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  1. ***British & Irish Lions***

    Better than any football game I can remember to be honest. Really think money has killed football for me.
  2. Gazza or laudrup

    I loved Laudrup but think he mugged us off a bit when he left for Chelsea. Gazza proved himself at a higher level IMO.
  3. Best Rangers goals outwith OF Games

    Not sure if I imagined it, but im sure Laudrup scored a goal where he chipped the goalie from the by-line! Never been able to find it again!!
  4. Who was the player you idolized?

    My favourite all time players are, Gazza, Laudrup, Albertz, B Ferguson, Goram, Numan, and Gough!! Special mention to Mols as he could have been something special!!
  5. Warburton Presser

    I reckon we should have a 16 league team, everyone plays each other twice, and then have two games against the team below you. First plays second, third plays fourth, etc etc. You would likely have 4 old firm games then, and hopefully an exciting end to the league with a double header for the championship!
  6. Zelalem After January?

    Zelalem is nowhere near ready for the Arsenal first time imo. I doubt we have to worry about him being recalled for the first team!
  7. *** The Official Rangers V St. Johnstone Thread ***

    People slagging off the manager need to get a grip. Hes just took over and we have spent nothing.
  8. *** The Official Rangers V St. Johnstone Thread ***

    Someone on here posted that zelalem would lift the world cup!!
  9. Time To End The Boardroom Section?

    Thats what I love about the internet. People who wouldn't dare say shit to you in the real world can get all cocky....
  10. Time To End The Boardroom Section?

    Thats sort of my point, this stuff should be in the Bears Den!! And what's happened to the debating chamber!!!
  11. Time To End The Boardroom Section?

    It was only a suggestion......
  12. Time To End The Boardroom Section?

  13. Time To End The Boardroom Section?

    I understand why the boardroom section was created and it has served a purpose, but with the ownership issues calming down, is it not time to merge the two forums. I keep missing out stories from the boardroom section as I forget its there to be honest, and I think the latest issues regarding possible criminal charges for previous owners and management should be read by as many people as possible!
  14. Tallest And Shortest Rangers Players.

    Kyle lafferty has too be one of the tallest (and shitest)
  15. Your Andy Halliday Goal.

    Id love to play for celtic (let me finish!) Score loads of goals, let the fans really take to me and then in the deciding game of the season, its rangers v celtic, with the winner claiming the championship, so the game would start, id walk the walk the ball towards my own goal and then lash it in to the net, lift up the Smeltic shirt, and have on a Rangers top underneath. Then walk off the pitch pissing myself. Juvenile I know, but would be brilliant.