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  1. Meet him and Stephen Wright in Jimmy's In Harrogate years ago, he was off his face. Legend!!
  2. Krakow is lovely get yourselves put here....
  3. Hookers. They'd be paying me..
  4. We'll find something else to do!!!!
  5. Cheers. Brexit would be worth it...
  6. Can you watch sky go abroad?
  7. That was last weekend. Were off to see Wisla Krakow v Legia Warsaw but they have changed the game to the sunday for some reason.
  8. Ok. Any bars near the airport. So I can leave at the last minute?
  9. Anyone know if there any sports bars (or bars that show football) in Krakow airport? Due to fly just after the game finishes and obviously want to watch as much as possible?
  10. Would loved to have seen him play.. can you imagine him playing in our team now!! Is there any other camera angles of the goal he scored against celtic where he lobs every player on the park??!!
  11. Only if we had won. Great effort though
  12. VAR isnt perfect but think its needed to be honest.
  13. You make some great points!!!
  14. It seems to me that we have been victims of some honking referee decisions especially this season, and with celtic claiming the same (although seems to have gone quiet on this front since our challenge has fallen off a bit!!) Surely its time we demanded VAR or a similar cheaper version, has to be cheaper than foreign refs (who will still make mistakes) and might make the SPL more attractive as a product, as teams will no longer be able to get away with playing hammer throwers! Sick of watching games being ruined by inept/or worse refereeing decisions.
  15. Amazing what celtic fans will go through to try and infiltrate RM!!!
  16. Hes made a lot of mistakes (which is expected of a rookie) but not sure hes learning from them. I was surprised he didnt bring back Hardie and Docherty as I think we needed some more options.
  17. Warburton was criticised for having only Plan A. Gerrards even worse. Cant understand how he never sees the need to change tactics/formations during the game/wont use subs when its obvious we need to do something, and never seems to show any urgency when the game is getting away from us!!!
  18. I support Rangers mate. Not Steven Gerrard.
  19. He consistently beats us with far fewer resources. Not sure what Gerrard has achieved as a manager yet.
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