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  1. Thought he was average at Killie, but seeing him run at their defence when sitting in the broomloan was refreshing. Beating his man at ease and not one thought of passing it backwards. Top performance
  2. orange&blue92


    Best defender since Weir/Cuellar
  3. Glad to hear, as the football on show wasn’t great, by the team, not an individual. We looked complacent and no motivation to win. The only positive is, that it’s out our system, and now on to pump Killie
  4. When does the automatic ticket sale come off? Anybody know?
  5. The rest of the team were great and Borna was rotten... the whole team was rotten, played it like a friendly match. I feel sorry for the lads who forked out for the trip over there. All the squad let them down, not one individual
  6. Mark Hateley has got to be up there, before my time, that I can remember him, but my old man says for him to come to us at that time, injured or not, was a coup.
  7. I rate Barasic, even if last season he wasn’t great. This term, so far, he’s looked a decent player with preseason under his belt. His delivery into the box is bang on the money most of the time. I think he will be a standout player this year, but might go under the radar due to some of the fans dislike for him.
  8. Can’t believe he has been forced out of our club, by people who live in the past.
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