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  1. Reaching the semis of that cup is a pretty amazing achievement when you realise how young that team is. Could they make the final?
  2. I canny get my head round those vermin Imagine being asked if you fancied giving money to celtic to go watch their youth team play at Parkhead in amongst a non-league away support. There was even one cunt in the Rangers end who seemed to get a battering. Boggles the fucking mind.
  3. I take it something happened earlier because the police presence at this is ridiculous
  4. Thought you meant them as a front 3 there Football would get shut down
  5. 17 games for Bayern this season, 20 goals. On his way to a fourth consecutive 40 goal season
  6. Short version Full real-time version Incredible.
  7. In a world without Ronaldo and Messi, this guy would have won a Ballon d’Or. Somehow I don’t think history will really give him the spotlight he deserves. One of the best strikers of all time. Joy to watch.
  8. Think it’s a real shame about Queen’s Park going professional but there’s no place for sentiment really if they projected difficulties ahead.
  9. Rangers would have to play on Mars for there to be enough room in hospitality to treat the travelling fans like that Even then it would be a tight squeeze
  10. Christ almighty. Talking about diddies.
  11. You somehow use the “obscene number of qualifying rounds we have had to play” against Gerrard’s record. Mental. How early did those qualifiers start? How many players weren’t back with the squad for those games? How far did our rebuild continue from June to August? How experienced were the likes of Maribor, Osijek and Legia in European football compared with our players? Massive teams go out every single year in the Europa and Champions League qualifiers. It is nowhere near as easy as you’re implying. The accomplishments of Steven Gerrard and his staff far more credit than that. It’s a remarkable record.
  12. I canny believe some people are trying to downplay that record because of qualifiers. He’s got us to the Group Stages of the Europa League from the FIRST qualifying round, TWICE consecutively. Then on top of that our record in the groups has been something to be very proud of.
  13. No chance. Same team again with Jones replacing Barker if he’s back fit.
  14. Morelos is most definitely a better player than Daniel Cousin
  15. Who was it that organised the 3 stand display against Inter way back with the Union and Saltire flags? That was tremendous but I imagine it must’ve cost a fair whack. Another underrated one was the wee Union flags dished out for everyone to wave before the tarriers game when Aluko scored
  16. That’s a fair point actually about his finishing. Night and day since he arrived.
  17. Has anyone seen any recordings from the match on BT or know of any re-runs? That must’ve looked and sounded fantastic on the tele.
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