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  1. Do we need to organise a schedule of matches for our reserve team like we did for our highly successful development squad to help the likes of Docherty and Stewart ?
  2. Dont see how you can draw any effective conclusions from yesterday's game. Team was , with a couple of exceptions, made up of players who have had very little competitive football and are likely to have hardly played together bar training sessions
  3. Aye shame the thanks sold Tiny Tiers , if Candeias could put him in his pocket imagine what Ojo would do
  4. How do you know unless the lad is given the opportunity to play in an advanced role as an attacking mid , I'll reserve judgement on the lad until he is given the chance . As I said Arfield has been poor in that deeper role and has been moved forward does the lad no deserve the same opportunity?
  5. Barisic was crap on the artificial turf at Kilmarnock which everyone knows he doesn't like. Surely we need to play him and tell him to make a case to stay or to attract bids from other clubs. Either way we get a performance out of him . Cant keep paying off contracts and let them walk away for nothing
  6. Great performance from Goldson last night . Up until then I was all for Katic and Helander being our number one pairing , now it's one hell of a decision and probably down to which pairing works best together
  7. Poor lad has a bad time being subbed out for Jack which is not his game and some want him gone. No wonder we cant bring young players into the first team. Totally different player to Rossiter IMO, so I dont get the comparison Nearest player you could compare to Docherty is Arfield and if he is given the opportunity in this sort of position I think the lad will prosper. Dont think the shape of the team suits either of these two tbh and both have struggled played in a deeper role
  8. They keep saying they want to get money into the lower leagues then they dont televise this. SPFL / SFA liars or incompetent what u reckon ?
  9. Ulster bear is one of RangersRadio's stalwarts although he has no been calling in much recently due to other commitments. Presented the show a while back with Blueshadow as his sidekick I think . Definitely worthy of your support in his new podcast if you have the time
  10. 4 goals away from home in Europe simply outstanding. Conceding a couple of avoidable goals was a bit of a shame . Overall great performance but still stuff to work on for the gaffer and his team
  11. In two minds over this one, put the fear on them and pin them back, shagger , tav, goldson edmundson, barasic, Jack Kamara, Aribo, Ojo, Defoe, morelos Or slightly more conservative front line of Stewart , Morelos, Ojo 4 3 3, to aggressive you think people ?
  12. Look who is effectively in charge of day to day running of 1872 and their relationship with the club. May prove enlightening. Such a shame Rangers First disappeared IMO
  13. Absolute gent when I met him, would be a year or two ago now though. Far better footballer than most gave him credit for. Happy birthday Tam and many more of them big fella.
  14. Definitely not . Don't let the filth in until after the minute's silence if they cannot respect it. If that doesn't work ban them , if they still don't get the message make it permenant
  15. Docherty and Rossiter are two totally different players, and to try compare them against each other is unfair to both of them IMO I know , I know, they are both midfielder but.........
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