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  1. Makes a post bitching about a player when he's not even watched the game 😂 daft cunt
  2. Any idea when the toddler kits will be released? Choking to get the wee man both
  3. Call me bitter but I couldn't give a shit if Kennedy turns out to be the new Messi, I don't want any tarrier cunts anywhere near our team. That goes for the rest of the youth players that support them. Honestly baffles me how they can post taig shite all over their social media whilst under contract to us. Should be hounded out the door!
  4. The club is taking money in for the new MyGers initiative. As part of that is to get access to away tickets, there's no way the club will refuse to reduce or take away tickets.
  5. Quite excited about using a new brand but also quite concerned about them able to keep up with high demand
  6. He should've started with that team so it is his fault
  7. Glad that's cheered you up
  8. This is what it's like when we're 2 points behind with a game in hand at christmas. Think of when we win #55 Fucking hell man. 😆
  9. Hands up. I didn't think he could cut it for us. He's rammed my words right down my throat. Delighted!
  10. Well I'm not going to drive a mini metro
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