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  1. Really poor result lucky not to get beat, can't believe we have given up Top position so easily against the worst Hearts team in living memory, absolute shite bags to a man not one of them looked interested and undropable Tav needs punted flatters to deceive all the time.
  2. Is it been reported anywhere as this needs highlighting, the ongoing situation with not speaking to our Manager as well.
  3. I really hope it is. I knew the tarriers would have no case to answer in terms of footballing sanctions and the story was in the news for about a fucking day and then never mentioned again, just think about how long the media went on about ebts and how the coverage of the pedos at parkhead was covered.
  4. Good response by the club, The BBC are an absolute Disgrace and we should now be taking legal action as this is not an isolated incident. We now have to be looking for an enquiry into every Club in Scotland. And our board need to be vocal in this. The tarriers have had how many convictions of promenant people within their organisation. There has been nothing but silence and the authorities in Scotland with the exception of 1 MSP have been complicent in helping them. That is the story not some nonce who had been abusing at Hibs who knew and did not inform the authorities or his future employers.
  5. I agree but this is modern Scotland where harmful words are seen as a crime against humanity, A bear got 3 months for the Billy Boys how much did that cost absolute waste of money.
  6. Absolutely shat the bed tonight he has that in the locker, Also hasn't fucked up for a while but major one tonight. Groundhog day talking about tavs defending, he's used to getting lots of time on the ball in Domestic games but has gifted the game to them tonight.
  7. What let us down last year was not capitalising on their mistakes, if we can win today it would be a massive step forward. Must win today Rangers.
  8. They have went to far this time.
  9. Really sad news, The guy was a total warrior. RIP Fernando Ricksen you won't be forgotten.
  10. Better second half, we need to be grinding out results, but the level of performance needs to be better. Hope Kent isn't to serious.
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