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  1. If anyone is looking for a ticket for Kasabian at Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh on Saturday 18th August - send me a PM. Our group has one spare ticket and happy to sell at face value to a fellow Bear.
  2. I agree but still £56 down plus petrol. I feel shite enough watching it at home so they'll be fucking raging
  3. Folks and around 100 Bears got turned away from the game by police as apparently "ground was full". We've got season tickets and these were from their away ticket allocation direct from Rangers - so definitely not dodgy or fakes. Anyone else heard about this tonight?
  4. We're not great across the whole team but the defence is an utter joke. Foster and McCulloch need to be dropped and try and get a settled back 4. First goal was a good strike - although Law should've been out quicker - the other 3 were schoolboy defending that even a half organised amateur team could've defended better.
  5. Foster at fault for at least 3 of the goals - why he was re-signed is easily the biggest fuck up of all of McCoist's fuck ups. If McAusland isn't recalled and in at right back then I give up!
  6. Haha! Nah been with her 8 years despite me being a fud for most of the 8 years and she still likes me, so think I'm stuck with her. Still love my ps4 more though
  7. Cheers for the suggestions - think I'll get Shadows of Mordor - the nemesis system sounds great! Can get Watchdogs for about a tenner on eBay so think I'll pick that up too. Some of the games in 2015 look absolutely amazing - new Uncharted, Bloodborne, The Order, The Witcher 3, Arkham Knight, The Division, Battlefield Hardline - think I'll need to postpone my wedding!
  8. Just got a ps4 - what's the recommendations for games? Got GTA V which is amazing and I've got the Last of Us Remastered coming in the post - what others should I pick up first? I like my action and sports games. Loved Tomb Raider on the PS3, is it worth getting the PS4 version if I can get it cheap enough?
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