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  1. Ibrox Pitch

    There's no point widening the pitch unless we play with wide players who attack down the line; ours cut back inside every time. It also widens the distance between our players, so the attempted short passing we like to do will be harder to implement.
  2. Under 20s in Irn Bru Cup

    A bit of digging and I've answered my own question. 7.30pm k.o @ Forthbank http://spfl.co.uk/challenge-cup/fixture/3639073/
  3. Under 20s in Irn Bru Cup

    So the game next week will be at Forthbank?
  4. 3 points is 3 points but....

    Indeed, to say they were all over us is a complete exaggeration. We had difficult spells in the game, but we managed them. 7 competitive games this season and undefeated is definitely a solid start to the season.
  5. Miller

    Dodoo is still a young, developing player and there should be no expectation that he would slot right in with Waghorn out.
  6. Barrie McKay

    Warburton put his faith in him last season and he's repaid that faith in full. He has so much potential, and I'm sure he'll grow into a key player for us and for Scotland.
  7. What's your favourite Rangers shirt?

    These two are my favourites.
  8. ***Raith Rovers v Rangers match thread***

    We look a totally different side when we play the ball on the deck. We minimised the amount of long balls and passed the ball about. A great performance.
  9. ***Raith Rovers v Rangers match thread***

    Jigs not got the legs for playing in the middle any more.
  10. Players refuse 15% wage cut?

    I can't understand why people don't se. Why this is been leaked. The first thing the agents of these players will do is leak the info to try to get interested clubs to put in an offer to get a moved before the players are released from their contracts and they miss signing fees etc.
  11. Players refuse 15% wage cut?

    I wouldn't be overly concerned. Either everyone bears the brunt or we get rid of the likes of Simonsen, Foster etc. A trimmed back squa. Could stI'll walk this league and more than likely the Championship. We're 18 months too late with this.
  12. Updated Membership Group Proposal

    That whole of Scottish football needs to adopt the 50+1 arrangement like Germany. It's then not a supporters group working with the club, but every supporter who has signed up as a member, they all get voting rights on electing board members etc. Fans groups like RST etc are devisive and generally counter productive.
  13. ***The Official Rangers v East Fife Thread***

    Looking forward to the game today. First one of the season for me. New strip at the ready!!
  14. Was that in January? I think it was called the Amsterdam 7's or something like that.
  15. Bayern - Man City will be a good couple of games.