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  1. DJXL liked a post in a topic by eejay the dj in 50 years 1971/2021 Our clubs saddest day   
    Thought it would be good idea to start a thread. For everyone to post some comments, in memory of this sad day .
    So with inspiration from Tannerall , here it is . Was hoping that maybe the Mods, could keep it at the top until January of next year .
     Approaching 50 years to that day .
    It changed so many supporters lives  and their families from 1971 to this present day.  It is now known as " the Ibrox disaster " but we regard it, as the biggest tragedy this club has ever suffered .
    Maybe fans could share their memories , think of some stories or share ,any ideas for RM to pay their tributes on the day .
    Ok it's months away ,  gives us good time to reflect and honoring  the people that died .

  2. DJXL liked a post in a topic by SuperPapac05 in Joey Barton article   
    Aye nae bother, how does he explain Hamilton and Kilmarnock, two other games he was completely useless in? He still can't admit he couldn't back up all the shite he was spouting so has to blame others. The fact Scott Brown took the utter piss out of him in that game boils piss. He thought he'd stroll it up here and once he found out he couldn't he wanted to bail. Fuck him. 
  3. DJXL liked a post in a topic by Dave Hedgehog in The coronavirus and the sfa   
    If leagues end up being abandoned it might not be up to FA’s.
    The ultimate decision would be the government in these countries.
    They will trump football authorities every day of the week 👍
  4. DJXL liked a post in a topic by ger4life_1872 in Into the bear pit   
    More chance of reading @DJXL book 
  5. DJXL liked a post in a topic by TMB in Unsettling Rangers.....   
    It’s got nothing to do with the media.  We’ve just been shit since we came back same as last season.  
  6. DJXL liked a post in a topic by SeparateEntityMyArse in This season v last season (having now played everyone)   
    Ignorant and deluded uber mob will decry Gerrard saying he should have won the league and cups by now.
    Sensible folk recognise the progress, against all odds.
  7. DJXL liked a post in a topic by murzo in Bhoys v Bluenoses podcast Episode 2   
    Is @DJXL book still available to buy? 
  8. LiverpoolBlue liked a post in a topic by DJXL in ***** Official Q1/Q2 Europa League Draw*****   
    Aye, we've made that mistake before.
  9. Prso's headband liked a post in a topic by DJXL in * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *   
    Fucking hilarious if it's Hughes!
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