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  1. Some of the old FIFA soundtracks are incredible
  2. Just won the Premier League, and Champions League last season, fancies a pop at the Betfred Cup behind closed doors
  3. There is 0% chance we are in talks with James Milner
  4. I’ll always remember checking the pre-match odds for this on Ceefax and it was 250/1 for us to win 3-0 that night
  5. Rangers been snooping? 👀 Last 10 mins just now!
  6. 2:37 for absolute limbs in a pre season friendly
  7. Missed this taking a pish, raging
  8. My shins were purple polka dots for a fortnight because of that when Ryan Jack scored against them at Ibrox, looked like somebody had tried to kneecap me with paintballs Ah I do miss Ibrox
  9. I worked with a Hearts fan who seriously tried to claim Gazza was “average” up here, he was THAT much of a bitter bastard about Rangers Loonies out there
  10. Another underrated moment Limbs My ad got clocked with the ball right on the napper when the teams were warming up before the game, he was livid
  11. Fireworks over the stadium before the game
  12. See to be fair, the atmosphere in Rotterdam sounded immense from the tele. My mate said it was unbelievable when they scored. What a stadium. Morelos’ two goals from that night are two of the best Rangers have scored in Europe. The delivery from Barisic for his second...
  13. Listen here you little shit
  14. If one more person hits me with “you’re closer to 30 now” they’re getting lamped
  15. Christ man I had Freddy Ljungberg’s red Mohican when I was in primary school but my mum wouldn’t let me dye it properly so I got some shite one from Boots and it went pink Brutal. Was also gutted when he made that brief stint for that lot.
  16. Essandoh

    FIFA 20

    The game is woeful, try Co-Ops if you feel like putting your windows in
  17. There’s a generation of kids that have seen Rangers win fuck all. It must change this season.
  18. I wish I was old enough to remember this
  19. We’re on our way We’re on our way
  20. What happens after this round? Still two leg games?
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