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  1. berkshirebear

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Katic is immense!!!
  2. berkshirebear

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Did we get 13m euros for Van Bronckhorst?
  3. berkshirebear


    How did we not get Dorrans at his peak, when you think of some of the dross weve paid fortunes on?
  4. berkshirebear


    Although he looks very clumsy, he seems to cause panic in the defences he has briefly been up against! Think he will be do a job for us, as a bit of a supersub!
  5. berkshirebear

    What is still required?

    Burke would be devastating in the SPL.
  6. berkshirebear

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Maribor Thread***

    Get the stream down and pay your 5.99 to the club!
  7. berkshirebear

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Maribor Thread***

    Loving the effort from us! Thats we all ask for!
  8. berkshirebear

    Go on England!!!

    So why don't you like England showing some confidence?
  9. berkshirebear

    Go on England!!!

    What arrogance. England have got a decent chance of winning (Defo better than Scotland's anyway) I live in England and most English people downplay their chances and the media wouldn't be doing it's job if it wasn't promoting their chances. Just smacks of jealousy hearing Scots slagging off England to be honest.
  10. berkshirebear

    Go on England!!!

    The Scots should show a bit of love to the people paying to prop up your economy...
  11. berkshirebear

    Go on England!!!

    There is some jealously on here. Little bit embarrassing.... This England team could win the world cup, whereas Scotland dont even look like making a WC. England have been robbed in numerous world cup games tbf, think VAR could make the difference as England are almost too fair usually...
  12. berkshirebear

    Go on England!!!

    Sounds French.
  13. berkshirebear

    Go on England!!!

    What's a goosetav?
  14. berkshirebear

    Go on England!!!

    Can you imagine the meltdown if England win the World Cup amongst certain people....
  15. berkshirebear

    Go on England!!!

    Sorry. Eh? Pardon...