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  1. I said at start of season that unless the gaffer could change the shape a bit that both Arfield and Docherty would struggle . Although arfield has been squeezed into the team surely Barker, or Jones once fit again, would be more suited to this role and Arfield's repeated inclusion out of position can only be to the detriment of all concerned.
  2. Just shows how training methods have moved on from the days at Gullane. Have ye seen the size of they dunes?
  3. Hope this settles the argument that Jack is not just a holding midfielder as some have said
  4. Agree Kamara has struggled so far this season. How about playing Polster in defensive mid , did he no only play one season at right back to get a game due to a combination of serious injury and the arrival of Schweinsteiger at his MLS team. Think he got good reviews in midfield before his injury
  5. Was up north last week and heard the 5th Earl of Huntly had passed after being taken I'll during a football match in 1576. Couldn't help wondering if the Bridgeman "reducer" had been perfected over the generations just to maim , perhaps Bridgeman's dad or even as far back as grandfather possibly?
  6. Great game from the wee man, deserved his RTV MotM award today IMO. Always thought he was a good signing , clever wee player who will be useful in unlocking these packed defences in the SPFL especially. Bit more game time will just sharpen the lad up and I'm sure we will see the best of him
  7. It's no Gogzy from the old Rangerschat is it ,? you know he won Bear of the Day by a single vote. I heard Cosmo the superdug's empty bawsack was devastated
  8. I wanted GVB as our manager before we opted for Stevie G , I'm Sure he will get a warm welcome at Ibrox but I hope you go home empty handed this time Gio
  9. No a great performance from us but performance level doesn't matter as long as we reach the group stages.
  10. Do we need to organise a schedule of matches for our reserve team like we did for our highly successful development squad to help the likes of Docherty and Stewart ?
  11. Dont see how you can draw any effective conclusions from yesterday's game. Team was , with a couple of exceptions, made up of players who have had very little competitive football and are likely to have hardly played together bar training sessions
  12. Aye shame the thanks sold Tiny Tiers , if Candeias could put him in his pocket imagine what Ojo would do
  13. How do you know unless the lad is given the opportunity to play in an advanced role as an attacking mid , I'll reserve judgement on the lad until he is given the chance . As I said Arfield has been poor in that deeper role and has been moved forward does the lad no deserve the same opportunity?
  14. Barisic was crap on the artificial turf at Kilmarnock which everyone knows he doesn't like. Surely we need to play him and tell him to make a case to stay or to attract bids from other clubs. Either way we get a performance out of him . Cant keep paying off contracts and let them walk away for nothing
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