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  1. Work soon .but some yer followers can upset a bear of 38 years.goodnight and thanks for me being part of rangersmedia watp

  2. Cannie get a picture up,al post her majesty tomorrow.

    1. Robert rankin

      Robert rankin

      Drives me nuts there all effing crazy with big tits and balls using kids bathrooms

  3. what is with the abuse!!?
  4. i didnt think it would cost much. as the outcome of the tax case looking like it wont be in our favor we are going to have to cost cut even more than we have recently so a move to a lower league down there would properly take in the same cash we do in spl anyway
  5. recently some clubs down south have went bust meaning there will be places opening up in the lower leagues in English football there must be away for white to buy one for lets say £1 and move them to Ibrox then change name like Wimbledon did to THE GLASGOW RANGERS anyone no if this is possible? sorry if people have talked about this before i am just starting to use forum WE ARE THE PEOPLE!!!!!
  6. how many rangers fans in the world must be millions is there nothing a support group could set up that we could all buy in to lets say 1m fans over the world was to pay £50 quid and buy the club?? or is this just far to unrealistic?? only a thought
  7. i logged in using my facebook so if anyone doubts they can check
  8. lol i will take note of that
  9. cheers mate a few no bad guys that i think could do a job for us in there
  10. he is a big no no for me waste of time and wage
  11. cheers been following for a while now but thought it was time i got involved more
  12. After super allys comments i have been thinking about this alot. Who is actually available on the fee list worth signing if any? has any got or no of a list we can all discuss?
  13. Edit August 2012: FAO new members - tips on the forum here, e.g. removing signatures :- Just a wee hello to say am no timmy before i start to comment on any posts