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  1. Hows that any different to usual?
  2. Not really have you seen the state if the world.
  3. Honestly starting to hate most of the human race.
  4. Absolutely pathetic punching someone like that from behind. What a coward of a bloke.
  5. Weve outspent every other team (outwith celtic) by millions of course we should be above them
  6. We have better players than last year. Not seeing great improvement in terms of league points etc?? I used to think it was due to being in Europe as its clearly harder to do it on both fronts, but we have dropped ridiculous points since we stopped playing in europe. Watching us it seems really obvious some times that a change/substitution is required but Gerrard doesnt seem to see it. His use of subs is baffling sometimes tbh!
  7. We have to win the cup or Gerrard hasnt improved us from last year considering the financial backing he has been given.
  8. Gerrard seems like a great bloke and may become a good manager but hes far too inexperienced to be our manager imo. We should have won the league this year with Celtics form. I cant believe we havent learnt after Murty and Mccoist.
  9. Gazza might have been a better player but Ferguson achieved far more for our club, and I think Ferguson thrived in european games whereas Gazza didny really do it in Europe.
  10. Not worth selling for 10m we will just waste that 3 shite players
  11. Barry Ferguson was immense for us. Hes been our best midfielder ive in the last 30 years imo. He did far more for our club than even Gazza and Laudrup etc.
  12. Congolese were protesting in London a few years ago about their minerals being used by the West in phones etc propping up the despotic regime. All the protestors seemed to have phones, camcorders etc....
  13. Thing is we dont have to sell. If we dont get 20m, we dont sell. Its us that sets the price!!
  14. Except for Dembele. Maddison was up here and Van Dijk?? League is comparable with championship and look at the money that players are changing hands there for.
  15. 20m is nothing in English football in this day and age.
  16. We might not see an asset like him for a long time, and cant afford to waste him. He can secure our long term financial health.
  17. James Maddison went to leicester for 20m so we shouldnt accept anything less (i know theres a premium for english players but Morelos is a far better player)
  18. Is VAR not the answer. And probably cheaper in the end than foreign refs!
  19. Rangers v Marseille....but a friendly...🙄
  20. Likely to keep playing well into his 60's!!🤔
  21. We need VAR and we need it immediately. Also Mcgregor and Morelos need to stop doing stupid shite!
  22. Gerrard seems like a great bloke, has definitely brought more English interest back to the SPL, but not sure if he's ready for management (hope i'm wrong!) Some of his decisions are absolutely baffling.
  23. Shame they both missed the game through injury...…….
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