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  1. Should've been the same starting 11 that pumped they cunts a few weeks ago. Gerrard himself said its up to the new guys to take the shirts from the boys that started that game. Total slap in the face to the likes of McCrorie and Candeais
  2. If anything he was trying too hard to impress when he came on as a sub
  3. He’s got a drink problem by the looks of things
  4. Think that was Marbella mate, could be wrong though
  5. Hopefully will mate. Already met a couple of families poolside donning the red, white and blue. I’ll be getting my 5 month old decked out in his new kit tomorrow, just about fits him now. @bikerblue where are u based?
  6. Perfect mate. Do you know what day or if they’re will be an open session?
  7. I’m in Tenerife with the family for the next week or so. I’ve heard the team are in Tenerife and training at the Top Training Centre in costa adeje. Anyone know any other details and if there will be an open training session? Quite fancy going along with my son to watch and hopefully meet the team.
  8. He needs games. As simple as that. A 6 month loan deal to championship or league 1 would suit all parties.
  9. Well, got to admit. I made a cunt of it when it comes to Halliday. He’s shoved my words right down my throat. The guy has been immense not just yesterday but all season.
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