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  1. Spl teams in the cup

    only in the scotish cup
  2. Beattie 'disappointed'

    so y did we accept miller back in a blue jersey. ok will rephrase craig is a loyalist through and through. although half you cunts won't know what that means.
  3. Beattie 'disappointed'

    personally i wouldn't but everyone is different. Rangers let him go, bottom line he was offered a good deal to play for them so thats life.
  4. Beattie 'disappointed'

    ok then clubs they have both played with, fuck sake we hated black last year and to be honest when has he ever stood out in a game against us?
  5. Beattie 'disappointed'

    can assure you that he is.
  6. Beattie 'disappointed'

    Blacks better than him? have a look at there trophy haul, fucken wise up.
  7. Beattie 'disappointed'

    know Craig well, he is Rangers through and through regardless if he played with them or not. Anyway why shouldn't a guy who has played in the premiership and played for his country not earn the same wages as a player who has played for hearts and inverness??
  8. What's ur first ever Rangers game?

    raith rovers away, terry butchers comeback from leg break, can't mind result was only 2. Rangers then,Rangers then,Rangers forever.
  9. Happy Birthday Dunny_01

    have the pleasure of this legends company at all away games, due to the fact he is a maniac behind the wheel. dunny you are the man. and we are the people.
  10. Boss hopeful on Beattie

    still would improve our team, black never worth wages we are payen him.
  11. torres your a cunt, 20 on him top scorer after first match at 16/1
  12. Scottish Challenge Cup

    wat date is that? as am on holiday until the 26th of july, and a don't want to miss this one.
  13. Moses McNeil Academy or The Davie Cooper Academy?

    Davie cooper- I played for the club i loved. enough said