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  1. Is this no primarily the same team that let us down so badly since the new year
  2. That would have been doing his job ,, did auld FuManchu no have Raygun out the door for much the same?
  3. I think the basic premise is wrong. The league should have been declared null and void and clubs who would have been promoted should have been compensated from the funds available for loss of revenue. The remaining prize money for each division should have been split evenly between clubs if the true future of Scottish is to be a priority instead of the nonsense served up by the SPFL board.
  4. Doesn't learn, decent defender against the better teams in Europe but gets over confident and starts to take liberties against Scottish sides. But he's no the Dr Socrates he thinks he is and has cost us dear to many times for me., would still try push for nearer 10 million. Well you gotta really dont you
  5. Unfortunately wouldn't trust times content on Scottish football these days, after all did they no sign Spiers to write for them? Could be wrong, something rings a bell and it's no Quasimodo's YTS's face.
  6. Why bother going to the effort of trying fo hide it. The daft sods vote for it anyway and follow along blindly behind straight off the edge of the cliff just like the lemmings they are.
  7. Even if Liewell gets the go ahead from Mary Doll to give them the go ahead for the August would legal action no put the brakes on that until the issue of hearts relegation, or not, was resolved ?
  8. Oh sorry I forgot how well this system was working against the much feted low block
  9. I think we should be looking to sign another two strikers, surely a team the size of Rangers and with the commitments we have should have four strikers Gives us options , allowing we sign the right ones Gives us cover if Buff leaves, injury, suspension or plain old lack of form. And of course we need an experienced 6ft+ , ball playing CDM
  10. I would imagine Hearts will take whatever deal keeps them out of administration again without Budge having to put more money in. She has got to want to get her money back before she walks away doesn't she?
  11. He's been with us a while and told time and again on a variety of subjects but always seems to go back to his old ways, just doesn't seem to learn which is worrying .
  12. So Liverpool will extend the lads contract and if he's even half decent we will pay miles over the odds for him like Kent. Gerrard needs to sort out his priorities does he want to be Rangers manager or butter up the Liverpool bosses on the tenuously slim chance he might get the managers job at Anfield.
  13. Pedro chirivella allegedly , as to whether he is gutless, shiftless or indeed a cunt you'd have to make your own mind up coz I've never heard of the lad But he is Spanish if that tells you anything
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