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  1. If that's the case then brilliant, but I reckon we will pay him a big wage.
  2. I think we need to start being more sensible with cash. Can't see the point in spending big on players we don't really need (let's use our youths!) and then having to sell our best players to balance the books
  3. I don't think it's worth signing Defoe if he's on Mega money tbh.
  4. Think he meant Ryan Jack surely!!!
  5. Has to be 40m now. We aren't seeing his like again for a long time
  6. I still can't believe we got him a million quid. Just shows how much players can grow under the right condition. You only have to look at Jack etc to see this!
  7. It's incredible how much he's improved in just a couple of seasons. Mentality he's like another person, and his heading has improved dramatically..
  8. I don't get the hate from some people, seems to have done a lot more positive than negative for us!!
  9. To be fair if it puts off buyers and he stays with us, they can keep doing it!!!
  10. they would be all over the players if they ever met them!!
  11. You can't blame players for wanting to get away from the car wreck we were back then. They have families and commitments like most of us on here.
  12. He's done more for Rangers than any fecker on here tbf...
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