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  1. I have always said that we should do our own media and then send it to the smsm as they are 99% tarriers who never have a good word to say about us and shouldn't be given the privilege of hospitality at Ibrox. Get better coverge from H&H than any smsm.
  2. 100% The narrative is been set how Leckie can call that anything other than a witch hunt article I will never know. To say he has a permanent bitch face in a national paper is a Disgrace. They can't bully him on the park and this season he has not been reacting to the "treatment" he has received. Diof showed the tarriers for what they are racist bigots with thier Manager as Head cheer leader. There is video evidence of Morelos being racially abused and nothing seems to be getting done about it.
  3. Beyond the pale this is alot worse than when Diof was here and there was an orchestrated campaign against him. The open season needs to stop on our player and Rangers need to come out with a statement on the back of the excellent statement we made after the filth game. Day 15 and they are still going, they really are taking this hard.
  4. Never going to make it here total waste of space.
  5. The plot thickens, Hopefully this will get highlighted by the club a route and branch clearance is needed within the corrupt to the core SFA, and until that happens the club need to highlight every decision which costs us. They have had thier way for far to long and the decisions on Sunday and LCF were an absolute Disgrace. Great statement by the club yesterday, hope they go after this today.
  6. As soon as he gave that penalty we knew we were up against it. Thier goal was nothing short of a Disgrace and something you would see in escape to victory, We won despite the referee doing everything in his power to change the game, he has now showed in front of a worldwide audience how corrupt Scottish football can be, Well done to the club for highlighting it and long may it continue.
  7. Brilliant statement didn't miss anything and done from a position of strength, well done Rangers.
  8. The narrative has been set and the party line is that he is a hothead. Which they know will affect his price when we come to sell, He is a Striker on top form and I hope the wee man scores tommorow as he is due a goal against them and it will shut the haters up.
  9. He must have been hacked. Or this was his last story from the Record, or maybe they have noticed a dip in thier sales since 2012. Agree with everything he has to say. Morellos has the drive to make it big in the game, I'm just going to enjoy watching the wee man whilst he's here. Hard to think of a more complete striker who has played for us in the last 30 years.
  10. At it "morellos needs to learn to get out the way of those ones" rat fucking bastard. Hate Walker with a passion.
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