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  1. Would like to see it mixed up a bit, I know we’ve scored from a few this season but in general our set pieces are poor. Also think we need to mix it up at throw ins, instead of passing back to the player taking the throw every time.
  2. Aye me too please, paid yesterday afternoon and pm sent to confirm! (Hate seeing my username on the list without PAID next to it)
  3. Anyone but Wolves or possibly the Danes will do
  4. Wee Masonic in Las Vegas v the beggars last year. Beerman penalty game
  5. Get the boat to Lanzarote and head to the bluebell bar in Puerto Del Carmen
  6. Yeah come on Glasgow open this pitch up
  7. Had to change it, didn't do anything and let Kilmarnock power over us in every area
  8. So if Norn Iron beat Wales, then the free state beat France.....
  9. Little and Daly up front. Should have been playing 2 up front from the start
  10. I think this is a good signing, along with the boy from Arsenal. Make mine a treble!!!
  11. has not set their status

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