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  1. Irony in its purest form

    It looks like more have turned up to see the Rangers team arrive than attended the majority of their matches last season. Weirdos
  2. Club statement cup final

    Fed up reading words. I want action from our board. I really wish they would grow a set. By doing nothing here, the SFA have confirmed that it is now open season for riots at football matches without any significant consequences.
  3. Rangers FC statement

    What a fabulous statement. In all my years supporting Rangers I have never seen such a strongly worded statement from our board.
  4. Radio Jockland

    The fact this idiot wants to discuss songs while players have been assaulted says everything you need to know about this man.
  5. Reagan Apologieses to Rangers

    A public vote of no confidence in this man should be issued by the club. 2 seasons in a row we have had to put up with this. Assault on players is completely unacceptable, but anyone that expects justice here will be sadly disappointed. Yesterday was a disgrace and a further embarrassment to add to his CV. Time for our board to grow a set and deal with this head on. No 6 months so called investigations, swift action or we start issuing some penalties of our own. I would sue them for failing to protect our staff. In any other line of work the SFA would be held accountable for gross incompetence.
  6. Championship Medals

    I would like to buy 2 to complete the collection. Happy to give a donation to the fund as well.
  7. Is It Today The Sfa

    £4m to put cameras into grounds. How about they invest that in policing for the real crimes on the streets. Absolute stupidity as usual. Football is cleaner now than it has ever been. Do I care about what songs some opposition fans sing at a football match? No!!! Do I care about real crimes? Yes!!! Wtf??? I get more offended by cold callers than songs sang by supporters.
  8. Should The Club Ban The Bbc Permanently?

    I certainly wouldn't lose any sleep over it. To be honest, if the club decided to ban all media outlets I wouldn't be at all bothered by it. They do the club no good at all. Keep everything internal and engage with the fans via official channels. i.e website, YouTube channel, Rangers TV etc.
  9. Clyde Ssb

    It's the Celtic hotline. Honestly, I made the mistake of listening a couple of weeks ago and every single call was about them. 2 hours of stench. The reality is that they are bigots. They refuse to listen to any form of counter argument and that makes them bigots. It will be civil war if they even think about taking our titles. The club statement today was clever, but if this continues then I want to see our board threaten to resign from the SPFL. A vote of no confidence in the leadership and force through the most radical change in Scottish Football history. The game is on its knees and we are the only thing that can prevent the game in this country from further collapse. I think at times we forget that we hold all the aces. Without our cooperation, there is no old firm, no TV deal, no coefficient points. Time to say enough is enough.
  10. Chris Mclaughlin Reinstated

    Unbelievable, how many chances are we going to give this lot? They are poisonous and for that reason I don't want him or anyone else from the BBC anywhere near Ibrox.
  11. Bitter Stubbs At It Again

    He seems to talk more about us than his own team. Hibs must be really skint if he thinks we've spent a lot of money.
  12. Calum Gallagher To St Mirren

    I could tell in his interview that he wants first team football and we couldn't guarantee him that so has decided to leave. Good luck to him. He was a long way down the pecking order so I understand his decision.
  13. Bbc Refused To Act Of Rangers Bias

    I hope these are lifetime bans, I would also add Tom English as well. I'm convinced that to work for BBC Scotland you need to be a bigot otherwise your application is rejected. No more interviews with players, no more correspondence, just give them nothing. We should build up a catalogue of all the lies this lot have broadcast of the years and then take them to the cleaners for slander. Let's not forget that every Rangers employee and every Rangers fan in the UK needs to pay licence fees for them to spout bigoted views. Time for the club to do more than just banning a couple of the offenders.
  14. There were some hairy moments from the defence, but I remember Advocaat's first game in charge and the similarities are there. 2-0 down to Shelbourne at half-time if I remember correctly. Second half was much improved with a 3-5 final score line. It happens when new players are settling in. The question is has our team got what is takes to be consistent and achieve success. Only time will tell.