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  1. If we get Dorrans etc in, pump the taigs, il stand in BF2 with the guitar playing this... 😂 IMG_2136.MOV
  2. I'd loan him out with option to buy, on full wages and can't play against us. Frees up wages, and means he can't come back to haunt us. Win Win
  3. Where did you see that mate?
  4. Malaga in Spain want him to replace Sandro who's off to Everton
  5. Great guy, great attitude just unfortunately lacking the ability to take our great club forward, being a fan himself I'm sure deep down he knows that too.
  6. Would be a fine acquisition to our squad, can see the sheep shaggers making us pay way over the mark though. Wouldnt say no to a good loan player in till the seasons end and get him for free in Jan.
  7. Great news, King and co giving positive vibes
  8. Never had any bad feelings towards the guy, done well for us, contributed towards Manchester 08, will always live with me. Good footballler, who does the simple things right, good on ye Stevie 🇬🇧
  9. If we offer less than his value(due to the length on his contract), making us better, weakening hearts, can't be a bad thing.
  10. Crossed the line,never forgiven
  11. Alfie's a barrel, Alfie's a barrel of shite shite shite
  12. Good on him, God bless him 🇬🇧
  13. Worth every penny if true, potential bargain
  14. Would have taken the cunt off the wage bill for free, but a decent fee is surreal. If the cash is going towards Alferdo, win win
  15. Minimised the losses for a shite player, happy days