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  1. I canny say fuck all after Sunday
  2. Surprised at so many people questioning Defoe’s extension
  3. Young Boys never looked up to much in Switzerland and I’m still stunned we never won. Obviously it’s down to their performance across the group games as a whole but Feyenoord and Porto look far better teams based on our games so far.
  4. More exciting too. The tournament lost its charm when it became the Europa League (Champions League lite).
  5. Essentially what I was actually wanting to say underneath the rage and reactionary response I hit out with. I still don’t think Morelos should’ve been anywhere near that penalty. And I know Tavernier had a good game.
  6. I think the win against Livorno that year was the first Scottish victory in Italy but I could be wrong. One of the finer moments of Le Guen’s tenure
  7. Yep. And a draw could send us through if the other two draw or (I think) if Feyenoord beat Porto, we win and keep a better goal difference after head to head.
  8. Lost my head after the game. Hold my hands up. Everyone’s done it and I’m hurting like the rest of you.
  9. Nobody’s looking back in 10 years time and saying “remember the warriors we had when we lost that cup final to a 10 man celtic side”
  10. Get him to fuck ASAP none of this appeasing pish biggest game since 2011 and he shirks responsibility on the biggest stage and hands the ball to someone who’s hit one penalty at Rangers and couldn’t have had more pressure on him Hes a fucking loser Unforgivable
  11. Every time we let them ducking lord it over us fucking disgrace the lot of them
  12. Are you for fucking real he’s the Rangers captain and has hit just about every penalty since he’s been at Rangers outside waghorn morelos has hit what one hes a fucking shitebag
  13. Is it fuck fuck off whens the last time Morelos hit a fucking penalty nevermind in this fucking game anyone that thinks that’s anything but unacceptable can fuck off as well
  14. Games done Headlines already written Morelos will be fucked after this
  15. Season over after this fucking disgrace Tavernier should never wear the jersey again fucking unforgivable
  16. Get Tavernier to fuck in January fucking cunt fucking passing on responsibility get to fuck no fucking way should Morelos be taking that
  17. Everybody knew it was happening Shitebags to a fucking man
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