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  1. Damn I was hoping someone had tried to assassinate him
  2. we should give them a Grado of honour get the fat cunt to take the pish out the paedo fuckers
  3. cause they wouldn't show him the deeds BOOM BOOM I'll get my coat
  4. David Murray
  5. did I not read somewhere Barry Ferguson let his weans run about in Smeltic tops if true he can defo get to fuck that would be some Rangers man eh
  6. Axl Rose he knows how to make a few quid with a newco
  7. what about the lot that thought it was ok to boycott when Dave King told them to and nearly killed our club ? why don't they fuck off ? and the ones who weren't there when we were in Div 3 2 1 ? should they not fuck off as well ? i'll do what i fucking want I have paid for my season ticket and I will buy it again next year
  8. he should use his magic hat and (fuck off) disappear
  9. Mr Soprano must be in with a shout he won the europa league with us at football manager in the football manager thread new Ian Cathro
  10. he better resign after the game it's an embarrassment i won't be back till he is gone
  11. i'm sure he's already playing injured either that or he's just pish
  12. 0011101010001011110101
  13. Ally McCoist
  14. well thats the kinda shit we need to find out about him maybe he has a lycra fetish and sniffs other bikers seats ?
  15. is he a fan of gay saunas and transvestisim ?