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  1. Anywhere to watch Hibs game in Moscow?

    Putins is where to watch it
  2. Tommy Wright

    what about Jim Jeffries............................the comedian cause we are a fucking joke
  3. Yahoos Vandalise Fir Park

    you never see googles vandalizing anything
  4. Gough and King and mystery man

    Blue Nose Babe told him to fuck off before she finished her shift
  5. What the fuck half a pape.

    i thought this was about Meghan Markle until i realized it wasn't in the OT
  6. Tony Pulis

    he has won 2 games in his last 21 no thanks
  7. Henning Berg

    Gattuso ?
  8. Failed drugs test rumours

    I would just pump the whole team full of steriods if 1 or 2 of them got banned who would miss them anyway lol they're all fucking shite
  9. Failed drugs test rumours

    seems like that was a load of shite too or it was longer than i thought ago as there was 8 drug tests in 9 months in 2016
  10. Failed drugs test rumours

    the club ? it was on the STV news a while back about the authorities not testing
  11. Failed drugs test rumours

    i'm not saying no one is on it but they just really don't test in scotland didn't read the bit above about the taxi driver being a grass though
  12. Failed drugs test rumours

    there has only been about 4 drug tests in scottish football in the last 20 years so i doubt it
  13. Someone please justify his position

    I hope you're right
  14. ***Suggestion Thread***

    The guy that manages the Red Imps he knows how to beat celtic
  15. Someone please justify his position

    We can't sack Pedro when Dave King is trying to claim he has no money in court he should be sacked though