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  1. Ticket office queue now

    Hope so, mates just said his ticket is still to be collected so gotta head up now to collect
  2. Ticket office queue now

    Anybody know if ticket office is open today?
  3. Kevin Cadle has sadly passed away

    Think the basketball team was called Linpride Rangers. Vaguely remember the guy who ran the company, a double glazing firm who sponsored the team. RIP Kevin
  4. *** Your official Euro 2016 thread ***

    So if Norn Iron beat Wales, then the free state beat France.....
  5. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Chip on the shoulder????
  6. *** The Official Rangers v Stenhousemuir thread***

    Little and Daly up front. Should have been playing 2 up front from the start
  7. Official: El Hadji Diouf joins Rangers

    I think this is a good signing, along with the boy from Arsenal. Make mine a treble!!!
  8. has not set their status

  9. Graham Spiers

    Listening to this pish the noo, total anti-rangers rubbish all the way through. Just what i expected from a discredited journo.
  10. Jerome Rothen signs for Rangers

    Hope this is true would be a cracking signing!!
  11. The Pedro Mendes Thread

    Ha Ha, get it up yeez Pompey fans! Can't wait to see this guy in a Rangers jersey
  12. Kenny Miller Total Discussion Thread

    As your sig says mate, "there is always hope"..........
  13. ***The Official Celtc v Rangers Thread***

    I can't wait for tonights game, c'mon Gers win this one and the league flag is coming home!
  14. ***The Official Celtc v Rangers Thread***

    I hope not, Whittaker is never a midfielder. That won't stop Wattie from playing him there!
  15. ***The Official Celtc v Rangers Thread***

    -McGregor- -Broadfoot-Cuellar-Weir-Papac- -Whittaker-Ferguson-Hemdani-Davis-McCulloch- -Darcheville- Rangers to win 2-1 Think Wattie might go with Broadfoot & Whittaker on the right. WATP