quality when we're in the lower divisions. Would have loved a good few up and coming youngsters in his squads, but who's to say the would have joined us in div 3?
  11. January window pre contracts

    Walker, Moult, McLean and John
  12. Cardoso is costing us too many goals

    Liked what I was hearing when he signed but he ain't filled me with confidence so far, would play mcrorie and alves anyday before Fabio, hopefully he improves in future. Too many mistakes imo
  13. McCrorie

    I like the look of him, don't think he looked out of place last week against the scum, but tonight I never rated him. Still learning but promising signs and reckon he will go on to be a 1st team regular, potential captain if he keeps hismself focused on the task ahead
  14. Pena, dalcio, Herrera and co Vs sionko svensson etc

    Off topic but Herrera and Morelos partnership on Fifa 18 is deadly lol 😁🇬🇧
  15. Holt

    Gives his all, chases down lost causes and always shows passion..