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  1. GWR1979

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    The dominoes are about to fall for these rancid beastie bastard's.
  2. GWR1979

    Referee Conspiracy

    Mccrorie should have stayed on his feet but when you look at the penalty last week Ball should have been sent off as well. Add to that the refs inability to be consistent with issuing yellows to opposition players takes about 2 or 3 bookable challenges before a ref will issue a yellow.
  3. GWR1979

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    Good solid home performance never really looked in any danger of losing that. We are turning into a really strong side who can react to set backs and get the job done, bit for a late goal last week we would be joint top.
  4. GWR1979

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    That's brilliant Hearts played well and closed the Tim's down all over the park they also mixed it with them as well.
  5. GWR1979


    Alfredo Alfredo Alfredo Alfredo (repeat) 🇨🇴
  6. GWR1979

    We fucking deserve nights like these!

    The last couple of years have been tough, We deserved a performance like that tonight. I think we are going to have a few more like tonight under this Manager. The save by McGregor and then the block by Tav in the first half was one of the highlights of the night we have a strong defence and all our title winning teams have had a strong backline, We need some more creativity up top and another Striker and we will be a force.
  7. GWR1979

    That 2nd Half Performance

    We look like a team and that is down to Stevie G and his management team. We are building momentum and looking good.
  8. GWR1979

    Something less than Semper Vigilo

    The Daily Records source for Jane Goody was an anonymous email from someone claiming to be a police officer on duty, didn't know that. a clear propaganda piece designed to smear the Rangers fans and take the heat of our Political Police Force, who were worse than useless on the day and decided to pursue mainly Rangers fans after the final. Said it after the final we need to look after ourselves and I can see more action being taken like last Thursday as Police in Scotland are not fit for purpose when dealing with Rangers fans. Brilliant Piece Dart.
  9. GWR1979

    Armin Hodžić (Dinamo Zagreb)

    Looks quality hope we sign him.
  10. GWR1979

    Let's get Andy Walker removed from our games

    He has let the mask slip today if he is saying that on talksport then Sky own talksport so do Sky hold the same views as Walker? That needs to be clarified this needs someone within the club to pursue Sky for thier position, Walker knew what he was doing today instead of being professional he decided to be a bitter cunt he should be nowhere near our games because he can't bring himself to be impartial then he shouldn't be in that position. Add to that he was shite at Football and has got an absolute brass neck being critical of any player.
  11. GWR1979

    Let's get Andy Walker removed from our games

    His comments today are the reason he should not be commenting on our games he is meant to be a professional but allows his biased views to cloud his judgement, He is still bitter that he achieved nothing whilst at the tarriers. If he can't behave in a professional manner when we are playing he shouldn't be in the job.
  12. GWR1979


    This is worse than the tarriers dug that got kicked.
  13. GWR1979


    Fair game.
  14. GWR1979


    This is probably the most exciting thing which has ever happened in Stone haven.
  15. GWR1979

    Referee Conspiracy

    Last season was the worst in living memory for decisions against us, There is a definite difference between how our players are refereed it was blatant today at least 5 bookings and a sending off(penalty). Whilst Morelos gets sent off for a kick out(letter of the law) no booking for the defender or for wee bender McKay Steven. Aloud to stick the head into a Rangers player whilst holding his shirt waiting for a reaction and even when Arfield didn't react he still got booked, Paranoia is the fear of something happening. this shit is happening and it's all to the benefit of one team.