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  1. No had a bet in a good while, don’t miss it. Only now I realise I how much I was spunking, like I’m working overtime lol
  2. What’s the update in here? That many pages of useless info, what’s happened if anything?
  3. 😂😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  4. Crowning a ‘winner’ when it isnt mathematically ‘won’ surely can’t happen, same with the relegation scenario. They cunts seem to differ in thoughts on Facebook, Nutters😂
  5. Everyone would mate, just curious about a scenario
  6. Every league should follow suit. If they can’t play the games in the summer it should be declared void. Is there any minimum time between the start of one season and the next?
  7. If it was voided, what would happen to Scottish coefficient points accumulated this term, ie for the 2 CL spots?
  8. Get a few hardworking, physical midfielders In the team, so we’re defensively solid from midfield to back and get a few ‘no bullshit’ ex players in as backroom staff, like Ferguson, Rae and Souness(longshot) who can drill into the team the standards that must be set.
  9. Hopefully with whatever team we pick it’ll be a confidence boosting win, with some kids getting a few minutes if things are going well. After the Papes game, it would be good to see some youth players in the team, not all at once, but along side the ‘best’ XI. It would be good to see Patterson, Kennedy, Mepude and Mcpake hopefully get more game time in the coming weeks. Now’s the time to inject the youth enthusiasm and energy.
  10. If we win on Thursday, or over the two legs, it will just piss me off that the players can’t motivate themselves when it matters, but can in the ‘Hollywood’ of European football.
  11. Got ability yes, spineless, maybe. So you’ve never been in a rut yourself on the pitch, or even some of your team mates, where you need a kick up the arse to get back in the zone. I’ve seen plenty players I’ve played with been in that situation, and they aren’t ‘pussys’. Different situations take different effects, and leaders are there to get the teams heads focused.
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