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  1. He’s number 17 he is Joe Aribooooo
  2. See after the state of them with their “9”, I’d take it but wouldn’t really recognise it as anything other than confirmation that their “10” was dead. I’ve said it before on here but we’re effectively playing wartime football and it’s hard to argue that anything won during this period is of the same value as silverware pre-Covid. We’ll see how this season pans out but no chance it finishes in May 2021
  3. Oh she knows her arse, speaks from it daily
  4. Bolingoli a Masonic agent confirmed
  5. So surely if they can’t play their SPFL games, they can’t possibly play their CL tie?
  6. The same one that was sent in the summer. Know your place *** scum Fuck them
  7. How long until we’re all accused of point scoring
  8. “His hairline is a threat to public health” - BBC Twitter, 2 minutes ago
  9. Another massive opportunity for Rangers. We absolutely must keep winning if they aren’t to play. If we went into the first Old Firm even 5 points clear the pressure would be enormous on them. Especially with how poor they look. (Despite the Barcelona-esque performance against the mighty Hamilton Academical that Sportscene were salivating over)
  10. There’d be attempts to close the club if that was one of our players. Spare me the shite of Humza condemning Bolingoli. He’d have been straight onto Kerrydale after it.
  11. Sutton isn’t wrong there though, if that lot bring him on for 3 seconds at the end of the game it would still be completely out of order He should never play a game in Scotland again
  12. Calling it now. Sturgeon will suspend this league within the next month. It’ll be her ‘Rally Round The Flag’ card and it’s unfortunately the perfect time to play it
  13. Honest to fuck it’s depressing Its one thing what the Aberdeen players did But to fly to Spain for a few days of sun knowing fine well how bad it’s getting again over there and then be able to look teammates/“friends” in the eye knowing he’s exposed himself is just in another realm of selfishness Not the first time that lot have turned their backs to an employee exposing himself mind you
  14. None of those cunts will have given a fuck about the prospect of Aberdeen playing them with 8 players out Watch them fucking scramble
  15. I have no words for that. Genuinely awestruck at the selfishness of that guy. Utterly reprehensible. What the fuck
  16. That sentence sounded like Tom Miller pished
  17. You’re probably right but there isn’t a chance in fuck I’d trust part-time Scottish referees with VAR They can’t even use their fucking whistles properly
  18. I’m confused as fuck Aribo definitely started in that wider right position (not as a winger) and it worked. Then he got an assist to the assist, if you will, from the central point on the counter. That’s using him correctly, no?
  19. Do you not think he looks fucking massive compared to last? He’s 100% bulked out. I agree he shouldn’t be playing with his back to goal but he hasn’t at any point so far, when he was ‘wide right’ yesterday he was constantly running direct at their defence or driving inside. Pulled every cunt out of position and was causing them havoc whenever he was inside the 18 yard box. That’s where he should be every week. Hagi was finally more central, despite not having his best game, and Roofe hasn’t kicked a ball yet but can play anywhere across the front so not exactly being forced out of position If I’ve misunderstood the area you meant apologies
  20. I think he’ll excel anywhere across that front line or in behind, looks to have improved so much over the summer. Big unit and so much confidence because he knows he can beat the best when he wants to.
  21. Kamara actually did really well with that I thought Impossible with Davis and Arfield mind you
  22. Named after him, no involvement from him (obviously) or family Bizarre one. Their stadium is a stunner though:
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