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  1. Andy Scoulding. Head Scout at Ibrox. Him and Gerrard are good mates.
  2. Moved down to London last weekend so first home game I've missed in yonks. What do folk use for coughs these days?
  3. Fod Tav Kiernan Wilson Wallace Holt Barton Kranjcar Waghorn Dodoo McKay That's the team i'd like to see get a run out.
  4. Wes Tav Ball Wilson Wallace Zelalem Halliday Holt King O'Halloran McKay
  5. I fucking hate them. Rancid stinking manky cunts.
  6. There is no public sale for games against the filth at Ibrox. Everything goes to ST holders.
  7. Nothing, all on fight pass. Gutter as well considering it's actually on at a decent time.
  8. Shite that the UFC this week is on fight pass. Hopefully get a decent stream somewhere.
  9. Midnight tonight for overseas and Wednesday afternoon for UK viewers. Thank fuck I've got a ticket.
  10. RTV are only showing it as a delayed broadcast for overseas viewers.
  11. Interesting and totally correct perspective on this whole case from the editor of the National (I know).
  12. Not on TV but a simple fix. Get the Hola extension for Google Chrome, change settings to USA and buy the game on Rangers TV.
  13. Warburton stated that they are working on a couple of deals that have been drawn out. Judging from Billy King's comments his move was done and dusted pretty quickly which would make me assume that there are still a couple of deals to be tied up before the window closes.
  14. Looks as if he asked to go on loan and Hearts offered him to us and we decided to take them up on it. Seems as if it all happened in the last 24 hours.
  15. Pretty underwhelming signing in all honesty.
  16. How do you swap between the regions on the PS store?
  17. This is what I thought Watch Dogs would be like. Was utter pish in reality though.
  18. I thought he didn't have clearance for the Dumbarton game but did for this?
  19. Would of been even better if Calderwood was still fighting. The undercard for 194 is immense.
  20. What's the process for installing, it easy enough? Nearly filled my 500GB one.
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