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  1. Cheers, in the time it took me to get it all of my chest, the point has been made by others, but no matter, the extent of the current board sanctioning payments/bonuses and expenses to line their own pockets is now gone way beyond the pale!
  2. 1st time poster, so go easy on me! Ive been a member for several years and use the site to keep up with all things to do with The Gers, so viewed from the sidelines but all this latest boardroom stuff has dragged me out the woodwork to comment! I am not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but what I amazed at is that IA would be entitled to 5% fee on the negotiated commercial deals!!!! 5% This is an absolutely incredible sum, especially considering the size of the deals involved. 1. Did the whole board sanction this fee? If so why and by who? Did anyone else on the board also negotiate a similar deal? If so how many and who? 2. All these commercial deals were up for renewal in any case so the argument that IA alone gets the credit is ridiculous or that we couldnt have got similar deals in place without IA. I am sure there would have been quite a lot of interested potential commercial partners for these deals. 3. Surely as a director / shareholder - 1stly its his job as director to get new commercial deals and he should get his windfall from that with a subsequent increase in share value, not by taking 5% of the value, out of the club. 4. Out of these commercial deals, exactly what % will the club actually benefit from? 95%? 5. As these deals are over several years, surely the full amount cant be due immediately but as and when the club receives any income from them? What is becoming increasingly obvious by the day is that the current board are intent on taking as much out of the club in the time they have left, the old line that "theyre in it for the money, thats ok by us as they will need to run the club successfully to get a return" doesnt add up anymore! It appears that their attitude is to line their pockets as much as possible no matter what state the club is in. There are lots of different types of businessmen, including; 1. some in it for high risk, short term and make a killing 2. others that may take the view that they will underwrite the business losses for the exposure 3. and those that will take a long term view, build a successful business from top to bottom and generate profit by increasing the overall value of the company When the shit hit the fan last year, I was hoping we had owners who fitted in to the 3rd group but it looks increasingly likely that its the 1st. If that is the case, we need them out of here and a changing of the guard! It doesnt look like they are interested in building up the capital reserves for when we get back to the top level, to enable us to compete for the league/cups and get a run in Europe! It looks like they are interested in awarding themselves 100% bonuses for each successful league championship on the way back, extortionate salaries and ridiculous cuts of all the commercial deals agreed during their time, not to mention their expenses and legal fees and board investigations and broker fees for IPO's/share offers etc, etc etc Who replaces them? Well that i cant answer, apart from it wont be me, sorry not got the readies. What I do know is that the board we had before DM sold to Whyte, appeared to be looking after the clubs best interests, for example standing up to the deal with Whyte. The individuals are all human and may have made mistakes but on that crucial point, they were vocal, just no-one really wanted to hear what they had to say! They all warned us and I think back to how professionally run the club seemed to be back then. In addition, they also managed to significantly reduce the club debt, albeit mainly thanks to Walter/Ally and the boys with their fantastic efforts in Europe, but even still they must take great credit in running the club to a strict business plan and achieving the financial goals set. I am not saying I want AJ/MB/PM et al back, but what I would give for a professional board, pulling in the same direction, with the common goal of doing its best for Rangers! Not just a group in it to make as much as possible as fast as possible and then gettin the F out of here. The bare faced extent of the greed of these individuals is really staring to sicken me, they may as well just be standing behind every Rangers fan at the auto teller and mugging us in broad day light, as thats basically whats happening! Get Tae, every single one of them, tarnished by all this recent shite!!!
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