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  1. It's not the club telling them to take the flags down, it'll be UEFA for covering up all the Europa League branding.
  2. I don't mind him losing the ball, if he gets it back, and he does. He's calm and collected and always willing to take it in and that creates space for others like Kent or Barker. it's also freeing up Jack to move further forward, and get a few goals and create.
  3. It went to general sale... do you see everyone that goes to Ibrox?
  4. I heard it too, and my mate at work I was talking to heard it too. Definitely from the numpty element of our support. Luckily it wasn't widespread. He also got a bit of a round of applause from some too. Mostly the reaction was one of disappointment in him, as hes bang out of form and seemingly undroppable.
  5. Today I've booked ferry up for Rotterdam as I noticed the price begin to rise fairly quickly the past couple of days and the one I was planning on getting sell out. Got a fairly cheap hotel which I've only paid a nominal deposit. I'm on 3pts, so hopeful for a ticket. I've not paid much for the ferry, so I'd even be tempted to go the day trip if the costs were reasonable enough, and Thomas Cook are still in business.
  6. Porto day trip only now available... £349
  7. It's mad to think that we would not want to promote the game, and the club to potentially half of the population of Scotland.
  8. Yeah, we are the subject of all that hate. Removing us from the league and then working our way up definitely reduce the quality of the league.
  9. Most sports aren't self-sustaining when trying to gain traction. Most businesses aren't, and have to be backed until it does become self-sustaining. Heck, Scottish football in general isn't self-sustaining. Women's football is a growth area, young girls are running about wearing Rangers gear, women going to games is increasing and actively supporting Rangers. Women's football will have benefits for the first team, and the club should actively promote all areas of the sport.
  10. The international depression started long before that, probably with George Burley, but what the SFA have done in alienating the largest proportion of the support (by their own estimates) has made the depression far more severe. Scottish football is hating itself to death.
  11. I use my credit card for CCCS tickets. Gives me a bit of extra time to pay up for when ridiculous things like this happen. Granted, I know not every has a credit card, but it could be worth changing your payments to a credit card so you don;t get a big whack coming out of your debit account.
  12. In the cold hard light of the morning, and I still feel the same. It seems obvious in hindsight, but everyone around me was saying it when the team was announced. That team has no width and there is no out ball. That coupled with the inexperience of Aribo and Ojo (when he come on), meant it would be hard for us to make an impact on the game. But to compound things, we seemed to double down and play defensively and sat of them, allowing them to press us. All of this clear in the first 10minutes, and although the change at halftime helped slightly, we should have changed in the 1st half. Jones and Morelos on earlier and we might have stood a chance.
  13. lau03143


    In my opinion, he's just that wee bit slower in closing down or shifting over when the ball goes out wide that what Kent or Candeias did. But hopefully he grows into the role, as he certainly seems to get on the scoresheet and gets in good attacking positions.
  14. Lafferty showing zero self-awareness if he thought his on the pitch performances last season warranted more game-time.
  15. I'm happy enough with that draw if we get past the Danes. I have a feeling we will play better against better teams this season.
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