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  1. Up The Volunteers

    God bless our Queen and the 21st
  2. Graham Potter

    Don't know much about the lad apart from his 4th tier to Europa league success with a team in a shite league. Not the man for us, he can make his name else where and come in future, not now, no more mad gambles, get a hard to beat, no bullshit organiser in, i.e. Warnock or Stevie Clarke
  3. Honoured to share my birthday with her, GSTQ🇬🇧
  4. Wenger away

    Monaco maybe
  5. Wenger away

    The man gets heavy pelters, but what he's done there is unbelievable. He's basically paid for the stadium off with his consistent CL finishes and the transfers (Henry ect)
  6. Hopefully he goes, they lose their momentum and we pump them next year. Happy days
  7. He's he 3/1 fav on skybet
  8. Murty speaks

    The slightest bit of pressure and he folds, we need someone who thrives on pressure . The sooner he's away the better, for all party's involved.
  9. Happy days at the friday Training.

    He's the only one with a set of baws
  10. Wounded animal.

    Haha wouldn't be surprised tbh, that AJ statement was a cringe, so far from the truth.
  11. Happy days at the friday Training.

    Looks like his negative body language is spreading to some the players, surely he has to go instead of creating a rotten atmosphere. Wheres Tav btw? Couldn't see him in any of the pictures
  12. Wounded animal.

    It could go either way mate, but I don't think the players can play as passionless/lethargically again tbh, could be wrong but I'm thinking a comprehensive win
  13. Wounded animal.

    Just my gut mate, nothing else, the performances leading up to the 3-2 game were pretty decent tbh, just slumped after that, but I'm pretty confident we'll secure 2nd place, just my gut instinct though
  14. Wounded animal.

    No sticking up for the players just think they'll get us a convincing win on Sunday and secure 2nd place, not confident away at the piggery though but anything can happen
  15. Wounded animal.

    I'm quietly optimistic tbh, think the players will show up after all that's gone on the last week, hope I'm correct. 4-1 Gers