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  1. What a fabulous statement. In all my years supporting Rangers I have never seen such a strongly worded statement from our board.
  2. There were some hairy moments from the defence, but I remember Advocaat's first game in charge and the similarities are there. 2-0 down to Shelbourne at half-time if I remember correctly. Second half was much improved with a 3-5 final score line. It happens when new players are settling in. The question is has our team got what is takes to be consistent and achieve success. Only time will tell.
  3. The reporting on this whole thing is a joke. STV News app saying that the fighting continued outside the stadium, yet the video clearly shows Moshni getting abused by Motherwell fans when trying to get on the bus. Motherwell were a disgrace yesterday. From Directors leaving half a stand empty, to supports throwing flairs, assaulting our captain and provoking a riot with the Rangers support. One of their players then provoked Moshni at full-time when they should have been off celebrating a well deserved victory. Absolutely pathetic reporting! Motherwell should be ashamed of themselves and condemned for yesterday's behaviour.
  4. I know the low post count comments are probably directed at me. I don't post much but I'm always on here reading the forums. Season ticket holder for 26 years so please don't associate me with the unwashed.
  5. Too many decided to ignore the early warning signs last time round. I for one won't this time. These guys are chancers. Absolutely disgusting. A finance director that cannot tell us how much of the invested money is left. Ridiculous bonuses paid out that are not performance related. Our club is being taken for a ride from top to bottom. £10m left. Where the hell has all the money gone? We deserve a lot better than this lot and time to get rid. Overpaid and underachieving at all levels, on and off the pitch. Shocking!
  6. Has anyone got any streams for today's game? Gutted I can't go, just out of hospital after hip surgery.
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