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  1. Liverpool

    remember to say calm down calm down to every scouser you meet
  2. I await a Stauncher pub name.

    carsons in coatbridge is shite there is a door for tims
  3. Dundee ban Daily Rectum

    thank fuck i was worried you knew me
  4. Dundee ban Daily Rectum

    whats pegging ? Hanging your washing out ?
  5. Dundee ban Daily Rectum

    just for chuckles if my first name is Sandy whats my second name ?
  6. Dundee ban Daily Rectum

    fuck up BIll
  7. Dundee ban Daily Rectum

    not really do you work for dundee tourist board
  8. Dundee ban Daily Rectum

    i guess your boyfriend stays there
  9. Dundee ban Daily Rectum

    you would think you actually liked dundee you must be the only one who does
  10. Dundee ban Daily Rectum

    have they got a slaughter house for killing all the ugly cows that live there ?
  11. Dundee ban Daily Rectum

    damn maybe an aldi or lidl then
  12. Dundee ban Daily Rectum

    pity it's not true they could build a big double tesco when united go bust
  13. if we do win the league and manage to qualify for the champions league that would be worth more than the £11m
  14. Leeds United got a new crest....

    Zenit have put one up on twitter taking the piss
  15. Where to watch game last palmas

    oh I nearly forgot this is the middle aged man that was saying he was only 15 so avoid any of his advice