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  1. I’ve got zero recollection about that game as well mate, was on the sauce from 4:30 on the train, just seeing this brings back memories
  2. Can actually hear me in that video lol, I’m about 2/3 meters too the right., BF2 loyal, seat 53. Goosebumps, what a fucking night
  3. The guys got the right nutritional coach anyway I heard, it goes a lot in the game these days..
  4. Loan him out and get a cut price fee on that lad Turnbull.
  5. Somebody at the club must be asking Jonathon Johanson if he knows any potential strikers after his last great shout.
  6. Just shows our support. Not one guarantee of full or near full stadiums anytime soon, but the Rangers support follow on. SIMPLY THE BEST 📢
  7. The man gave me one of my best childhood memories when running towards me and my old man at Hampden in injury time, all the best to him whatever he does in life. 🇬🇧
  8. Cheers mate, I done the bank transfer for the second payment so hopefully that’s all good.
  9. Anybody help me out? I missed my 4 month payment last month but clicked on the link just now to pay it off. That’s been paid and I went to click on the ‘second link’ from the ‘second payment email’ and it’s saying the link is invalid. The ticket office is shut.
  10. Good luck to him, a handy goalkeeper on his day. Wish him all the best, but he’s not Rangers quality.
  11. For a second string goalkeeper, who’s played near enough every game in the last 5 years, at least we will know he'll be ready If called upon.
  12. Good on the lad, seems like he has plenty potential and the right head in his shoulders, which is crucial. Wish him al the best in his progress.
  13. As long as we win our next title and aren’t awarded it.
  14. Need to clean the whole stadium now, will be contaminated.
  15. Childhood hero, Der Hammer 🔨 🇩🇪
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