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  1. Would love us to put a marker down and beat these bastards 5-0. Put them in their place and show that either with or without Morelos, we are a force to be reckoned with. However, I’d also take a 1-0 last minute og as long as we get the 3 points!
  2. This one always made me laugh, when the pope at the time was John Paul the 2nd. Whats the difference between Mr Sheen and the pope? Ones polish, the other ones a fenian bastard
  3. Think Davis and Defoe will be more valuable off the park than on it, both should be used sparingly next season. Could possibly say the same about Arfield but I’m not so sure, think he’s finished and should be nowhere near the first team next season.
  4. Nope, just a realistic fan who can’t see a chance of any positive result from this course of action.
  5. No, as it’s a waste of time and money. As Hearts will soon find out if they go ahead with their legal battle
  6. Anorthosis Famagusta. The wee red head guy in the pic went on to play for Aberdeen, can’t mind his name though
  7. I recall Kevin MacDonald came to us from Liverpool and played as a trialist late 1980’s. Wiki page says it was a loan and played 3 games, but I’m sure I recall something about we couldn’t print his name in the programme so it went in as trialist. might need to dig some old programmes out the loft to check this
  8. Was never the same after that mix up that lost us the 94 final, seemed to make a series of errors including another at Tynecastle that sticks in my mind. Think everyone was glad when Goram got fit again and took the No1 jersey back!
  9. Top side, really hard task for the players to step up and play at that level. We have overachieved in this tournament and tonight we were simply outclassed
  10. The shaky peg is getting loosened every week with performances like that!
  11. Shaky peg, same situation as his predecessors have found themselves in, so it’s up to him and the team he picks to stop the inevitable
  12. I think the staying wide and making diagonal runs into the box, or starting closer to the centre and running across defenders to the wide areas is what I would like to see more of! The guy has real quality and a change to how we play the ball into him, as other posters have also suggested will benefit the whole team. He doesn’t have to beat the 6 defenders camped on the edge of their box, he only needs to get past 1 and then commit a second for space and gaps to appear that his team mates need to then take advantage of!
  13. The team aren’t set up to fully utilise his strengths, running behind defenders or running onto cut backs for a shot at goal is where he is at his most dangerous. We seem to be asking him to beat 2 or 3 players from a standing start to create chances and that’s not the type of player he is IMO
  14. Wee guy seemed genuinely excited to visit Ibrox and see the Gers in Europe.
  15. cogsy69uk


    Didn’t look out of place at all tonight, which is a great compliment to a guy who has hardly played all season
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