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  1. GWR1979

    The latest from Tom Irish

    Dermot Gallagher a former full time professional referee said at very most Morellos should have got a yellow for all 3 incidents. That was on Monday last week by the Friday it has been exaggerated and whipped up by the media to Morellos should have had 3 reds. We had decisions go against us in the same game but none of these were highlighted. We have beaten them once in the league since our return to the top flight and over the last week they have went into full victim mode, they haven't had a challenge in 6 years and they seem to be crumbling. If we can get a consistent run together we can win this.
  2. GWR1979

    Rangers Vs celtic - Video

    Quality video, hopefully not have to wait so long for another one.
  3. GWR1979


    Never looked fit why he was signed I will never know. Massive waste of money.
  4. GWR1979

    Horrendous Feeling of Deja Vu

    We looked devoid of creativity and to keep working the ball out to Tav to pump a cross into a loaded box hasn't worked and we never seem to mix our play, Lafferty has been a let down although he had a good goal chopped off today but he has been a let down and his reactions in the box were poor. We have went from top of the league to square 1 in the space of a week if we had taken full points from our last 2 games we would be 4 points clear. Gutting we have blown a great chance to really put the pressure on.
  5. GWR1979

    Morelos discipline

    We are too reliant on his goals.
  6. GWR1979

    Morelos discipline

    Stupid challenge which wasn't needed and he made it easy for the referee to send him off. Needs to be clever and stop getting involved in nonsense, competing with defenders and challenging is fine but petulance is not he is easily wound up and needs to be sensible and not get involved in stupid bookings.
  7. GWR1979


    Needs to get his head in the game and stop sending birds pictures of his knob. He hasn't shown enough but may be saving himself for the last few months of the season.....
  8. GWR1979

    Todays SPFL results

    Forgot about the final next week. We have a real chance to put the pressure on them, just need to win and keep our level of performance up. If we beat them at Ibrox then we have a real chance.
  9. GWR1979

    Todays SPFL results

    If we win the next run of games and we are only 2 points behind the scum then things will get interesting. We just need to keep our level of performances up and go into these games to win them.
  10. I would argue that sporting advantage was gained from avoiding negative press sponsors pulling out players being put off going there in the first place, they have gained financial benefits from this story being buried for 40 years.
  11. GWR1979

    Another effin international break

    You have become a parody of yourself.
  12. Should win today but I think it will be a battle which we need to win to then go on and win the game. 2-0 Rangers.
  13. GWR1979

    Pena returning is it a ? or ?

    Can't see it happening,