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  1. Is this your first time on the Internet?
  2. I was talking about games from last year mainly, but were only half through the tie, and I think we could have scored last night if we had went for them. Only my opinion though and as others have said I'm sure we will still go through. Just think we need to be braver other the season if we're going to win anything..
  3. Do we have an above average number of children posting on here?? Bloody school holidays..
  4. Just master a foreign accent and turn up midweek!!
  5. Did you not get enough likes earlier with the similar comment?
  6. Ha. So true.. I couldn't pay for the game last night and was looking to buy 5 shirts last week whilst in Glasgow, that's a fair amount of cash the club have missed out on and I'm sure I'm not the only person like this. Just want the club to get every penny possible so they use it to improve the team!!
  7. We turned up to the ground midweek a couple of years ago, and one of the security fellas/reception staff took us around the whole stadium, was brilliant and the kids loved it. They wouldn't even take any cash. The bloke said that the management wouldn't be happy if they knew we had come all this way (live near London) and had not been allowed in!! That's why we're the greatest club in the world!!!!
  8. It's such a Scottish mentality to be satisfied so easily, honestly glad to have been raised in England as they expect more from life!! They'll be people on here thinking we should have played the Levein 5-5-0 formation!! We were playing Legia Warsaw not Real Madrid!!!
  9. Don't think anything great has ever been achieved by following the mantra "playing for the draw!!"
  10. How. Gerrard is working in the SPL with far greater resources and players than any rival other than celtic. If he can't change a game against St Johnstone and Co, I think we're in trouble!!
  11. Not sure you should visit Forums, if you don't like people voicing opinions tbh.
  12. Yeah. If it means we win more points over the season.
  13. Yet the great managers like Ferguson, Mourinho etc manage to do it all the time...
  14. Clearly Gerrard is going to be a good manager but we need to stop 10iar and we need someone ready now, I'm hopeful that Gerrard is the man for us though, just think he needs to be braver/ more decisive in some games. The 3 points for a win makes it worth risking the occasional lose for wins over draws!
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