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  1. It's ridiculous that you have more than one belt in any weight class. The top fighters avoiding each other and clinging to their version of the belt is killing boxing
  2. Is it not a bit fascist to want to ban people for their opinion?
  3. Can't see Fury stopping Wilder, so it's going to be a tough ask to win over in Vegas...
  4. Not sure why we everyone thinks they are so great (play some nice football admittedly) they can't defend and we were our own worst enemy by constantly giving them the ball deep in our own half...
  5. Makes Gerrards usual refusal to change games with subs etc even more infuriating. Gerrard has to learn to start being more pro active and ditch players off form...
  6. He leads the line brilliantly, and creates numerous chances for himself every game. He's not the finished article but we won't be able to replace him any time soon.
  7. How was he a bomb scare. He's the exact opposite.
  8. Imagine if he could finish! Would be defo worth 100m
  9. They couldnt defend for toffee. Morelos should have had a hat trick and set up two for Kent!!
  10. The players were actively avoiding passing to Kamara even when he was the easy ball. Think his confidence is shot to pieces at the moment. Don't think we should see him back in the team anytime soon
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