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  1. Anyone know of any pubs open just now around haymarket?
  2. Loved them up until around 2012 then went off them a bit. Might start supporting them again if they win the league this year
  3. Fair enough but it can’t be a coincidence that every thread you go on to turns into a slagging match. Like I say, some of your content is decent but with comments like that fundraising one you done there, doesn't do you any favours when promoting your stuff on here
  4. Actually think some of your articles are quite good but you don’t help yourself on here by coming across as a right condescending arsehole.
  5. Totally agree. I’m looking at it from sheep shaggers point of view though.
  6. Usually if someone dies during the week, they have an applause or minutes silence that weekend. That shouldn’t change just because they are playing away from home. If the shoe was on the other foot, we wouldn’t be happy
  7. Tbf to the club, he managed the sheepshaggers for a season so couldn’t not have a minute’s applause. If a club done that to us, we’d be up in arms. That being said, I won’t be joining in with the applause
  8. I said the exact same thing to my mate watching the game
  9. Agreed, although cant believe he keeps starting Worral. The guy is an absolute bombscare
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