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  1. This is what it's like when we're 2 points behind with a game in hand at christmas. Think of when we win #55 Fucking hell man. 😆
  2. Hands up. I didn't think he could cut it for us. He's rammed my words right down my throat. Delighted!
  3. Well I'm not going to drive a mini metro
  4. Same mate 😂 my 18 month old started as a nervous laugh that turned into a full blown cry running into his Maw's arms 😂
  5. You're obviously not staunch enough mate 😉
  6. I was honestly welling up when the final whistle went. After all the shite of the past 8 years we've had to endure, it felt like this was the next step in bringing 55 home. Fucking love The Rangers. Anyone else the same?
  7. Fucking hell mate. No word of a lie. That's how my dream went. Swear down. Although I can remember a Defoe double and the game was at ibrox
  8. Genuinely think you might actually be the person in your avatar
  9. That was clearly accidental man. Watch it again.
  10. Pretty sure it would've been agreed before the game. Today is on alfredo.
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