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  1. That SPFL statement is confusing, O'Brien is the largest shareholder in INM, Dermot Desmond is the 2nd while also being the largest shareholder in celtic. Are they playing with words? I'm not all clued up on this stuff.
  2. Interesting revelations from King there. I seen someone say on Twitter that not only are Dermot Desmond and Denis O’Brien significant shareholders of INM but the majority shareholder of INM also hold shares in celtic. Dont know if that is true though.
  3. I agree, 8m odd spent last summer? I think around the same again but if 10m is made from player sales in Morelos, Windass and Foderingham and it's reinvested perhaps it's not so silly.
  4. 15-20m not the rumoured number?
  5. Really interesting that actually, I’d have thought even the low end Premiership clubs would have been bringing in 4m+ each just with being Premiership clubs. Perhaps not such a bad deal considering our current situation.
  6. A problem we still have is crosses coming into our box from wide areas. Tav tends to stop stop the cross coming in but when the cross comes in from the left back area he often loses his man or is poor positionally and we concede. The opposite is true of Wallace on the left, he hardly ever stops the crosses coming in but when a cross comes in from the right back area he has the far post covered and we hardly ever concede. That’s my take on it anyway.
  7. I'm a big believer in the idea of Club 1872 we need the right people at the helm of it and i think we have lost the 3 most competent people on the board. If this is true Houston applied for the role, didn't he say at the hustings he would do all he can to keep Club1872 independent from the club?!
  8. Hope we pump these cunts. Ayr fans are a bitter bunch, fucking hate them.
  9. http://www.vipboxsports.eu/watch/74043/1/annan-athletic-vs-rangers-live-stream-online.html
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