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  1. So why don't you like England showing some confidence?
  2. What arrogance. England have got a decent chance of winning (Defo better than Scotland's anyway) I live in England and most English people downplay their chances and the media wouldn't be doing it's job if it wasn't promoting their chances. Just smacks of jealousy hearing Scots slagging off England to be honest.
  3. The Scots should show a bit of love to the people paying to prop up your economy...
  4. There is some jealously on here. Little bit embarrassing.... This England team could win the world cup, whereas Scotland dont even look like making a WC. England have been robbed in numerous world cup games tbf, think VAR could make the difference as England are almost too fair usually...
  5. Can you imagine the meltdown if England win the World Cup amongst certain people....
  6. Sorry mate, not understanding your shite!
  7. England are going to win the World Cup...
  8. Just wish there was a GB team dominating the world. Would be a massive PR coup in these dark days!
  9. England are going to win the world cup, make a success of Brexit and create free energy for the whole world!!!!!
  10. Don't normally support England to be honest (would love a GB team if created) however with the way the rest of the world seems to be treating England due to Brexit etc, I would love to see England win the WC just to get it up the Germans, French, Corbyn etc!!
  11. Didn't he go mental about being offered champagne for being MotM as it was against his religious beliefs before getting nicked for drink driving...
  12. Hes never appeared to try for us or really cared. I would be sickened to see him paid off and then having a decentish career in the spl where he always score against us when we face him! We should make him see out his contract training on his own and making him persona non grata, see how great he is after no game time for a while!
  13. Feck off. You support the club even in the bad times
  14. Im hoping this is some sort of Ali rope-a-dope style tactic....
  15. Id rather have Bates trying his best than the likes of Alves and Cardosa not giving a feck. Sick of us wasting money on people who clearly dont give a shite and are at the end of their careers.
  16. 7.5k is nothing for a decent footballer ans should be well within our budgets. Think this is a terrible mistake from the club. And I reckon we will end up spunking 20k a week on some has been...
  17. morelos is bloody useless. we should just play youths for the rest of the season as these players obviously don't care.
  18. People slagging off the manager need to get a grip. Hes just took over and we have spent nothing.
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