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  1. Unbelievable the difference playing someone in their correct position makes!
  2. Get all the money up front...
  3. I've quit watching most football

    Make your mind up.
  4. I've quit watching most football

    Fund the Gers you cheapskate!
  5. I've quit watching most football

    You keep funding the EPL and then wondering why Rangers can't compete...
  6. I've quit watching most football

    Just quit sky. Get it up you EPL!!!!!!!
  7. Pena

    We should have him training with youths everyday, no pay off, makes his life as awkward as possible. Make sure a message is sent out to the next person who wants to mug the club off. I honestly think we are seen as a soft touch considering the amount of players who seem to do this to us.
  8. Windass

    Damn auto correct!
  9. Windass

    Windows should be player up front where he's athleticism would cause teams issues and his inconsistency would cause the least amount of damage
  10. This is exactly the sort of signing we should be making, sick of wasting money on foreign players totally unsuited to the Scottish game and climate.
  11. Trevor Sinclair

    honestly think those people that scream racist all the time are in fact massive racists,and judging everyone else by their standards.
  12. Tonights goals

    The subtitles on that clip are hilarious!
  13. Junkies vs Rangers

    morelos is bloody useless. we should just play youths for the rest of the season as these players obviously don't care.
  14. Junkies vs Rangers

    we are shite. Alves is past it.
  15. Millions Wasted

    Div 3 is awful. Our best youths and people like Wallace would have won the league.