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  1. The Club chose to comment on this shite, with all the stories this week. Self serving wankers, Big deal Rod Stewart is an old duffer and can't hold his drink.
  2. Into the last 32 great overall performance over the Group Stage very nervy towards the end of the game tonight we got through it which was the main thing.
  3. The video was when umbro made the kits, what was that 88/89. Talk about reaching the horrible cunts, not a fan of selectionism. Why we have never went after Fare I will never know. Sure his wife is a bitter cow as well caught singing dodgy stuff at the chamber of secrets. Trying to defend Scott Brown, well thanks for confirming who it was cause the video wasn't that clear.
  4. You just have to look at the tackles that players get away with against us, one of our players makes a foul yellow card. Cosgrove got away with all sorts the other night not mentioned in the press. A final handed to the tarriers by the officials our Club haven't even mentioned it and your right I have never seen a Final like that in my life,
  5. I don't think this current squad will do that, That hurt on Sunday but we have the best chance in years of challenging them, Murty was a kids coach who was put in an impossible position which wasn't too much of a disaster the first time but his second stint was a car crash. We are in a much better situation all we need is a level playing field and we have a real chance if decisions continue from Dodgy officials then we have no chance. Never get the big calls in big games and the refs have been the same since division 3 can remember countless tackles that would have been sending off at Rugby waved away as competitive man up or this guys a part time painter so we give them the benefit of the doubt.
  6. GWR1979


    He is a Tim works as a senior buyer for Advance group. He went to a tarrier primary school.
  7. Not against the Scum but the 9 men and a pigeon final with Thomson as the ref, Against the scum I remember him also giving us a penalty and then saying it was no Penalty after scum players put the pressure on him. Same referee both times.
  8. GWR1979


    David Roome who gave the goal and Mulvanny who didn't see Lurch off his line.
  9. GWR1979


    Referee: William Collum Assistant Referee 1: David Roome Assistant Referee 2: Alan Mulvanny Fourth Official: Kevin Clancy Without knowing which linesman it was my money is on Alan Mulvanny his name reeks but I could be wrong.
  10. Some kind of comment would be good, we have Tom English criticising Ryan Jack for getting emotional after losing a final. These arsehole have had a free reign for too long someone has to comment or take the fight to them, Robertson is an empty blazer and hopefully the next chairman has enough about him to take the fight to them, Not a word said by the Club just roll over and accept it. We do not help ourselves and until someone from the Club recognises how much this is harming our Brand.
  11. We had a Director who had to resign for less than that. Nothing will happen to them, quite low on the crime count compared to being pedos.
  12. Looked like quite a big gash, was off for a minute and straight back on. Tav is not at fault for the defeat, he has had a couple of slip ups but defensively sound and always gives us options going forward. Ryan Jack will be Captain one day but not mid season and not as reaction to Sundays defeat where I thought Tav was immense.
  13. GWR1979


    You can bet your bottom dollar he did the corrupt scumbag beast.
  14. Defenders especially thier defenders would rather play against Defoe than Morelos so he should start and I have faith the wee guy will score. As for the Morelos is not good until he scores against them well we wouldn't be in the position to challenge them without his goals this season, bit of composure or setting someone else up and we are good.
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