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  1. its_an_extender

    Show Rodgers The Red Card - A Grubb Like No Other

    I am not a fan of the article itself but I kind of understand what he's getting at. You just need to look at the Hibs SC final and Motherwell Play off game. The board basically curled up in the fetal postion and let other clubs / SFA boot fuck out of us with no meaningful defence of the fans. The VB are good for those kind of situations. They should stay away from writing about the scum, unless it directly involves Rangers though.
  2. its_an_extender

    Ibrox suite bar

    Not sure but we got an email out in the winter saying it would be open for all of December. I’ve not had an email saying it’ll be open for this game so it probably won’t be. It is great though, they should think about opening it for full season. Get to have a few beers watching any games that are early kick offs, great view of the pitch, ok food aswell. Definitely worth checking out when available
  3. its_an_extender

    Greg Docherty

    Good to hear but let’s hope he’s been working on his passing before the season starts
  4. its_an_extender


    Nemayr posts for u
  5. its_an_extender

    Darren Fletcher

    We’ve just got rid of one taig, we don’t need another one stinking the place out
  6. its_an_extender

    McCoist as a pundit...

    I thought it was Jackie MacQuillan
  7. its_an_extender

    Rangers Twitter account Trolling the BBC

    That’s not him. Funny though
  8. its_an_extender

    Pena in rehab

    Nah... not enough Emojis for me
  9. its_an_extender

    Neale Cooper

    RIP. Horrible news Testament to our support being so sympathetic. Not sure it would be reciprocated. Just realised he played for us aswell, sincere apologees
  10. its_an_extender

    You'd think Glasgow was a one club city

    Felt the same this morning myself. Got the bunting and red, white n blue balloons out this morning. Any fucking excuse! Tarrier neighbours were raging
  11. its_an_extender

    Jermaine Defoe (Bournemouth)

    No brainer
  12. its_an_extender

    Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Pretty much and shouting down anyone who says other wise with the threat of a ban
  13. its_an_extender

    Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    The difference in reaction between here and FF is unreal how can 2 fan forums be so polar opposite??
  14. its_an_extender

    Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Maybe...just maybe all will be forgiven if he made a grovelling apology for being a rat bastard. Until that day, he will remain a rat bastard
  15. its_an_extender

    Windass thanking Miller

    Old but gold