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  1. Junkies vs Rangers

    morelos is bloody useless. we should just play youths for the rest of the season as these players obviously don't care.
  2. Junkies vs Rangers

    we are shite. Alves is past it.
  3. Millions Wasted

    Div 3 is awful. Our best youths and people like Wallace would have won the league.
  4. Millions Wasted

    The board messed up the appointment of Pedro but lets be honest we have spent a far amount of money considering our resources at the moment.
  5. Millions Wasted

    Im starting to think Mcinnes might be the man for us. Those criticising him for not beating celtic are being unrealistic due to the gulf in class. Just hate the thought of giving them compensation!
  6. Millions Wasted

    This decision cannot be rushed. We cant get it wrong again. Id rather wait a few more months and get the right person. The league is over this year anyway
  7. Millions Wasted

    The youths supplemented with a few experienced players would have been enough to win the 3rd division.
  8. Millions Wasted

    We need the new Alex Ferguson.
  9. Millions Wasted

    Mcleish will be more of the same rubbish. We need someone with a real drive and determination. We need someone who is going to revolutionise the club. Not sure who that is though..
  10. Millions Wasted

    Worse thing about Mccoist and what really fecks me off is he had the opportunity to blood youths in the 3rd division and chose to bring in dross like Black etc
  11. Millions Wasted

    I hate the way we have wasted millions over the years. Buying/paying over the hill/clearly shite, rubbish like Beattie, Barton, Pena drives me nuts. Id rather we played youths and struggled for a few years, than waste money like we have!
  12. ***British & Irish Lions***

    Better than any football game I can remember to be honest. Really think money has killed football for me.
  13. Gazza or laudrup

    I loved Laudrup but think he mugged us off a bit when he left for Chelsea. Gazza proved himself at a higher level IMO.
  14. *** The Official Rangers V St. Johnstone Thread ***

    People slagging off the manager need to get a grip. Hes just took over and we have spent nothing.
  15. *** The Official Rangers V St. Johnstone Thread ***

    Someone on here posted that zelalem would lift the world cup!!