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  1. 20m wouldn't get you Oli Mcburnie...
  2. Think Morelos might be carrying the baby!
  3. Please let us cancel this season and declare it void...
  4. What in the feck makes you think we have the chance of a league next year!!
  5. 2 quid if we drive a hard bargain
  6. Make him captain. Don't normally like goalies as captains but he's the only option atm.
  7. Get Neil Warnock in till the end of the season
  8. Braga ain't that great a team and were terrible defensively.
  9. Some players clearly want Gerrard out with that performance..
  10. So try Kennedy. Don't allow Doherty, Mccrorie and Middleton out on loan and try using them. Go 3 at the back and 2 up front when playing shite like Hamilton..
  11. He picks the same gash every week, and expects different results...
  12. He just will not learn. Needs to go now.
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