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  1. England are going to win the world cup, make a success of Brexit and create free energy for the whole world!!!!!
  2. Don't normally support England to be honest (would love a GB team if created) however with the way the rest of the world seems to be treating England due to Brexit etc, I would love to see England win the WC just to get it up the Germans, French, Corbyn etc!!
  3. Didn't he go mental about being offered champagne for being MotM as it was against his religious beliefs before getting nicked for drink driving...
  4. Hes never appeared to try for us or really cared. I would be sickened to see him paid off and then having a decentish career in the spl where he always score against us when we face him! We should make him see out his contract training on his own and making him persona non grata, see how great he is after no game time for a while!
  5. berkshirebear


    Cant understand why this hasn't been done tbf.
  6. Hes not got the job due to his excellant track record has he..
  7. He was frightening before his injury, still gutted to this day that he never fulfilled his potential!
  8. He probably damaged his own legacy by ensuring the club was ran on a financially sound footing rather demanding ridiculous sums of money for transfers etc like most other managers would
  9. If he cares about the club he would have been tried a bit harder when he was here and living the dream....
  10. Boyd cares that much about the club that he couldnt be bothered in his second spell, and admits himself that he was a disgrace...... Hes part of the problem as well
  11. Even Alex Feguson had his managerial failures, and I honestly think you learn more from failures than successes. Hopefully FDB is even more motivated after what happened at Palace
  12. Feck off. You support the club even in the bad times
  13. Im hoping this is some sort of Ali rope-a-dope style tactic....
  14. Id rather have Bates trying his best than the likes of Alves and Cardosa not giving a feck. Sick of us wasting money on people who clearly dont give a shite and are at the end of their careers.
  15. 7.5k is nothing for a decent footballer ans should be well within our budgets. Think this is a terrible mistake from the club. And I reckon we will end up spunking 20k a week on some has been...
  16. morelos is bloody useless. we should just play youths for the rest of the season as these players obviously don't care.
  17. People slagging off the manager need to get a grip. Hes just took over and we have spent nothing.
  18. Someone on here posted that zelalem would lift the world cup!!
  19. Murray needs to get a top top coach. Mauresmo has not brought anything new to his game, and has given a good shot. It was a bold move but I don't think it has payed off.
  20. Gutted about this. We need a fresh start not someone close to Smith/Mccoist. Hope i'm wrong but can't see McCall imposing a strict/revolutionary regime!!
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