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  1. Wish the weather had knocked us out now!!
  2. I'm pretty certain he earned a decent wage...
  3. So basically went off in a huff after possibly costing us near 16million (today's money) in transfer fees and wages..
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/marco-negri-exclusive-ex-Rangers-star-5465804.amp Another interesting article, where he admits himself to being less than professional during his time with us..... No mention of injury problems.... But he's one of us.. 😂
  5. https://www.wsc.co.uk/the-archive/26-the-strange-case-of/1493-marco-negri Interesting article if all true. Apparently paid 3.5 million for him and was on 18k a week. Not bad for 20 years ago...
  6. He moved from Italy for the love of the Gers!!!???
  7. I have no issues with people like Novo, Ferguson etc making money from fans after they stop playing as they gave their all and had positive impacts on the club but Negri is just better version of Grezda, O'Halleron,etc, who took the clubs cash and took the piss.
  8. He took a huge wage from us and gave up after half a season. If he had cared we probably would have won 10IAR, maybe even done a bit better in Europe etc, and who knows where we would be sat today..
  9. How's he one of our own? With friends like that who needs enemies..
  10. He raised 700 pound! He couldn't have added some from the millions he "earned" from our club... Can't believe anyone would give him the time of day tbh.
  11. Scotland being knocked out by the weather. It could only happen to Scotland....
  12. Think Gazza is the greatest player ever. Imagine if he had lived like a monk...
  13. Maybe Tav could be moved to the right midfield slot as I think he brings a lot to the team going forward.
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