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  1. doesn't have the right attitude to play for us we better not sign him now
  2. If you won the lottery...

    if i win the £167 million the night i won't put a dime in unless other rich Rangers fans put their hand in their pocket
  3. The scum at it again.

    they will probably get a tour of parkhead
  4. malaga

    ARCOS bar
  5. Morelos partner of Rangers past

    Francis Jeffers
  6. Pubs in Benidorm for Partick game.

    The Eagle Bar
  7. damn wanted to go to this but it clashes with a Little Mix concert
  8. Does anyone know this cunt?

    it's Bobby Roode out the wrestling
  9. New York Gers Bars

    The Blue Oyster Bar
  10. I heard he was pan bread
  11. So you're Pedro's replacement, what do you do...

    sing the billy boys at my first press conference then get the jail for 5 years
  12. Next Manager? (Options)

    Neil Lennon
  13. Windass or Kranjcar?

  14. Phantom Fundraiser

    I'm sending my love down the well
  15. Arrested at the match

    I got lifted for jumping about on the roof of the away end at cliftonhill it was the day they had introduced that you could be charged at my age