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  1. GWR1979


    Some decent crosses into the box, but doesn't have the pace to do the same job as Tav. Hope he gets his chance in the middle.
  2. GWR1979


    50/1 to score first, both him and Goldson seem to have added being a danger at crosses to there game this year.
  3. Excellent performance absolute speed merchant. The speed of the 2nd goal on the break was quality.
  4. No one wants people hurt at the football and I'm sick of our name being dragged through the mud. It was daft to go on the roof would I have done it probably not but you can understand heat of the moment celebrations, when you see that other fans have done it in the past and nothing has happened then I come to the conclusion they just don't like us scoring last minute winners and if this annoys them then quality. On a side note I hope we drop off a couple of pallets so Killie can repair the damage.
  5. We are way past the SFA slaughtering us that's already happened as for the other clubs they all had a kick at us when we were down. As for the Media it took a persistent amount of fans contacting them before they acknowledged we were the same club. We will never get a level playing field in this country's media, they won't even report on the rape of children at celtic or refuse to take anyone to task so they can fuck right off.
  6. In the last 7 years our name has been mud and it has had fuck all to do with the fans. Sometimes if we haven't really done much wrong they just make up shit.
  7. Seen that as well you would have thought he was reporting from ground zero.
  8. How our non existant PR team let lies be told about our support or when the majority of arrests were Rangers fans even though we were not the aggressor, Hibs fans let off scot free to attack our players. Yip I remember.
  9. He did but he has a free pass like too many of them in Scotland, no mention of their sectarian banner, which was approved by plod via Nicola probably.
  10. So they should an absolute shambles and the most dangerous thing to happen yesterday. Fans going on that roof was not clever but as others have said the roof would not pass safety regs, as for about 30 people going on the park I have seen a lot worse go unpunished and until others get punished for their indiscretions they can get down off their high horse. As for the board they have short memories because we saved the Club and still they refuse to defend us, Even meeting with Humza at Ibrox with the red carpet rolled out for one of our biggest haters. Sickening. Look at how bland the Premier league in England is compared to up here, they might have money but no passion for their teams.
  11. Should be giving them fuck all apart from bad aids.
  12. Seen her interview she is a rabid cow, Rangers fans to blame for charging a turnstile destroying the disabled section and invading the park and celebrating a goal. The Club really need to start defending our support as they never seem to we just let the mainstream media destroy us at every turn. Looked fucking brilliant on the telly, long may it annoy them.
  13. GWR1979

    Our support

    Gollum On BBC pointing to sharp edges on the roof not fit for purpose trying to make out we have destroyed rugby park, Just keep winning Rangers they are fucking raging.
  14. Might be over critical we done the job tonight and are through with a couple of uncomfortable moments through the game next round will be a bigger test but we should go through. Away form will be key this season.
  15. As an away fixture with a 2 goal lead then a 0 0 draw is acceptable. It was a performance similar to our away games last season which is a worry the missed chances in the first leg is also an issue from last season as well.
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