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  1. Best Talent in the squad coukd easily be a massive Star and already other clubs sniffing round, sound investment by the Club.
  2. 49 years old. What a fucking roaster.
  3. Read the interview which was done with 4 lads had a dream. Starting to warm ti this and it looks like good money for the club, wait and see what the tops look like.
  4. I think the design looks quite good and if it's money fir the club it's all good, like anything it depends on who is put in the flats as to what it will be like.
  5. Eh negative bubble. Fuck off ya clown
  6. Hopefully this is the case but I would have thought the club would be making a bigger deal if we were finally shot of him. If we can meet the demand and have the tops out on time I don't really care who does them but it's the unknown of whether they will be able to deal with the demand.
  7. Statement only says we have back control of the mega store, doesn’t say we are shot of Ashley and if we were we would be shouting it from the rooftops. As for the new kit supplier never heard of them, wait and see but looks like a disaster waiting to happen.
  8. We have been very poor on the retail front, Are this company going to be able to cope with the amount of kits we are going to be looking for do they even do any other football teams. We have had kits released in November/December total shambles. So more down to are they going to be up to the job but as far as kit manufacturers time will tell.
  9. We can try and put a positive spin on it but that is pish. Castore what a pile of shite Rangers. When it comes to kits we are an absolute laughing stock, when and where can we buy this shite. In the last couple of years we have been shocking with availability and releasing tops in December. When are these tops going to be released?
  10. With Football as we know it not returning anytime soon this will run until the board decides they have had enough of the smoke and mirrors from the SPFL and go for the jugular. Until then it will be more tarrier lackies demanding Rangers release the evidence which they obviously have as we would not have taken it this far if we weren't sitting on decent evidence which we don't want the SPFL involved with because they are corrupt as fuck and would likely lean on the source with an offer they can't refuse.
  11. 100 % We won 9 well before them but we respect our war dead and the sacrifice which was made. Others will grab at the scraps. And nearly got kicked out the league for flying a flag for a country which "left the lights on".
  12. No matter how low they go we should never resort to there methods, they count Championships during war years and are about to celebrate 9 during a global pandemic. We have more respect for ourselves than that. Fuck them.
  13. Even the bookies are refusing to pay out. Football in this country is a laughing stock. Voted Champions in a boardroom during a global pandemic whilst holding all the diddy teams to ransom. What an achievement for the scum.
  14. Definetly possible mind how they kept that pedophile ring quiet for 40 years.
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