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    Sounds like something we would do and then lose our next 2 games against the worst teams in the league. Love the optimism but we are not winning 55 this season or next season the way we have been playing unless there is serious changes,
  2. Normally back Morelos to the hilt but he is lucky not to be booked in the first half.
  3. Same shit different game, absolutely devoid of any ideas in the final third, this is the same Ross County team who shipped 4 goals against Motherwell.
  4. I would be disappointed but bigger picture he has taken us as far as he can and our domestic form since the Winter break is the evidence, can't even see how he can turn this round.
  5. Can't see us getting a result against Leverkusen and don't really care, The league was our main focus and we have fucked it. and we are not finishing this season with a trophy again is sickening, I'm sure if we have a minutes applause for the manager then everything will turn out fine...
  6. In a world of thier fucking own on that platform.
  7. We are the most bi polar fickle fans going but so is the team at the moment. Gerrard has seen it and done it and I would expect to see quite a few empty seats towards the end of the season and who can blame them. If we can get 6 points from our next 2 games then he gets a bit of breathing space and if he gets us through the next round of the Europa then he will probably stay. I like Gerrard he has given us hope but that is all. we can point to the team playing better and looking accomplished against Braga and then you look at the performance against Hearts and wonder wtf is going on. Cant believe how badly the season has turned out after the amount of hope which was created after turning them over at thier dump.
  8. TBH I think we have more things to worry about than wee fannies throwing coins. Stupid but when our own players have been continually targeted xfor years in Scotland both on and off the park so fuck it.
  9. Whilst we are still in the Europa league he won't walk, We have made progress since he came in but the performances domestically since the Winter break have been nothing short of a disgrace. We needed another striker and attacking option in the summer and we didn’t get it. Our next 2 games will go a long way in seeing if Gerrard is going to be our Manager going forward. Personally I think that if he has taken us as far as he can and his inability to change a game when it's going wrong will be a big reason he won't be here. Certain players for him are undropable even when they really need a spell on the sidelines. Tav, Goldson, Helender (when fit) OJO. Only way Gerrard walks is when he wants to go,
  10. Fucking Groundhog day, failed to change it the whole game and we got the same result we are far to easy to play against, Our best player Kent has been found out by other managers and is doubled up on all the time. Absolute shambles our top Striker staying in Columbia for an extra day didn't help but Alfredo has bailed Gerrard out on more than one occasion. Only way we get rid of Gerrard would be if he walks cant see that happening so he had better get shit sorted soon because this can't continue.
  11. And the main stand sinks another 2 metres.
  12. Played well tonight and seems a defender who likes a challenge and comes out with the ball the majority of the time, what's not to like.
  13. Well done tonight they deserve the praise that should come thier way. Can't wait to see who we get next.
  14. Shacky peg. Failure to bring any silverware this season or at least stop them doing another treble is a get rid moment, The way we have collapsed and we don't look like recovering our form. I think if we have any more terrible results and a doing off the scum and his job becomes untenable, That doesn't mean that the board will be keen to replace him or have any clue how to do that. Yes we have made progress but we have collapsed worse than a Warburton, Murty or Pedro team. Only difference is Gerrard has spent more than the other 3 combined. Hope we turn our form around but I just cant see it.
  15. If you had asked that question on the 30th December then I would have been confident we would have run them ragged. What the actual fuck has happened to the team who wiped the floor with everyone before the break.
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